DX 9.0b woes
Sr. GuapoHey, I am a fairly fluent dx8 programmeI haven't been able to download it onto my machine. The first couple of times, I downloaded in (all 186MB...), but during instalation it stopped and installed nothing. A couple of days ago, I noticed my stupid firewall was on, so I turned it off, tryed again, with similar results. However, this time all the DX9 stuff was installed, though it claimed it wasn't. ANyone one know what went wrong, how I can fix it, and oh yeah, hello.[:)]
SuperCI dont understand 100% what your saying but ill try to guess... look in your C:\WINDOWS\assembly\GAC directory and see if the directx dlls are there. You have to do it from a command prompt because its a protected folder. cd c:\windows\assembly\gac dir and you should see these files in there: Microsoft.DirectX Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback Microsoft.DirectX.Diagnostics Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3DX Microsoft.DirectX.DirectDraw Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput Microsoft.DirectX.DirectPlay Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound If they are not there you have to copy them to the c:\windows\assembly\gac folder.
Sr. Guaposorry, the text in the first message got messed up. Anyway, I am trying to install directx 9.0b from Micro$oft. I've gotten through the entire installation until (what I perceived to be) the very end, where it began to roll back all the installation. M$ gave me the hepful phrase "System was not updated, please try again." (which I did). The files are not listed in the directory above, but it seems to work okay in VB .Net. What I really wanted to know if I only installed part of the package, or if it really even matters. Sorry 'bout that.
Eric ColemanI've had some nasty problems with installing Directx 9 as well. There seems to be two versions of it, an unmanaged version and a managed version. One thing you might check is to see if you have at least the patched 1.0 .NET framework installed. If you have 1.0 installed, you'll have to go to www.windowsupdate.com to fix the security holes in it. I was able to get DirectX 9 installed by installing the DirectX 9.0b SDK, as opposed to just the DirectX 9 runtime, which I've never been able to successfully install.
Lachlan87Yes, there is a managed and unmanaged version of DirectX 9. The managed version is hard to find, and almost nobody outside of developers has it already installed. That means you have to include it with your game, which is a pain. DirectX 9 is fun to program with, but M$ has made everything else about it nasty.
Sr. GuapoI did download the managed 9.0b SDK, but I think it might be the .NET framework. I ahver the original VS .net 2002. Thanks