ASP developers?
Eric ColemanI need some help in finishing a pretty large update for VBgamer. The design is pretty much finalized, but I could use some help, if anyone is insterested, in writing some ASP and database code. Either email me or post here if you would like to contribute. Please don't post if you don't have the time or knowledge to help. I'd really like to keep this thread on topic.
DanWould like to help, Although I can only commit an hour or so a day between 8pm -> 10pm GMT from Sunday evening. Have plenty of experience working on ASP projects for Timex, Sony and Warner Bros. How do you see the collaboration to work? I have interdev on my Home office PC.
Eric ColemanI have to admit I wasn't expecting a response so soon, which is why I made this a sticky topic. I'll put together a list of different things that I need help with, then I guess we can see what happens. I'll email you instead of posting on the forum. Also, if anyone else has content they would like to contribute, such as links, articles, tutorials, files or source code, or anything vb game related, email me!
ardmanI'll be more than willing to help. Let me know if you'd like the help. Neil [:D]
Eric ColemanNeil, I sent you an email a day or two ago, let me know if you got it or not.