EACamOk...which is faster, better, more powerful, overall better for a custom game (i don't want the MsgBox function and I don't use classes!), etc. MS Script control? Or Custom scripting language If I did custom, then before actually running the game, the script would be compiled to a bunch of numbers refering to specific commands and variables, so i think it'd be pretty fast. Any word of wisdom?
Sr. GuapoIf it is done right, a custom script should be faster (as with many things). Are you using VB for the script, or another language (c/c++, etc.)?
Eric ColemanIf you create your own in VB, then it will be slower than using the MS script control, which is created in C++. Of course, I'd like to see someone prove me wrong, but I tried many different approaches to creating a scripting engine, and I was never able to get it as fast as the Scripting Control.
Originally posted by EACam Any word of wisdom?
Use and CodeDOM to compile full code at run time. He he (I realize you are probably wanting to use vb5/6). Just a thought. But it sure would save you from writing your own scripting language ...
VBBRIf you don't want to use the MS control you could use Lua instead. Of course, if you find out how to use Lua in VB without having to declare thousands of functions, constants and enumerations... (BTW, is there any utility that converts .h files to VB declarations? It would be so great if there was one)
EACamHmmm....well, I actually have a feeling that custom script would be faster, considering it would do ONLY what I need it to. Though the other is written in C++, it still has a LOT more to worry about. Whereas mine, would be compiled to mere numbers and run from Select Case structures mostly... Maybe.
ken_foust@hotmail.comMy experience with VBScript is that it typically runs around 3 times slower then normal vb6 code. I was part of a group though that was able to utilize it as the top layer of a C++ client-server network. We were able to process 25 million orders within our 4 hour window... I actually developed software to replace the MS Script Control so that our "top layer" could be debugged on the fly - you can dload it from planet source code. Search for VBScript Engine w/ Visual Basic... Hope this helps
EACamHey thanks!