Soul of sphere v1.0 is now bilingual !
SphereSoul of sphere in 2D with VB5 is now translated, so you can play... I have also a 3D maze game...
SphereYou can now download SoulofSphere1 on the following webpage: [url][/url] The game are fully english translated and are 100% finished. It's all free ! Sphere
Eric ColemanI played it, and its not full screen. Is there supposed to be a black square behind the game? Also, I walkd around for a really long time in the game, and I couldn't figure out how to attack any of the monsters. The key "B" is supposed to attack, but it didn't do anything.
SphereHi ! You must run ConfigurationSoS.exe to play the game... That program can set the game to english You can even change the game to full screen... To attack you must enter the two doors at the start of the game to take the three yellow balls of energy, you will be able to atack with "B"... I will make an instruction booklet for that! I hope you will enjoy the game ! A+