I need an idea
VBBRI'm planning to create a simple game to test my VB and gaming skills. Actually I haven't done any games, so it must be something fairly simple. It can be 3D as I have no difficulty in implementing 3D graphics. And it would be great if it isn't something that already exists like, a Tetris clone or a Columns clone or a kind of Breakout, or something like asteroids... no. I need a good and simple idea to make a good and simple game, but at the same time very fun. Someone please help here! I'm no good at having ideas, so if anyone has an idea laying around please post it here and I will try to make a game based on it.
Eric ColemanWhat about a game where you drive a little robotic car around in an arena, The car is shaped like a catapult, and you have to shoot a ball into a basket in the middle of the arena. You get points for every time you get the ball in the basket, and whoever gets a set amount of points or whoever has the most points after a set amount of time wins. And it has to be 3D.
VBBRGood. And I can include network multiplayer too. I think for this game a circle-circle collision test for the cars and pole, and the cars and the arena is enough. Assuming the arena is circular. Many more things can be added to this, like bonus pick-ups such as extra speed, etc.
Eric ColemanI wouldn't worry about adding things like bonus pickups in the first version. If people like the game then you can add that in another version, and then add uneven terrain, different types of cars, and possibly maps that you race around a track and as you pass goals you try to shoot balls into them. Instead of 1 ball that you have to fight over, everyone in the race would have unlimited balls that they can shoot, and you would try to run into your opponent to keep them from getting their ball into the goal.
VBBRI guess you're right. The initial concept allows for many posibilities. I will make a "first" and simple version with just the very basic and then add features gradually. Also the multiplayer could be implemented later... Or is it better to create the multiplayer along with the basic stuff?
Eric ColemanI think the multiplayer stuff depends on how good you are with networking. It's not easy to create such a multiplayer program if you plan to play over the internet. If you restrict your games to LAN only, then there isn't as much lag, and that makes it easier to program.
VBBRHum yeah. I have adopted a "modular" approach for programming so I created a DLL for handling graphics, one for multiplayer, one for multimedia (directshow and ogg) and so on. Then this makes multiplayer a little easier. Thinking more I think that is better to put the multiplayer in a later stage (like 3rd or so)
VBBRJust for you to know (if you're waiting for this game to be made soon), today I decided to put this game for starting later because I have a more important project with a relly bigger priority to finish (a software but not a game)... But something like just 2 months or so, then I should start working on the 'catapult' project. [:D]
VBBRNow just a(nother) change of plans... I will start this game now as the other project seems more complicated (and boring [:D]) and maybe making this game could improve me enough to help me do the other more easily.
VBBRI really don't know what I want. [:p] I decided to create a puzzle-like game for now, so I will archive this idea a bit. Maybe it can grow more later. As for the current game... It will be code-named Hex. A puzzle game with hexagons involved... (I hope THAT is a quite original idea... [:D] Thanks for the initial basket idea. Maybe I will post some more info about this game (Hex) as soon as I have it on paper (these articles at GameDev really make us think that the "design on paper" part is REALLY very important... it can even scare sometimes)
hotrodxPuzzle game? Ask for ideas from Brykovian. He's more of a strategy game guy. Why not a Myst-like game? That way, the puzzle themselves will be different. And you say you can render 3Ds (prerendered stuff really).
VBBRI can render 3D in real-time. In fact, better than pre-rendered because I'm just VERY bad at modelling [:D], though I can be good at generating objects based on maths formulas. So real-time rendering is better. The basic idea is already formed. After the basic framework is done I can think about extra features (thanks for that Eric). What do you mean by "Myst-like"? Something like that game where you keep clicking everything you see?
Eric ColemanHave you ever played any of the adventure games such as Loom, Monkey Island, The Dig, Return to Zork, etc. I really like those type of games, its a shame no one makes them anymore.
Originally posted by VBBR What do you mean by "Myst-like"? Something like that game where you keep clicking everything you see?
Something like the one Vampire is doing, only that you will be inserting puzzles that doesn't really make sense to the setting. Like move a chess piece to open a door-- that kind of stuff. It's a particular style. Some purists hate it because they want the puzzle to be directly defined by the game environment. But you can think of it as a series of loosely-tied puzzles. It's like those children activity books... maze here, connect the dots there, etc. It's up to you to add sophistication to it. It's quite different from the LucasArts adventure games where the puzzles are logically tied with the setting, e.g. You launder the shirt with gazilion of coins in the washing machine to bring it to the future-- shrunk-- so the hamster <edited> can wear it. Go figure! ---------- Well, if you're looking for originality, remember that "genre" and "originality" never really go together. A genre is built because of semblances with other games. New, seemingly original games really owe their existence from previous games. You want ideas? How about "Jesus vs. the Jews"-- an FPS where Jesus blasts those evil Jews because they crucified him. :P
VBBRyeah i have played monkey island for kinda 2 hours once [:)] but never again. but i know what you're talking about. maybe these games are too hard to make? or maybe the players do not like them anymore. or maybe, because the industry today leads to the multiplayer fever, and it's hard (if not impossible) to implement multiplayer in this kind of game. even if someone managed that, it won't come out very pretty. (or maybe, i could keep that as a secret idea until the industry is favourable again and i'm more skilled...) ------------------------ now a VERY VERY early screenshot of HEX just to make your curiosity bigger... [img]http://www.vbgamer.com/msgboard/uploaded/VBBR/200441913577_hex.gif [/img]
hotrodxPipedreams in hex?
VBBRSorry I don't understand... [?] Anyway, "HEX" is the temporary name I'm calling this game.
SpodiYa know... pipedreams? oilcap? lavacap? Baahhh, you're hopeless. Heh, you got 69 posts... hehe hehehehe... heh........ heh... Btw, Eric, might be nice to have word wrap. [8D]
VBBRI guess you need to breathe a little, don't you Spodi... Anyway hopeless or not, I still can't understand.
Heh, you got 69 posts
Yeah, this thread helped me a little. Now know what? The only one with more posts than me is Eric. [8D]
Btw, Eric, might be nice to have word wrap
You may not know, but Eric is putting a lot of work in the code bin... stop by at http://www.vbgamer.com/codebin/forum.asp and take a look. There are some very useful posts there, such as the 50 ones saying "test". Seriously, there is a todo-list with the current features, take a look. Also if you have time look at some of my stupid posts...
SpodiUhm... I dont know if I should be scared or just... well, scared, that you dont get what I mean when I say, "Heh, you got 69 posts" =P
Eric ColemanGrow up Spodi.
VBBROh yeah really dumb of me not getting it, sorry for my dumbness... hehehehehehehehe now I got it. (thinking a little, I think Eric is right...) Anyway I still am the 2nd poster here. See, jokes using words placement for ambiguous meanings are hard for me to understand (as I said once, my native language is NOT english). So if you make an "ambiguous meaning" joke for me please wait a little until I can understand! (really, you must have nothing to do to read "69 posts" and make such a joke...) (what a pulluted mind that of yours...) (...) (not that I didn't find it funny...)
SpodiHah, of corse Eric is right. And again, forgot your native language isn't English. You can at least make some typos every few words to help us remember. :)
VBBRDon't I do some? Wow I know Eric once said I'm very good with English but I didn't expect it was THAT good. (BTW 2 more posts and you'll be screwed. hehe) (you know, the edit was to correct the "expected" to "expect")
sdw(sdw likes to type in parentheses too)