Drawing Primitive Primitives in DX8
EACamOk...i want to draw a REAL primitive...e.g. I want to actually DRAW a box, etc. For selection and stuff. I'm clueless. [?] Thanks.
masterboodaI have tried looking for info on this before, and have had no luck... but couldn't you use a texture to represent the box, and just resize it as needed by using a strip... or are you actually wanting a 3 dimensional box? DaBooda out...
Sr. GuapoI am confused as to what you are trying to do. Could you give a little more detail?
VBBRDo you mean you don't know how to define a box with vertices?
masterboodaI think he means, that in directx 7, you can actually draw boxes, and circles, and such.... but unfortunately... I have been looking through the Directx8 sdk, and cannot find anything remotely similar to these commands, I think you will have to use a texture and a strip, just set the color key to make the texture transparent, or use a .dds file... I have made editors before, and this is what method, I always have to use... DaBooda out...
EACamok...i guess i'll just go with that, but i think i'll make a 2x2 texture of white (so i can color it when i want to) and stretch it horizontally for the top and bottom parts of the box, and stretch it vertically for the left and right sides...that way the actual width of the box will stay constant (and it allows me to govern HOW wide it is if I just stretch the sides in the other direction). Thanks! [:)]
Eric ColemanIn DirectX 7, the line, circle, box drawing was done by an implicit surface lock to get a DC for the surface, then calling the appropriate GDI functions. Since DirectX8 doesn't have any Direct Draw support, and everything is done via a video card, then locking a surface may not always be possible since the memory will be on the video card and not in the system memory. It will also depend on video driver support, etc., and locking video memory can possibly be slower than locking system memory, depending on the video card.