DXGame 2D Engine Update
dxgameThe DXGame 2D Game Engine for VB6 has recently been upgraded to v1.0.4. Lots of new features, check out the website for the update information. We are also planning a May 2004 release of a seperate "2D via 3D Hardware" version of our engine using DirectX8 which will support Alpha, Rotation, Scaling. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them here or visit our website/forum. The DXGame Engine is free for creating freeware games or non profit.
SpodiSo you decided to get rid of the $40 license fee?
dxgameNo. For doing shareware or if you plan on making any profit with the engine there is a 1 time license fee of $39.95.
cjb0087thank god this isnt turning into a flame war
SpodiOh yeah, you should get some harder tutorials on there, like skill level A BAJILLION!! or something similar. Mmmm, bajilliony...
VBBRHow much does "a bajillion" equals to...? If it's something above 184,4674,4073,709,551,616 then I think it's not very useful for a programmer to know. BTW, 184,4674,4073,709,551,616 I think is the limit for a 64bit Integer... (Not that you will someday work with a number this large) Oh, and I got 184,4674,4073,709,551,616 by calculating 2 ^ 64... ... in a calculator! (Not that I am crazy enough to calculate that on paper)
SpodiThe skill levels are on the site, not the program, so it is a string! Woo! =P Btw, I've always wondered, how would you go about using a variable to get higher value than a long? Currency?
VBBRYeah, I think. Because QueryPerformanceCounter usually uses Currency or an API type called LONG_INTEGER that is formed by 2 longs. So a Currency is a Long ^ 2.
dxgame"Oh yeah, you should get some harder tutorials on there, like skill level A BAJILLION!! or something similar. Mmmm, bajilliony..." Everyone who emails us, wants to see the same thing. How to move a truck load of sprites around the screen while a scrolling tile map is displayed. So., that's our focus for the tutorials for now. Our (in development) DX8 engine uses QueryPerformanceCounter and a new average frame rate time delta for animation as smooth a butter. :)
SpodiWell, heres a good way to think of it, dxgame. The average simi-newb programmer is going to go, "du du du, hey look, a game engine, lets check it out! Oohhh, downloads. Since higher difficulty levels means cooler stuff, I'll download the most difficult tutorial and run it and see how 1337 it is!" Fine, well, at least that's what I did, but I'm not a newb.... shuddup! That's what.