I created a directx 8 2d engine.
masterboodaThis engine is fully functional, and supports everything from maps, sprites, sound, music(midi and mp3), all input and much more. If your interested, visit my sight http://www.dabooda2d.koolhost.com , this .dll written for vb, will allow anybody to make a fully functional 2d game without any other support....oh...and there is an extensive help file that goes with it, explaining every aspect of the engine and its commands...enjoy...
Sagahmmm, seems like your site is off, I can't get on it!
masterboodaSorry it is down, been that way for the last 2 days.........stupid free webserver, I'm in the process of moving to another one.........sorry again for the problems.......
Sagaand the problem is that the paid servers are just too expensive xD... anyway, you have any tutorials about initializing DX7, DirectDraw, creating sprites (the object, no the image) and loading the BMP? resuming: the basic for a 2d game. thanx!
LycaonUgh. That site wants me to install some crap third party component. I say no, and it gives me this message: "The web site you are trying to access either does not exist or has been terminated for violating our policies" Did you ever find a real host?
Eric Colemantry http://www.dabooda-engine.tk/
IodiplinAny other support...'cept DX8 and the necessary hardware [:)]. Paid servers really aren't that much. I've seen deals that easily provide for all my needs and more for $60 a YEAR and less! That's like bying a year's subscription to XBox Live! I'm sure most of you could come up with that money in weeks. Mowing lawns, selling lemonade, (in my case, shovelling snow), etc.
ballistikugh... thought I was going crazy for a minute... then I looked at the original post date [:D]
IodiplinSame here...I wouldn't have posted had I realized I was a half a year behind schedule! [:P]