Directx Group
SuperCIm looking for people who wish to communicate back and forth either through email or online chat programs whenever someone needs help with directx/physics/3d modeling/testing related problems. My email is if your interested then let me know.
Eric ColemanIf you have any questions, it would be easier to just post on a message board so many people can see your question and give you a lot of different ideas and solutions.
EACamWait a second, are you asking US for help? Or are YOU offering it?
SuperCEaCam im offering help to anyone who wants it. Forums are good but when i have to send source code, images or use a drawing program its just easier to use something like msn messenger/IRC.
masterboodaThe question should be posed in the forum, and if it comes to needing to send specific source code then resort to email.... or if anybody wants, I can store the code on my server... and you could give them a link to it... DaBooda out...
Eric ColemanYou can even upload attachments on this forum. Also, are you trying to charge for this? It just seems a bit odd.
SuperCI dont charge for helping people out. And why it seems odd to you seems odd to me. You guys setup a forum thats free to use and thats free help sooooo...dunno. Maybe you should just delete this whole thread and we can talk about other things.
SpodiLol. The man wants to help. :) I'm hungry, can you get me some food? =/