A new game in town
gm_alHya all, I run a site of VB-driven games, called the WORLD OF KAOMARIS. They are all strategy games. Two are PBEMs (play-by-email) with over 20 dedicated GMs that run them and my latest is a TCP/IP boardgame with unique ways of moving, hitting and splitting.... Dedicated server, no popup crap. Commited community with Clans and championships. I plan to submit my latest game to the news round here, if you want to check it all for yourselves plz visit http://www.kaomaris.com and help increasing those 1200 tracked downloads so far [8D] Id be glad to see your comments etc. on our message board, plz let me invite you to give it a try. WOK StoneWars (the boardgame) also fully supports Matt Worden's great utility GAMES PUB that just went into beta testing. Hope to see you all online !
gm_al.... actually the 'Post News' stuff isnt working on this site, so I cant post about WOK StoneWars there [V] If anyone can fix it Id be thankful. Any review of the game (or headline) is appreciated [;)]
Eric Colemanthanks for telling me about that problem with the post news page. I just fixed it [:D]