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game_makerHi I am Yazeed form (Soudia Arabia ; Riyadh) - 20 yeas old VB.6 Game Programmer ,,,, I am devolping (for FUN) a fresh engine based on DirectX8.1 ,,, & it has alot of properties ... insteed of writing them you can see the engine & the tutorial here : & if you saw anything interested you ,,, please feel free to discuss ... Best Regards , Yazeed [:)]
timbo152kyour engine looks very good, welcome to! =)
Eric, this is, not .net [:D]
Eric ColemanI couldn't get the engine to work. I installed noor03.exe, and then tried a few of your example programs. I get the error "Object variable or With block variable not set" on the line "Engine.Engine_Init Form1, 1024, 768." The screen resolution gets changed, so the problem must be after that section of your code.
game_makerBig Hi to everyone It might be : 1- its Based on DX8.1 and not DX8.0 2- the sitting ( try to change the current setting ) ; i didn't write any code for finding the card Capabilities (Enumeration) becouse I am not good with hardware stuff [:)]
SpodiDont listen to Eric, he's on crack or something, this is totally a .net site. TOTALLY.
SpodiOkay, I installed it, but when I tried to run the particle viewer, the graphics never showed up, just colored blocks. Tried all the renderstates too... or .net (we still be the same person :) ) at least something is working [:)] hmmmmm ,, it might be the texture ,,, try changing the texture did you tried the Ex12 (for Particle System ) ! & it contains alot of Pre-created particles systems (ie .par files) like snow , rain , waterfall , tv , DNA , electric balss , protecter ..etc (i've done these systems while I was playing with PSC program ) ... if it works (Ex12) then the problem from the program and not the engine Is it the only problem you have faced it ? regrads ,,, yazeed [:)]
Eric ColemanI have Directx 9b installed, so its not a DirectX version problem. I do have an old video card, so that's probably the cause because you may be using something that my card doesn't support. I tried to change the Engine.Engine_Init to something that would be compatible with my video card, but that didn't work either.
game_maker hmmmmm ,,, maybe from the video card ,,, will this the default setting on the engine : [code] Color : D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8 D3DDEVTYPE : D3DDEVTYPE_HAL SOFTWARE_VERTEXPROCESSING EnableAutoDepthStencil = 1 AutoDepthStencilFormat = D3DFMT_D16 [/code] there are other setting on D3DDevice but I am not sure where is the error comes from ?! in the future I will include a debugging tool with the engine
Spodi"Color : D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8" Maybe the problem is the graphics card doesn't support 32-bit resolution? I know mine doesn't... *sniff*.
cjb0087Spodi: lets see your system specs, i wanna see i wanna see
VBBRIt really must be a very old card...
EACamWorks fine on my comp. Except when I close the model or mesh or whatever viewer...i get an error...but it's closing anyway [:)] I have DX9b Windows XP pro 512 MB ram NVIDIA Vanta card
SpodiI got a 633mhz 128mb ram Compaq Presario, and a very crappy graphics card. Dont know much else.
game_makeryour countries are exporting computers (and everything [:p] ),,, so its cheaper than our computers (or computer parts) that's for sure & you are game programmers that means a new feature every 2 year (like Pixel Shader ) ,,, how can you fallow that ? I mean if you programming engines (3D Engines you will have a lot of problems I think) [:)] ,,, have a nice day [:)]
EACamYup...crappy pretty much explains it [;)] - hey, let's all put our money together and buy Spodi a better computer! "if only"
SpodiI like the way you think. :) Acually, I really only program for fun, and I try to keep my stuff more "retro". I do add features that DX8 allows (and my computer allows) to my engines, but I really dont like to go into "Super Mega Advanced 3D Game of DOOM!" genre, more like a 2d with some realtime effects. But I dont know what would make it so alphablending wont work or anything, since I program with DX8 and it works fine.