3D video cards
Eric ColemanHas anyone been keeping up with current video cards? ATI has a somewhat understandable naming scheme for its video cards, 7000, 8000, 9000, etc. However, nVidia's names are a bit more confusing to me. They appened odd letters to the end of the name of the video card to differentiate it between others of a similar chipset. There are currently so many different varieties of the same video card, it's hard to follow and understand which is the best value. Can anyone shed any light on the subject?
cjb0087The best video cards at the moment are the X800 XT (Ati finally broke their nameing scheme) and the Geforce 6800 Ultra(a video card the finally catches up with ati). I believe the X800 has less heat look here [url]http://www.nordichardware.com/reviews/graphiccard/2004/r420/[/url]
Eric ColemanActually, X is just a Roman numeral for 10, so they really didn't break their scheme :)
Sr. GuapoDo you want the best, or the best value? If you want the best value, it all depends on what you are doing with it.
Eric ColemanI don't want to pay $500 for a video card, but I don't want a TNT2 either.
Sr. GuapoI just bought a 64MB Radeon 9200 SE AGP a few months ago. So far it has been great (compared to my voodoo3...). It is fully DX9 compatable, runs all of the newer games, and only cost me around $80. Also, make sure your PC can handle the card. For example, if I wanted a newer card, I would have to upgrade my entire motherboard, RAM, hard drive(s), etc. (it would be cheaper/easier to buy a new computer). The 9200 was the best I could get for my computer. Just go to your local PC store, tell them what you want and your PC's specs, and they should help you out.
PeterYeah, I would really recommend ATI cards. I have a Radeon 9000 and its been great. ATI used to have problems with flaky drivers in the olden days but the drivers for the Radeon line are rock solid, the cards have been outpacing nVidia in terms of speed and it seems like they're better engineered too, without huge fans or massive overheating or anything else like that. Usually ATI cards are cheaper too, and they're a Canadian company, so thats an added bonus =)
masterboodaI am partial to nvidia, but of course the last radeon I had gave me fits... of course I have heard they are a better card now, but as in cheaper, I think that is where you are shopping, deals can always be found... On another note, I'm a PC repair technician part time, and out of all the cards I have installed the only returns where the cheapo's and the people trying to play extensive games on them... Basically it all boils down to opinion and what you are going to do... Radeon is better for gaming because it is a better speed, but NVidia is a little more compatible... its up to the owner and preference... DaBooda out...
ballistikI did a search for a Radeon 9200 on pricegrabber.com and found one for around $50 including shipping. [:)] (EDIT:) ... brand new, not refurbished
Eric ColemanWhen I upgrade my video card, I'll have to upgrade my motherboard and computer case as well. I currently have a Compaq, and the video card slot is AGP, but the form factor of the case limits any kind of video card that I can put in it. The video card would have to have the video connector in an extremly specific location. It's hard to explain, but no new video cards would work unless I cut a hole in my computer case.
PeterIf I were you I would so cut that hole ;) Or just unscrew the motherboard and let it be loose to fit the vido card. Some duct tape ought to do the trick :P jk I don't even have the side panels on my case because otherwise it starts to overheat and gets unstable. Anyways, I don't want to start an AMD vs Intel or nVidia vs Ati thread since those are really pointless. I got my Radeon card very cheap since recently ATI let its chipset be produced on cards from other manufacturers so I got it from some little known chinese manufacturer. It hasnt been any different since the chipset is the same and so are the drivers. It hasnt caused a single crash or anything on this computer either.
Sr. GuapoCutting a hole sounds much cheaper... [:)]
Eric Colemanbut if I get a new case, I can get one that looks like a Transformer or a Decepticon and have pretty lights inside, and maybe even a disco ball! And should I go ceap by getting a SE card or pay extra money for Pro versions?
Sr. GuapoIt really depends on what you plan to do and if you want bragging rights... [:)]
KriscWait... 9600 Pro 9600 SE 9800 XT 9800 Pro All-In-Wonder I am pretty sure ATI is content on making everyone lost in there naming scheme too...
Sr. GuapoAt least they have some sort of consecutive naming scheme... The letters are just to make it sound even better. [:D]
KriscI think I might go for an x800 Pro...
Sr. GuapoI would too, if my computer supported it, if I could afford the card, and if I could afford a better computer... I need a job...
VBBRI'm looking foward to a GeForce FX 5200, not too expensive here...
KriscYa...I am lucky. Let us just leave it at that. I need a job too though.