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 So, what ARE you doing?

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
hotrodx Posted - Apr 06 2006 : 9:31:26 PM
So VB news is slow. There must be some reason that is eating your time from doing VB projects. So what are you guys doing?

To start off, I just came back to the university to upgrade my skills. Here, almost all is in Java. Heck, my current project is a J2ME game (an R-Type game). Been using NetBeans. We did JSPs, servlets, JDBC, blah blah. Did some C/C++, Oracle PLSQL, PHP.

I really miss VB. Even though the center has an MSDNAA license, they're not teaching us .Net. But after seeing the free VB.Net Express Edition, there's really no reason to teach VB.Net. Before, Universities will have devotion to C, now its the Java era. <sigh>

My R-Type project for VB has its engine already complete. There are already a LOT of enemy types. The power-ups are finished. No bosses yet.

My 3D API (VGL3D) is already complete in code. I made some stuff to make it make full use of VB6's syntax and IDE. It's not compatible with .Net though because of threading issues. I can't pull myself to make an API documentation.

A lot of halted VB project. Can't seem to finish. Y'know why? Because every time I end a line of code I habitually add a semicolon now. Every time I declare a new variable I put in the type first. Imagine doing that on the VB IDE. Argh! I'm a friggin' Java/C slave now.

So what's YOUR story?
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dima Posted - Jun 17 2007 : 1:21:39 PM
I'm just working now, and popping in once in a great while to check up on you guys :P

AT Posted - Apr 16 2007 : 04:50:36 AM
Is it 06-04-04? (the copy I sent Peter some time back).
I think he made a few changes (fixed missile trails, effect positioning, etc) and then had another hardware failure and lost the tools code (which I don't have).
Eric Coleman Posted - Apr 15 2007 : 8:51:13 PM
There is a old 2004 backup on the old talosstudios directory
AT Posted - Apr 07 2007 : 4:08:12 PM
My understanding is that most of the A7 code was lost through hard-drive failure. I still have a copy of (outdated) source code, but no editors.
I still use vb for tools, but atm my games work is with lua scripts.
Spodi Posted - Apr 03 2007 : 4:34:24 PM
If only all those traitors didn't go to VB.NET, we'd probably be getting more games posted!
Almar Joling Posted - Apr 02 2007 : 3:01:04 PM
Peter is going to uni, so I doubt there will be an update for a *long* time. I actually forgot about the project!
Krisc Posted - Mar 31 2007 : 11:49:24 PM
It is good to see this place still alive and kicking.

I am pushing forward with designing an engine/framework using XNA/C#. I will probably end up with some VB.NET samples that show how to use it, as I have always loved the VB community.

My only wish is that someone finishes Alpha 7...
DevlinSE Posted - Mar 31 2007 : 01:41:13 AM
Finally able to login again, heh. Forgot the username and email, doh.

The last vb game I made was last year, multi-player snake and a 2d adventure game in dx7. Now I'm making mobile games with J2ME using Netbeans + Mobility Pack, 7 games in total (my clients won't make me rest). I'm also working on a Privateer clone using XNA Game Studio Express/C#. All that plus 3 web applications, 2 legacy ASP and 1 ASP.Net. It's a good year for me. At least I won't starve to death. I'm also obsessed with Steering Behaviors on a 2d context and I need help! I've also been thinking of putting up my own blog/site for a while now but I can't quite decide on what to put on it.
PW7962 Posted - Feb 23 2007 : 7:11:19 PM
wow this is old... anyway I might as well post what I have been up to lately...

I have been working on a 3D engine made obviously in VB. I came about doing this while playing with the irrlicht engine and saying "I can do that" and also since there really aren't many 3D engines out there for VB. You can check out the site ( to check it out, I have an alpha version download, but unfortunatly the screenshots did not show up on the website so I currently do not have any on the site.
bugok Posted - Feb 19 2007 : 11:27:12 AM
hmmm.... its seems all of you here are all hardcore vbgamers... :) i envy all of u guys with your accomplishment...:) oh well ... i am a trying hard jerk doing some games that sucks... hehehe! but anyway i miss also vb6 not vb.NET...( it make me sick ) since i am working now in website development... doing semi colon... hehehe! i also experience doing a php syntax in vb IDE hehehe... having semi colon every line on it... i miss classic vb6.
Athiril Posted - Apr 15 2006 : 03:25:27 AM
Full time College 4 days a week, Digital Media and Film Making (current classes are drawing (digital and traditional) 2D and 3D animation, photography, creative writing, copyright, colour and media, design principles and elements, film and movie making, classes change next semester).

Working doing web design (PHP + MySQL) on weekends, have a cover of a book I get to design (commission job), a chat program (PHP + MySQL), Forum (modified phpBB) and another chat program with billing system (PHP + MySQL) that are commission jobs.

Getting the shits with successful builds/compiles of DX9 apps on VS2005 on Windows x64 (either 32-bit or 64-bit builds) that always generate unhandled exceptions when they run any DX-related code, so considering using OgreDotNet.

In my great book of things to do, I have porting AirStrike 1.1+ to C++/SDL+OpenGL, and making it open source again and cross platform, do some major improvements on special effects, and some proper drawn sprites, then leave it to people who want to modify it, I might just port it to .NET (VB and C#) with DX9 and do the same (currently VB6 and DX7).

I have my RTS with RPG elements (like character levelling/development for "Heroes" etc, fantasy, swords & sorcery genre) 2D graphics using 3D acceleration for special effects, I'm wanting to do this in VB.NET/VS2005 with DX9, just been fiddling trying to get the basics of DX9 working so I can make a code base of all the technical stuff, then finish planning the game out the writing in the game logic/code while being able to re-use the code base of other projects, if that all goes well, there'll be an expansion pack and mod maker =D, and some time after that, a sequel in 3D (although, I only have books on 3D in DX8 with VB and DX8 in C++, may have to shop around on for VS2005/VB books).

A sequet to AirStrike, AirStrike II, majorly upping the ante, also a "AirStrike HARDCORE" edition, which will be even a little faster, more flashy effects, and instead of a scrolling shooter, the ship will be able to move in 360 degrees (it's still 2D), I might rename it to "SEIZURE" or "EPILEPTIC" edition, not sure yet lol.

I have another 2D game idea, that I wont divulge into, I want to surprise everyone with it with some sort of working alpha demo when it's first playable, I'm hoping it'll have a lot of appeal.

I'll have one or two more 2D games after that, that I've always wanted to make, just haven't been able to before.

Oh, I have been considering an eye-candy 2D puzzle-action game, as I want to get in on that cash cow, and have another flow of revenue into my bank account =^_^=

And here is when I'll be starting on 3D, just mucking around, creating 3D tech demo's in DX9 and Ogre3D (portability comes to mind with that =D)

Side note: Met a random girl on the train, well a group of them with two guys, on the way home from sydney, they were coming back from the easter show, they live in my region, a town or two over, anyway, she's had a "band" (her and her friend), for a year now, anyway, I've decided I'm going to help them and be in on the technical side and do digital recordings with them, she is the guitarist (electric guitars), and her friend a drummer, all they need is a singer, they want a male singer, but I cant sing lol, anyway, with some nifty software, my computer and a Creative X-Fi Elite Pro (the most expensive one), a shotgun (is that the right type... i'll have to find out) microphone for the drums, we'll be able to make some good sounds for them, as well as they will do some music tracks for me, (they like metal, thats what they play), anyway they'll play metal renditions of folklore and celtic sounding music for me to use in my games and short films etc =^_^=, and I can always patch in anything else I need digitally.
cbx Posted - Apr 07 2006 : 8:10:49 PM
Hmmm there is a long version and a short version. I don't feel like typing so I'll choose the short version.

First a few months ago all was well, coding was good. progress was even being made, till that bloody hydro bill came in. $860 CAD dollars! Dam you enron!, and the morons at PNG (pacific nothern gas) who fell for it. probably, maybe, I'm guessing, but it's probably true.

As I was saying all was well and good, then I had to come here to edmonton two months ahead of schedule for work, in the freaking cold no less. Have you ever tried to cut vynal siding in negative degree weather! Have you! Have you! It cracks and shaders! Edmonton may have free wifi, but I still hate big cities, and urban sprawl. AND I HATE! I HATE! I HATE! Alberta Mud! Don't ever work construction in alberta unless you like to get muddy. Just a little advice.

Any way where was I, oh yes, progress was being made, I started a source forge site at The xGSuite (Created by: X - Game Suite) is a general collection of projects ranging from DirectX Graphics, HLSL, Phisics, Game Console, Scene Management, Collision Detection, UI, and Game Engine Core. As well the addition of more in the future. But I think I did not setup my cvs system right because I can't always checkin my files for some reason.

And I have just finished converting the Warp3D library from C# to 2005. You can get the library from But I took a few shortcuts that I should not have and the conversion will most likely not work right now. I still need to write a tester app for testing out the Warp3D library as well as my conversion.

Other then that I have been busy helping out a few people who have emailed me asking for help with directx, and working construction installing vynal siding in edmonton,+AB, i will be doing that for about another month or two depending on how things go. Then it's back home to BC,+BC, for a month or so before the mushroom season starts up again in august. See and
Eric Coleman Posted - Apr 07 2006 : 4:17:06 PM
Lately I've been working on a large ASP application. When I'm not doing that I sell software, written in vb6 of course, to control robotic cameras.

For game programming related stuff I do a lot of "experimenting." Some of my recent experiments include writing a vb6 add-in and web interface for the versioning software Subversion. I've also been hacking away at the Open Dynamics Engine source so that it can play nice with VB6. I'm about 70% finished with converting the interface to something that's VB compatible. I've also been working on a 3D model of a scooter inspired by Vespa. I hope to combine my scooter model with the ODE conversion so that I can "ride" it. And I'm sure I'll never finish any of this.
masterbooda Posted - Apr 07 2006 : 07:20:05 AM
Honestly for awhile I was workign with MSVC and the allegro library, but began missing VB dearly. Like hotrodx I find myself placing the simi-colon after code and using the brackets instead of paranthesis for arrays. What I have discovered is I can use C++ interchangably with VB and it works with great results. I have also officially discontinued the DBTurbo Engine and will began work on a DX7 engine shortly. I am also designing a language for an oldschool video game nastalgic machine that I am creating. I just have too many logs in the fire, and i can't seem to keep it this is what I have been doing.

DaBooda out...

P.S. I just wan't to make games...sob..
Spodi Posted - Apr 07 2006 : 05:33:21 AM
I have been working on an ORE-based game - started out just messing around with the engine for fun (since I have been working with the ORE engine writing tutorials and helping out for years), then I guess just decided to actually make a game out of it. Progress is slow thanks to my very short attention span and social life, but things get done.

Once this project is done, probably going to learn C++, just so I have the ability to move into programming as a job if I need to. Having C++ under my belt would make it easier to get hired, no doubt.

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