TBS+RPG style game
sharting_well here is my game idea: i'm working on a game that is combination of Heroes 3 and Diablo the game is turn based but u get a hero hat has its own attributes, and inventory. Theitems the hero gets are generated randomly (like the ones in Diablo). I'm planning on makin' a multiplayer part (about 4 or 8 players). There will be 3 types of castles (fighters, mages and undead). There will also be unique items that are pre-made. I think that i'll put an AI for the neutral units that u attack for exp. The gameplay is mostly designed for hotseat. This game is continuing the idea that i had when i made the first version on this game. ------------------------ I'm looking for opinions on this project.
SpodiWell, turn based is a good and way to start out since it should be a lot easier then a real-time game like Diablo. And since you are new here, I am guessing you are kind of new to VB, so good pick in game. :)
sdwMaking it multiplayer with turn based would keep things fairly simple, and you would be able to have a lot more than just 4 to 8 players. I'll give you some of my ideas i had for a previous game: -keep tilebased movements just to keep things simple, easier on server -keep the whole castle idea, just add a few more castles/teams. -when users join the game, they decide which castle they would like to join. -everyone part of a castle needs to work together to help each other reach higher levels and become stronger -make a voting system for each castle that each member of the castle takes part in. they vote on various decisions for their own castle like alliances with other castles, declaring war, making trade, w/e and majority always wins. Depending one what types of features you would like to put into the game, it would be a fairly easy thing to make I think as long as you've got things planned out exactly how you want them.
PeterEver played Age of Wonders? That is exactly what you described, lol =) Its a great game though, so its worth checking out for some ideas.
sdwNo, I don't play many games except for d2 and cnc. Me and another guy were going to work together on making a game similar to what I just described, only I wanted to make the game involve more thinking and he just wanted it to be a fight game. The guy had a hard time understanding what the hell optimization meant and he turned out to be a complete asshole, so I took the ideas and ran =)
sharting_to Spodi Dude!! I'm NOT new to VB!!!! well if u can call 5 years of intensive programming and 100 MB of source code written 'new to VB' that's your opinion. see ya