YAPP - Yet another problem people - Fullscreen
EACamGuess who! ME! OK ok, i'm having another problem...and this one just suddenly started occurring when it had been working fine in the past. Basically...Fullscreen mode (obviously in dx8 for my 2D game) works fine. The only thing is...it seems dx is just drawing on top of everything, even tho I don't exactly have focus. I can resize the form (the resize cursors show when I move my mouse to the edge of the screen) which doesn't actually effect any of the drawing (but when I try to draw object BOB at the location of the mouse, it get's really messed up since the form isn't picking up mouse movements if I've resized it!). Sometimes quicklaunch icons show up when i move my mouse over them. Menu items show up when i move my mouse over them...it's weird....and tremendously annoying! Any ideas?
SpodiDid you set DX8 to Fullscreen? Or did you just set the form to fullscreen and have DX8 draw like in windowed-mode?
EACamI definately set DX8 to fullscreen. I know it because it changes the resolution.
Sr. GuapoWhat was the code you used to inintialise DX8 in fullscreen? I had a similar problem a while ago, and it was because I was missing one of the lines of code. [code] DispMode.Format = D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8 DispMode.Width = 1024 DispMode.Height = 768 D3DWindow.SwapEffect = D3DSWAPEFFECT_FLIP D3DWindow.BackBufferCount = 1 D3DWindow.BackBufferFormat = DispMode.Format D3DWindow.BackBufferHeight = 768 D3DWindow.BackBufferWidth = 1024 D3DWindow.hDeviceWindow = frmMain.hWnd [/code] That is right out of Jack Hoxley's great old DX tutorials.
EACamThanks. I'll look through my code...which unfortunately isn't easy because my logging system requires an awkward line after almost every single line of code -- nice for debugging AFTER i release the game...not so good for debugging NOW [:(]
VBBRHey I'm kinda curious... with you having all those problems and stuff... you must be creating a great game! Could I ask what is it about? Also... about your "awkward" logging system (hey that would be a good name to give it [:D]) well, if this confusion isn't needed in the development phase, why don't you write the code normally and then create a small program that adds the awkward lines where they're needed? (if this can be done in your case) And then you save it in another folder like "final compile" or whatever and then compile the game from there. P.S. I think I will change my sig... hehe it looks like HEX is looking too boring to play and also to develop... [EDIT]: Now see! After a while thinking, I came up with "wormhole" as a codename for my newly-born project. (In fact, it was born 30 minutes ago.) But believe me, THIS one will be completed! (I hope)
Eric ColemanMake sure your form's border property is set to none and that its startup state is set to maximized.
VBBRBut if he's telling DX to set it fullscreen then it really doesn't matter the state or border of the form, it gets maximized, with no border and always on top (at least it should) p.s. read my edit above...
Eric ColemanActually, that's not what happens. If you don't manually maximize your form, remove the border, and also make sure it is activated, then you can run into the problems that EACam is esperiencing. Your mouse can still interact with the desktop because it has nothing to do with the state of the video card. By maximizing your form, you can insure that the only thing someone can click on is the form, and not a secondary window that might be beside the form. You don't want to accidentally click on the Delete button in an Explorer window and delete something by mistake [:)]
Sr. GuapoI don't think I've ever done that Eric, and i've never had a problem because of it.
cjb0087yeah i ran into this problerm a while ago with openGL, you NEED to set the form to maximised and borderless, DX and OGL dont change this by themselves, and also try making you window 'always on top', as for most games, this gets in the way
EACamYou know...i've always thot that was necessary...but a while ago my app (with border, menu items, resizable...allowing for both windowed and fullscreen mode) worked fine. Suddenly! It stopped. I guess I'll just do that (it seems to be the easiest solution...instead of plowing through ALL my initialization code). Oh, my game? Ho ho ho...be prepared for an RPG that will knock your socks off! Say goodbye to 3D...people will rather play this 2D game!
VBBR...I'm waiting for it!
Sr. GuapoIt sounds great... Keep us posted. [:)]