Frame Rate Testers Needed
dxgameHi, We're working on our new enhanced 2D game engine for VB6/DX8 and we could use a few testers to run some demos for us and report the frame rate and your system specs. If interested please email us at: or simply leave your email address here and we'll let you know when the demos are ready. Thanks...
SpodiI guess I wont mind helping. I charge 1 candy bar an hour though... or nothing. People usually take the "nothing" deal.
SpodiOh yeah, btw, if you're really concerned about being spammed by crappy mc crapcrap ads, just do like "info AT dxgame dot com", makes you look leet! =P
dxgameWe are currently working on an enhanced DX8 version of our engine. We could use some frame rate results. If you could please download the demo and email us back your system specs, average frame rate we would appreciate it very much. You will need: Directx 8 or higher. VB6 Runtimes A Geforce2 Video Card or better 16mb Video Ram or better Thank you for your time.
VBBRHum, can I post the results here? Well I think it's better than nothing, I will put it anyway. System: Athlon XP 2200+ (1800 MHz) 256 MB RAM Video Card: GeForce2 MX 400 64 MB Windows XP Professional Average frame rate: With 1 sprite: 170 FPS With 200 sprites: 120 FPS
dxgameFine with me! :) (I hope the mods don't mind?) Thanks for the info!
VBBRJust a little comment: My VSync is ALWAYS turned off.
KriscAMD Athlon XP 1600+ 512MB PC2100 DDR266 RAM GeForce2 ULTRA 64MB Windows XP Professional Constant 85 fps. All the time. (My Refresh rate is at 85)
VBBRHum, then turn off the VSync...
dxgameFYI: VSYNC should always be turned on when running/playing a game. The only reason MS even placed the ability to turn VSYNC off was to allow developers to test the raw speed of the DirectX rendering engine. TV's, Game Consoles (XBOX, Game Cube, PS2, etc) always render with VSYNC on. When a game seems to be running at a constant frame rate (60, 75, etc) that is because the game can only run as fast as the monitor refresh rate. This is the IDEAL situation for a game programmer.
VBBRWell... The thing is, I turned down my VSync ALWAYS and then ALL my games became considerably faster. Then I see no point in keeping it on.
SpodiIt's like saying, "Oohh, I want to make the computer work as hard as possible rendering as much frames as it can even though I CANT EVEN SEE MOST OF THEM! Bwahahahahaha!" or on those lines.
VBBRyeah but VSync off really makes the FPS higher (like with VSync on, 20 FPS and with it off, 40 FPS)
PeterTurn VSYNC off when you are testing your game, so that you get an idea of the true frame rate and how much of a slow down you get with each feature you implement. But turn it on when you are distributing your game, since on many videocards having vsync off can lead to visual tearing and flickering. You can always make it an option for the user to turn vsync off through a menu, many commercial games do this.
dxgameSome very good information there Peter. :)
VBBRYeah, the thing is I use VSync off in my entire system. For the games/apps I make I use a third-party engine that I haven't an idea if VSync is ON or OFF there. But in MY system i put it to always off. (and no flickering nor artifacts or thing like that. And my overall FPS really got higher). After all, to run modern games on a GeForce2 isn't that easy... [:D]