cjb0087i resent being a newbie![}:)]
masterboodaI resent being a zergling, replying to a newbie....
masterboodaum........whats a zergling........
SpodiI think it's one of those things from starcraft that can burrow. Haha, you're a mutant... mutant-face! How do you like that, Mutey Mc Mutates-alot! Why dont you go talk to the newbie some more!
Eric ColemanI thought everyone knew what Starcraft was, I guess not [:(]
VBBRI think a marine is better, isn't it Spodi? But Eric must be proud of being the only gladiator here (for now [:D])...
EACamHey, do i get to be a mutalisk or a hydrolisk ?
Eric ColemanThe current ranking is Newbie, Zergline, Marine, Zealot, in order of basic strength. If anyone can think of some more appropriate ranking names, then post them! [:D]
masterboodaDo you want to know what MARINES stands for Spodi.......huh......do ya.....My A@! Rides In NAVY Equipment SIR!!!!........ha how about that, from a mutant too......ha......ha.....ha..... Isn't being called a mutant Politically Incorrect........? DaBooda Out.........
VBBRHumm... actually this forum is starting to grow full of Zerglings. Some time ago there were 20 if less and all the rest were newbies... (with an exception, Eric of course).
Originally posted by Eric Coleman The current ranking is Newbie, Zergline, Marine, Zealot
But how come you're something called a Gladiator? It is only for the administrators? Oh well I guess we, silly mortals gotta be happy with just a Zealot... [xx(] ...[:D]!
Eric ColemanI can edit peoples titles manually, and I'm a Gladiator because that was the name of a game I used to work on a long long long time ago.
VBBRCool, that means my title could be "HEX"... altough that would kinda meaningless... Hum could you make me a "HEX Marine" ?
SpodiSex Machine? And yeah, figured that's why your title was Gladiator. What's with that game anyways, Eric? Any news on it?
VBBRSpodi can't you stop making jokes with my posts? (or else... see what I will turn yours into... mhuahahahaha... [:D]) For Eric: Hum, "HEX Marine" sounds strange so if you're going to change it then please put "Codename: HEX" instead of "Marine". [the name of the game (for now at least)]
EACamHey hey hey hey !!! i -- i wann-a be---Cool Guy X!!! hahahah NO
SpodiHow about "Sir Humiliates VBBR-Alot". Awesome. No wait, I want Sex Machine! It's mine!!!!!!
cjb0087change my display to say "idiot" and gimme 2 orange stars! ;)
masterboodaUm.....can I be mr.black.....why do I have to be mr.pink.....even mr.brown is better than mr.pink.......