We ran out of things to discuss already!?!
AmrazekThat cannot be! Unless everybody's suddenly lost their tongues...[:D] What shall we talk about? We need some more activity on this board. -Amrazek
Rag on a StickI'm too tired [:)]. Started uni this week, waking up early to catch a train and a bus... when I get home there are 3 things on my mind: food, sleep and Emoticon (yes really :)
ExcaliberTis true. I have exams this week and am busily either making sprites for TOL or coding my new game.
Eric ColemanThe VB community really didn't need another message board. The main reason I added a message board to VBGamer was because of all of the people that had registered their name. The only reason to register was to prevent other people from using your name and to prevent your email address from being seen. There were a lot more people that were registered than had posted any news, so I thought a message board would give people something more to do at this website. I also noticed that a lot of the names weren't familiar to me, so I figured that a lot of people were from different communities. Generally most people stick to just 1 or 2 message boards, and I was hoping this would be a links connecting most of the major ones such as visualbasicforum.com, vbexplorer, Lucky's, vbforums, and others that I don't know about. There is a lot of talent at all of these different communities, and I was hoping that those names that I didn't recognize from those other communities would consider this to be link between them all.
Almar JolingWaht Eric says. This board.. I just started to visit it. I have many forums to read and to moderate... but I like the "slowness" right now :)
ExcaliberThats true, you dont have to try and "keep" up on all the threads here. Its kinda nice actually. My main forum is EXVB...Im excaliber there as well.