2D Game Engine(s)
Amrazek Anybody know of a decent 2D game engine that supports alphablending, rotation, and possibly lighting? Preferably something not written in VB and easy-to-use; TrueVision is a great example except that it's based for mainly 3D games and I'm looking for something almost primarily focused on 2D [3D for 2D is acceptable]. No bells and whistles necessary [:D]. DirectX7 is preferable (I have infinitely more experience in it than DX8) but I'll take a DX8 engine if it's worthy. It's not that I can't write the engine, it's more that I'd rather use something already made, and if my experience with TrueVision says anything, faster. Again,
  • Alphablending a must
  • Rotation also a must
  • Lighting would be handy, but not necessary
  • DirectX7 or 8
  • Preferably written in C++, but I'll consider a VB engine
  • Engine must be free; licensing fees for commercial products okay
Anybody know of engines that fulfill my requirements? Thanks, Amrazek
PeterWell, there is the alloy engine, which I've been using to make Alpha 7. Its in vb, but its pretty cool =) (DirectX 8) I havent released it yet, but I can email it to you if you like. Downside is I havent really finished documenting it or putting together the demos and samples, but it should be simple to figure out.
AmrazekSure, I'd love to take a look at it :)
masterboodaI just got through pooring alot of blood and sweat into a directx 2d engine. It supports everything, mapping, sprites, all input, midi, mp3, has sound with directional engine. Every thing is controllable, like alpha blending, rotation, etc... If your interested check out my sight http://dabooda2d.koolhost.com , the dll is on my sight, along with an extensive help file. Its in vb, but hopefully it will meet your needs. DaBooda Out...