Cinco de Mayo
Sr. GuapoHola, y feliz cinco de mayo... Reached the end of my spanish knowledge... Anyway...
EACamWhat's so special about the 5th of May? Note: Spanish doesn't capitalize "cinco" or "mayo" [;)]
Sr. GuapoDosen't it have to do with Mexican Independence day or something. I just like the mexican food. mmmmmmm... Tomales... thank you for that note EACam.
sdwYeah, thats what I've been hearing.
SpodiSomething about the Mexicans defeating the English somewhere.
masterboodaI always thought it was an equivelent to labor day....... but then again... I'm a blithering idiot... DaBooda Out...
sdwequivelent to labor day? lol more like independence day
ballistikYea, it's Mexico's independence day.
Almar JolingSame here (The Netherlands) 4 may - "doden herdenking", we remind everyone who died during, and after the 2nd world war. 5 may - "bevrijdingsdag", we remind that The Netherlands got freed from the Germans (2nd worldwar)
Eric Colemancinco de mayo is when you drink margaritas untill you pass out! Tequila!
So how in the world do you pronounce that?!
Spodilike "bevrijdingsdag" :)
Sr. GuapoWhy doesn't the US have a cool holiday where everyone gets drunk for no real reason... Oh yeah, I think we call that college. [xx(]
cjb0087just had 3 long weekends in a row :) oStudent free day oAnzac Day oLabor day and this week i have camp, yay
Almar Joling
Originally posted by sdw
So how in the world do you pronounce that?!
beh-vraai-things-dag :) bit like that ;)