Anyone Know What's Up With Lucky's Forums?
Lachlan87At the time of my writing this, Lucky's forums display error messages and won't show any messages. Does anyone know what's going on?
BrykovianIn the past, when messages like that show up, it means the server is having problems handling MySQL calls ... -Bryk
EACamYup, it's bugged up all right. I definately hope the server gets that resolved soon...I've got bugs to fix!
Lachlan87Yeah, I guess it was kind of a dumb question, but I was wondering if it was a hacker attack, or if Lucky was finally updating something and just made a mistake.
Eric ColemanThe service provider probably screwed up the MySQL installation. its happend before. Of course, you're all welcome to use this forum. Or create some programming tutorials and submit them while you wait. [:)]
SpodiHah, nice try Eric. How about I dont make just some tutorials, but TONS! Million! That'll show you!
cjb0087spodi tutorial 1: candy
EACamMaybe, this will cause a massive increase in posts on other forums.
SpodiMmmmmm, a tutorial you can eat.
EACamWell, Lucky's back on track...but i never knew this forum was so used...i guess it aint so bad here [:)]
VBBRWhat makes you think this forum was bad...? I like this one much more than Lucky's... That tree-like thing gets me totally confused... And this forum is also integrated with the news, tutorials, articles and the (upcoming) codebin; and so this site is updated very often.
SpodiWe just need more VB gamers to know about this place! Cool that Roby is posting his projects now though, he always have some nice quality 3d stuff. :)
cjb0087hmm... wonder what almar is doing without his daily forum posts
Almar Joling
Originally posted by cjb0087
hmm... wonder what almar is doing without his daily forum posts
Working on tests for school...
Eric ColemanIts hard to believe that there are people at this forum that have more posts than Almar!!
VBBRYeah, including you that has approx. 9 times his posts... ...!! [:D]
SpodiHuh, who has more? I really have NO idea! *sticks a big post-it over his post count*. But yeah, anyways, I think since there's more people coming and posting here, there should be more categories. No idea what though, not much a thinker. :)
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