429 error
sonicramitHi i'm a new VB programmer [8D]. I was having a problem with all the games on this site, everytime I try to run one it says '429' runtime error active X can't create object. Can someone help me?
PeterDo you have DirectX installed? Make sure you have the latest version, download DirectX 9 from microsoft's website. (www.microsoft.com/directx/)
sonicramitI even have DX9 SDK installed!!!
IAC249This problem is frequently cause by version problems with ActiveX controls/libraries. No doubt your PC has an old version of some required library. You might try asking one of the developers for a full install of their game (sans DirectX); this might solve the problem. - iac249
sonicramitK thanks
PeterHmm, well, if its with one game that might be the case, but I see that error most often when its a DirectX problem Try getting the latest dlls for the game files and stuff, but you should also try updating your video card drivers. Do _any_ vb directx applications work on your computer?
sonicramitOnly ones which don't use direct x. I have DX9b and the SDK installed.
Eric ColemanDo the SDK examples work?
sonicramitI don't know, how do I test it?
Eric ColemanJust launch some of the directx 9 examples to see if they work. How difficult can that be?
sonicramitYeh they work
VBBRWhat if the problem isn't with DIrectX? Maybe it could be some other OCX, who knows...
DanCheck the references for the project. It will show you what libraries are missing. To do this open the project and under the project menu select references. Any missing libraries will have the text MISSING (I believe as a prefix to the library name). I wouldn't have thought it would be an OCX as most directx apps render full screen. You would also get an error message in the design enviroment when you tried to open the form that contained the missing ocx control (VB will very unhelpfully convert the missing control to a picturebox :) ) Hope it helps [;)]
sonicramitI only have .exe files of VB stuff. Coud some one give me a link to some stuff which can be opened from Visual basic (since no games work apart from tic tac toe). Thanks
Eric Colemanwhat games in particular are you having trouble with?
sonicramitDreamquest Every visual basic game actually
BrykovianMight also try to install the latest VB runtime files on your machine as well ... [url]http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=bf9a24f9-b5c5-48f4-8edd-cdf2d29a79d5&DisplayLang=en[/url] -Bryk
sonicramitSorry still didnt work