Sharing Textures between Devices editor needs to have multiple windows, and therefore multiple devices. I've already got that all set up (i've devised a sweet architecture for handling mutliple windows [;)]). Only problem. As far as I know, when you load a texture you have to supply the device its "loaded in" (i guess). This poses a problem for me. I need my windows to have access to the same array of textures. It doesn't make sense that DX would force you to reload ALL your textures for each device does it? Maybe I'll have to, but i'd much rather have them use the same memory (since i'll be loading a LOT of textures). Any thougths? Thanks a bunch.
SuperCUse 1 device to render the multiple windows.
EACamCan you? I don't think you can. When you initialize a device, you have to give it a window handle (hWnd) and picture boxes each have their own.
VBBRSee [url=""]this[/url] at DirectX4VB. Quick snippets, tip #5.