Lobby Design
SharimaTell me what you think of my design. And don't be afraid to be harsh! [img]http://w1.911.telia.com/~u91117762/screens/eb3klobby.gif[/img] It's for a futuristic multiplayer game.
VBBRI think it's OK, just the font that's a little hard to read... And maybe there's too much space occupied (unnecessarily) by the messages list, you could put something useful there and reduce the message list's space. Oh, and as it's a still image, so I don't know, but it would be good to have animated stars on the background (if it hasn't yet).
SharimaThanks. Well, I think I'm going to resize the text a bit. It's a little big.. Well, the stars are animated. They move like oldskool stars, and even changes direction ;) Also, I think I might put the names on the namelist closer together, or even sort them by ready/not ready. How's that sounds like? I think I'm going to shrink that msg stuff also..
Eric ColemanDon't use red on a black background, there isn't enough contrast. Try green or orange. The colors green and orange are easier on the eyes, that's why old computers that had monochromatic screens are generally either green or amber in color. I agree with VBBR, the font is too big. Its more like bold text than anything.
SharimaThanks. Yeah, I will resize the text, that's for sure. Also, I'll try some other colors! :)
VBBRI think it's a good idea to sort them by ready status. And for each (ready and not-ready) you could sort the subitems alphabetically, just the first letters would do... And also reduce the space between the names. And maybe... Make two ou three layers of backgound stars with different colors (meduim, medium-dark and dark) to look like depth ad make them move with different sppeds, that's a great effect and won't hurt here because the lobby screen doesn't use much CPU. (At least I think not)
VBBRI see you have changed the interface. Actually I saw by accident... just navigating thru the forums and entered here, what is not good. If you change something, make a new post so others can see there's something new. About the interface... It's a lot better now. Maybe the font could be *just a little* bigger and the lines more spaced. It's like the lines are all smashed among. Some more things: You could make that boxes (chatbox, chatprompt-BTW it's prompt and not promt :D, etc) partially (around 20%-40%) transparent so one can see the moving stars on the backgound, would be great. And where are the stars? they were a very good effect...
The Pentium Guythis isnt bad... (just add a background image or somethign of the sort to make it look a little cooler :p)
SharimaWell, the pic is gone now. And that's because it was hosted at my main site for my music project. I recreated the site, and now it's all gone. So you can close this thread. Anyway, the prompt thing is going to be fixed, also the more spacing. Great tip! :) The stars are there ingame, but wasen't with that mockup. The transparency is a bit hard because our engine does not support alphablending. But if alphablending will be supported later, that's a sure thing to fix! :)