Bittersweet PNG
EACamPNG...portable network graphic...i can't even tell if its lossy compression or not! But it is certainly lossy when it comes to file size!!! It's really great, as far as I can tell... That was the sweet's the bitter: LoadPicture can't load it! And that means I can't convert it to BMP when loading my textures! Which means i'm stuck with big boy bmp! Does anyone know where I can get some loading/converting code to get PNG to BMP?
VBBRUsually if you are using DirectX you can use D3DX to load PNGs for you (I think)... And the best of PNG is, it is totally royalty-free! At least I think it is. (hope thet Eric doesn't come here and writes something like, "it's not really free blah blah" and ruins my happiness... [:D])
Sr. GuapoI'm pretty sure that D3DX can load .PNG images. If you look at the DirectX 4 vb tutorials, I think that that is mostly what they use.
EACamahah! Thanks! (PNG rocks)
VBBRYeah I assumed DirectX loaded them because the Engine I use (Revolution3D) can use PNGs as textures also, and it is made over DX9.
Eric ColemanYou can use them DX8, but for DX 7 you'll need to use a png image file loader. Search google for "lib png" and you might find some hits. I'm not sure if it was at the vbexplorer forums or the website, but someone had a png dll for download.