Getting more secret info about users computers!
EACamWell...i think it'd be kinda nice if my log file (sent to me via e-mail by users whose computer can't run my app so I can inspect the problem) would tell me just a tad bit more than what DX8 enumeration gives me... like RAM video memory Real OS name (I know there's an api that does something like this, but it gives me Windows_NT while DxDiag gives me Windows XP blah blah, etc.) Processor (pentium [I, II, III, IIII], celeron, etc.) credit card number (j/k)[^] Anybody?[|)]
cjb0087err... isnt ther something like a dxdiag object?
EACam???? Maybe...i've never heard of it...i'll take a look. Thanks.
EACamI couldn't find any DxDiag object...but I did find a bunch of APIs (good old All-API network! Thanks KPD-Team!) that do the trick! (no credit card no. tho [:(])
Spodipress Start->Run->Dxdiag
VBBRi think he wants to get it from insde his program...
sdwVBBR, weren't you just at 40 posts the other day and didn't your signature say something else? You ARE VBBR aren't you?
You ARE VBBR aren't you?
No, in fact I am some scary alien from mars that took his name and plans to take over VBGamer... mhuaauhauahauha..... Seriously, let me explain.
VBBR, weren't you just at 40 posts the other day
Yeah that means I am very active here... [:D]
didn't your signature say something else?
Sure. It used to say "Codename: HEX" & VbCrLf & VBCrLf & "Coming soon...". But since then I have suspended project HEX because it were coming out too boring. Then I started another one... I decided to call it wormhole as a codename but a lot of people keeped telling me this name was idiot [:)], so I renamed it Project Lupa. Also I made a little joke with the "Coming soon" part because it probably will come out a really big amount of time after now. (check here... [url][/url] by the way can you send me a link of Vampire's engine stored somewhere that is not a romenian domain because I can't access it...) p.s. I hope you have understood the VbCrLf thing, I did it to put the entire sig in just one line but still keep the string like the original. (...VbCrLf? String? ...I must be coding too much...)
sdwHeh, yeah I got the linefeed joke. And here's the link to the files you want:
VBBRThanks a bunch!
DanEACam, Don't know if your still after this - you can get this information using API calls. Download and take a look at the following project. Hope it helps...