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masterboodaI decided to create a forum, to answer any questions about the DaBooda Turbo Engine. I do have a help file completed now.. you can get it here: http://dabooda.servegame.com/dbzip/DBTurboHelpv1.1.chm This will clarify alot of the commands as well as show all the features of the engine. Also I have one tutorial written and will have more in the future, time permitting. You can get those here: http://dabooda.servegame.com I developed this forum post to keep the topics a little more organized, and I only request you post questions that pertain to the DaBooda Turbo Project. Any question about it, the site, or the concept itself is encouraged. Thank you to the Moderators of this site for allowing me to do this. DaBooda out...
masterboodaI have finally created a .dll file for the engine, and have a full installer for it. If anyone is curious just visit the site and download it. This will make the engine, a lot easier to use, in my opinion, no more programming with all the classes and modules cluttering up the project, just one reference and if any updates come out, all anyone will have to do is download and run the installer, for it does everything. DaBooda out... P.S. If anyone has any suggestions on doing this a better way, please feel free to post.
masterboodaThanks to the help of Sr. Guapo and the helpful suggestions of many other fellow programmers, the DaBooda Turbo 2D Engine has resolved a major bug... The update is available for the DaBooda Turbo Project site... as well as a new tutorial on mapping, more to come, now that this bug has been fixed... DaBooda out...
masterboodaFor whom it may concern, I have wrote yet another tutorial, this one explaining the basics of the Sprite Class. That brings the tutorial count up to 3, I am getting there, especially now that the great Debug of '04 is done I can spend more time on these... Please feel free to download these at http://dabooda.servegame.com/ , I am hoping for some response to these tutorials to let me know whether or not they are helping. DaBooda out...
Sr. GuapoI have looked at all the tutorials (I figured it was the least I could do after making you go over the whole thing for a week). Anyway, the tutorials are very good. They are easy to follow and they explain what is going on very well... I also really like the actual engine. It is very easy to use and alot faster than you might think for being made in VB (No offense, VB rocks). Keep up the good work... Maybe I will try and create a game or two. [;)]
VBBRSee... Am I very dumb or what? I couldn't find the tutorials at your page!
masterboodaI need to make another page and put the tutorials alone on it, but I wasn't thinking I was going to have as many as I do or will have. But the tutorials are located on the engine page. Just scroll down beyond the .dll and source and you will see them... sorry for the confusion... I am going to make another page to put them on. Sr. Guapo, thank you for reading them and letting me know.... I am extremely horrible at explaining things, I figured the code alone in the tutorial examples would be enough, but thanks for letting me know that the tutorials alone are easy to follow... and thanks again for the comments... DaBooda Out... p.s. also I do have another 1 up, so that is 4 so far... I am getting there...
VBBROh... How stupid of me not seeing that... anyway... thanks for putting a "& tutorials" there... I will look at the tutorials now (hum, maybe tomorrow... I think I'm a little fed up of PC's for today)
masterboodaOk, have one more tutorial up, bringing the count to 5... this one actually resembles an actual game and will teach sprite collision, sound, and a few more helpful math functions... enjoy.. VBBR you are welcome for the clarification, thanks for pointing that out to me... DaBooda out...
masterboodaI will be down from 10pm to 8am from now on, my computer needs some downtime at nite... this means my server too... my fan is making some sick noises, I need to run as little as possible until I get a new one... DaBooda out...
masterboodaIf there is anyone interested I have another sprite tutorial done, this one being the last one. Now I have a total of 6 tutorials, and I hope that these alone will help anybody out that is interested. DaBooda out...
masterboodaFinally I have completed all the tutorials, there are a total of 8 and they cover the essentials of the engine, so after reading all of them, there should be no question of being able to make a fully functional game with the engine... Again I hope these help those who are interested, and finally I can get back to working on some games... Also if anyone is reading these let me know if they help, or if they are just confusing because I tend to babble pretty badly... Peace out....
masterboodaVersion 1.3 is done, I have fixed a major issue with the lost device error in fullscreen mode. Now the user can Alt-tab or hit the Window's key until their finger falls off. I have also added a Secondary Sound Buffer system to the DBMath class to be used by the .SoundSpritePlay command. This allows for mulitple instances of a single sound to play at one time. I have also wrote another tutorial explaining how to pause the engine during window minimization in windowed mode. I am goint to get to work on anther demo program that will hopefully spark some more interest in this engine... DaBooda out...
masterboodaI have officially removed the ask permission policy, now the engine is 100% freeware and open source to boot. I only put in a favor for a little credit to be put into anything made with the engine, but this is just simply a favor, and not a requirement. If one feels the need to copy code and call it their own, they really should reconsider being a programmer anyways... that is my opinion on the matter.. Again, to keep from being asked this question one more time, the engine is 100% free, no license or permission is requiered to use it, and the credit thing is not required, just something to consider really. DaBooda out... P.S Is it me, are people just unhappy with anything that gets put on the news posts. I have seen shareware slammed, and now even freeware... crazy world kids... I'm going to start hiding in my cellar with a ham radio and a lifetime supply of water, claiming the government is watching me.... or maybe I am just paranoid.........shhh... someones at the door...
2dcoder"P.S Is it me, are people just unhappy with anything that gets put on the news posts. " Nahh, there's just way too many "me too" projects of the same thing going around now.
VBBROh yeah, if a thing is not perfect expect people to say bad things about it. Specially if it IS open source. I guess the best thing to do here is to release something freeware closed source. Less headaches.
Sr. GuapoAt least most/some/a few people will express why they are unhappy, or improve it themselves if it is open source. That way, the project will/should become better... In theory...
masterboodaI thought I was doing something original with the open source idea, for I have seen both Shareware and Freeware 2d engines, but they are closed source... guess I was wrong, and believe it or not at the time of designing this engine I didn't know how many others where out there, I knew of maybe 1 or 2 very simple ones, but I was busy coding, not looking, ...lol...I guess its like when you get a new vehicle, then you notice how many other people own the same vehicle...lol I will just leave it as is...sounds good to me... lol... DaBooda out... P.S. Anybody have opinions on keeping this open source, please let me know... I am curious about this issue, because I think I have a warped sense of programming values... or something of that nature..lol
masterboodaHey DaBooda Turbo is DirectX 8, that is rare, most of them are DirectX 7.... that is a difference... right? Probably not...lol Oh well....I will use it at least...lol Actually I noticed that I am 6 posts behind Sr.Guapo... and I will be the one to make swordmaster first.........lol Dabooda out... P.S. Prozac Rocks!! Whoo Hooo!!!
VBBRHey don't make me wrong! I was just stating that some people here don't fully understand the truly porpose of open source programs/games/software. I really like open source, and the BIG program I'm designing I plan to make it open source so everyone can learn from it. I DO want that this engine continues open source. And I hope this encourages people to make it even better. I'm really liking this engine, and as I stated in the comments page, I will use it if I am to create a 2D game. (and mind you... I will get to the next rank at 500 before you get at 250!!!! lol... [:D]) (see, I guess Eric will need to create a new rank at 1000 posts and maybe even one at 5000 or so!) (now, just imagine... 7 stars below my name... and a BIG "VB Gaming Master" rank name... now this would rock)
EACamOr u could just be helpful and post pointful information...haha j/k. [;)]
Sr. GuapoHey, another nice thing about using a DLL rather than classes: I can use it in VB.NET also [:)]. Does that mean it will work in the other .NET languages as well?
VBBRYeah I guess, just like any COM DLL would. However, it is not recommended to use COM with .NET because they are completely different tecnologies and so some problems may happen.
masterboodaFor anybody interested, Ok I am just sending out a general update to what is going on with the engine so far... I am currently working on v1.4... and I keep adding stuff to it. I want this one to be good for awhile because I am wanting to make a game real bad... lol. So give me a few more days and it will be out and released.. To see the current changes being made so far please visit the site and read over them, also if you have any more suggestions please email them to me... just to give you a hint, I have added two more classes that handle advance timers and password protected resource files... Text functions, mouse functions, etc... DaBooda out... P.S. Anders if you read this, i am thinking of pushing forward and adding that multiplayer class to this version... so get back to me with some more info one that...
Scorpion_Bloodhey booda ;) did u checked ur e-mail? cuz i sended some updates
masterboodaThat is strange Scorpion, because I did not recieve them, and I check my mail like 3 times a day.... When did you send them? Dabooda out...
Scorpion_Bloodstrange... 2 days ago i sended the e-mail but well i will resend it again ;) do u use msn messenger?
2dcoderNo offense Dabooda.. but it could be time for your own forum. Just a suggestion.
masterboodaFunny, didn't realize 2dcoder was the moderator.... But its immaterail, for DaBooda is going offline indefidently, due to financial problems....(I have no money to pay for internet or power for that matter or my house)... so say good bye to the engine forever... Thanks to those that supported it so far, and I apologize for this... and maybe one day it will be up again... for now though if a REAL moderator could, could you remove all links to the site as well as anything dealing with the engine... it is done and I do not wish people to hit bad links... Goodbye and Peace DaBooda out for good...
VBBRAre you serious? This may be one of the worst decisions I've ever seen! How come a great engine like this is just "dead" ? This just doesn't seem right! Can't you find some free web hosting that fits your needs...? Hey, wait... It just came to me... ...Source Forge!!!!
Sr. GuapoDon't just completely delete the project... Put it on a free webserver, or something like planet source code or sourceforge. That way at least others can still use/modify the engine. I like the engine, and it is definatley one of the better (and cheaper) ones out there. If can ever get the time (or motivation for that matter) to make a full 2D e, I am sure I will make one with this engine. PS - I hope we will still see you around the forums every once in a while (hopefully there is a library or something near you). TTFN...
2dcoderJeesh! Sorry if I po'ed Dabooda. Didn't mean it that way. Just thought you guys would communicate better/quickly with your own forum or instant messaging thingy. sorry!!! I agree though, while there are tons of engines out now, why not pay $10.00 for a domain name, and place it on one of the free sites. You can't get much cheaper than that, and forums are free as well. ;)
Scorpion_BloodNOOO... dont do that :( plz just say this (sorry ppl lol this was a joke) ;) but now the real talking... dabooda if ur problem was to keep the server up why didnt u telled me as soon as possible??? cuz i got a server 250mb freespace with unlimited bandwith per month, ssl, php,etc, well what a web-designer needs ;) but i could help u out!!!! plz reply to this forum!!!
EACamRemember, DaBooda, bay bashing the engine, ur not only throwing away ALL UR WORK!, but also the work of those who submitted stuff to it and the work of those who were WORKING on stuff to submit! PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO US! I'm sure SOMEBODY will be willing to take ur project and put it on their server! Don't give up like this...it makes VB look bad. It makes us ALL look bad. It especially makes U look bad. Please...think about this, don't waste all that work!
masterboodaok...ok... I am sorry and I apologize, but as of soon, I will have no power at all for awhile, so if anybody with the engine downloaded and the help file also... could they move it to a server and keep at least v1.3 alive. I was feeling depressed when I did this, and to my suprise they haven't cut me off yet, but soon I feel. I will have power within the next 2 weeks and will begin work on the engine again, and I will find a way to upload the info onto a server or to somebody.... I just don't know at the moment... and I am sorry for the brash judgement, but I was feeling rather bombarded by real life at the time... and the thought of killing this engine, (being the first thing I ever completed in vb, or any other language, I mean real project that is) I just can't let it die, and the people working on this, I will have let down... so It will REMAIN ALIVE, just don't know how at the moment... DaBooda out...Temporarily(I hope) P.S. If any body could post something of this engine, please, I will be eternally grateful..
EACamGreat! At least we know u aren't giving up on a great project. Yes, and I can relate to how my real life effects the way I look at my programming projects. When I'm angry that I am unable to work on something, I often just feel like trashing it, and I HAVE before. I regretted it the next morning. Thanks. And may God be merciful to u and help u get ur life back together.
2dcoderPerhaps Dabooda was hoping more would flock to his engine. If he just codes the thing to "his" liking and not worry about who uses it or contributes to it, it would be a more worth while project to him. I've seen something like 8 engines out the past few months for Vb, and if you visit their forums, no engine is taking the lead. (And they are all VERY similar.) VB'rs like to to code things themselves, I don't see any particular engine becoming popular or a standard. The SoundCraft engine I use only has a few users. :)
VBBRBut we know that a LOT of people here like this engine. If I wasn't creating a 3D game, certainly I would use it.
Sr. Guapoditto, VBBR... Anyway, I highly doubt daBooda cares too much about how many people are using his engine. He seemed perfectly content (even surprised) by the support and interest in his engine. I personally think it is one of the better (and cheaper) 2D engines available (for any lanuage). He is putting alot of work into it, and it is continually getting better and more powerful. All I can say is "Good job" and I hope we see you again once you get back on your feet.
Scorpion_Bloodmasterbooda hey!!!! if u still have power plz reply to my e-mail ;) if u dont have it i will resend to u again ;) look!! its an important e-mail ;) and its good for everyone :D
2dcoderScorpion, why not post the update code here? Or put a link to it somewhere?
SionDaBrooda, I'm very glad to hear that you haven't abandoned the engine, and it seems that I'm not the only one :P I got pretty surprised by your post d. 24., because I thought the network class wouldn't be included until version 1.5. Anyway, I'm almost finished with the networking portion of the engine, and I'm going to write a short tutorial + demostration of the DBNetwork class. But it dosn't look like version 1.4 is going to be unloaded any time soon if you don't have any power or internet... if that is the case, you won't see this post anyway. If you do have access to internet then please upload version 1.4 - for web storage contact Scorpion_Blood for instance - and respond to posts here. I wish you the best of luck with everything, and we hope to see you here again soon :) /Anders
Scorpion_Blood2dcoder it isnt a code update is about the site :D im making a site for the DBT project and the layout is near completed im in fase to start coding it :D here u can c the preview of it: the intro image: [url]http://clientes.netvisao.pt/sdesign/dbtbox.jpg[/url] (this still unfinished...) and the layout: [Url]http://clientes.netvisao.pt/sdesign/dbt.jpg[/Url] and what i sended by e-mail to masterbooda is about the web-space and stuff about that :) soon when i done with the code i will create a free domain for it www.dabooda-engine.tk (its free), but web-space is mine since i have no .com domain :\
VBBRLooks geat, unfortunately this is happenning right now... I hope that soon he has enough power (money) to be able to work on the engine, post here and so...
SionWow, Scorpion_Blood that is really looking neat! The logo is very retro, almost looks like a GameBoy game case :) The website is pretty small in my 1600x1200 resolution, but the layout is great. Good luck with it. PS. You can use the cashed version of the old site to grab the text for the new site. Well, at least with Internet Explorer. Oh well, back to the DBNetwork class :P
Scorpion_Bloodtanks ;) i dont use IE but i saved the news page to my disk, i dont have the other contents :\ if u have it or anyone have it plz zip it up and send it to me ;) >> sd@netvisao.pt
SionI've got all the stuff from the website (except screenshots) but Hotmail won't let me opload more than 1024KB *grrr*! Fortunately Hotmail expands the storage space from 2MB to 250MB and sending limit from 1MB to 10MB before august - nice! Well, anyway I've uploaded all the things to my website - it's approx. 4MB in RAR-format. The URL is: http://www.icysoft.dk/DaBooda2dEngineTurbo.rar
Scorpion_Bloodtanks ;)
Eric Colemanand make sure you send me a copy of the "coded in vb" graphic so I can put it on the [url="http://www.vbgamer.com/codedinvb.asp"]coded in VB[/url] page.
Scorpion_BloodALELUIAAAAAA!!!! lol its finaly up, the temporarly Dabooda Engine site is up and running, next week i will start coding the other page i showed to u guys so untill then dont forget to check the temp site and send me some comments plz ;) http://www.dabooda-engine.tk if the above dont work check http://clientes.netvisao.pt/dbturbo/Index.htm TS. PLZ if u find any error reply to me ;) now me gona sleep a little already 6am here and iv been up all night working on the page!
Eric Colemanlooks good
VBBRLooking very good. I can see this engine will probably go far... masterbooda will sure be proud of us all when he comes back and sees that the engine has 1,000 contributors or something around it [:D]
Scorpion_Bloodnice idea ;) i will add an counter today ;)
SionLooking good Scorpion_Blood - very good job on the website(s). You can disable the annoying .tk-popup by changing your profile settings in your .tk-account. Looking forward to the non-temp. version :)
VBBRHappily I use Firefox, so I see no pop-ups at all. [:D]
Scorpion_BloodSion tanks ;)
Scorpion_Bloodsorry ppl forgeted to say, if anyone is working with the engine, changes, updates or games plz reply to me to add to the news page ;) i saw somewere that someone is working on the multiplayer class if this is true tell then i will update the page!
SionI'm the one currently working on the multiplayer class. It's almost completed but I still need to adress a few issues and determine the final class functions. The code is a bit messy at places, but alternatively I would have to make 3 classes instead of 1. The public interface of the engine should be kept as simple as possible, so I've chosen the less elegant version. When the class is done, I'm going to test that all functions that a multiplayer game requires is actually included. Then I'll write a short tutorial on how to use the class along with a working example - much like DaBrooda has been doing with the other classes. But I'll notify you the moment I release the class... Hopefully it won't be too embarasing ;)
Scorpion_Bloodnp ;) and tanks in advance :D so i will be w8ing for it ;) now what i ask is to all people that are here to spread the url cuz some ppl think that the masterbooda site is down (actually is lol but i refer now to the new one)
VBBRWhen the multiplayer class is complete, would it be OK for me to use it inside my project? (it will be open source too)
SionThe multiplayer class is part of the DaBrooda engine with all that it includes. That means that the network class has the same license as the rest of the engine... which means no license and no restrictions on useage.
VBBRThanks. Just a note... it looks like you spell "DaBooda" wrong, the right would be "DaBooda" and not "Dabrooda". [:)]
SionOoops, bad bad Sion!! No desert for me tonight! Thanks for pointing that out... guess I just think "DaBrooda" sounds cooler than "DaBooda". DaBooda sort of lacks some contrast, it's a bit monoton.
masterbooda[:0][8D][:)][:D][:p] I'm not monotone at all... lol... OMG...... I did not expect this at all, to tell you the truth, I thought it would be a done deal... this is great... absolutely fantastic.....Thanks for the support guys... Good news... I have power now, and I can commence to wrapping up v1.4 and submit... I have noticed others working on v1.4 also, so I need to get with them first before finalizing the update... man this is great... a real group effort... and I just saw the new website, and the emoticons above are the emotions I felt seeing it.... fantastic... and thank you scorpion blood for keeping that rocking logo... I love that thing... lol.. As for internet, going to be awhile, probably not until january of next year.... but thank god for the library, I will keep in contact and send updates to the contributors, so we can finally get v1.4 out and start making some games... I will hopefully have this version wrapped up by next weekend... my two jobs permitting... and the wife...lol... but I went almost a week without power... do not recommend that to anybody, but it let me dwell on the engine for a little bit, and some great ideas came to me... Again... thanks for the support... This makes the work put into this worth it, this is the reason for starting the project... thank you and cheers... DaBooda Back.... (well sort of) P.s. The history of the DaBooda title.... My wife infectionately named me and my belly budha and me being a budhist it fit... but I couldn't use the name... so I changed it to Buda... well that just looks bad on screen... so I changed it to Booda... well I liked it... but was online one day surfing and typed it in out of curiosity... well Booda is a company that makes Pet Toys..(seriously..lol) So I thought how about Master Booda ( I was accused of egotism), so changed it to The Booda... I liked it, but again looked bad... I have this friend that says Da instead of The, and I make fun of him for it... but thought why not, and it stuck.... DaBooda... That is the history of the name... lol And thanks again to everyone... This engine will persist...
SionGood to have you back DaBuda :) I'm almost done with the network class. I think it's actually going to be pretty cool. I'll let you know when I'm done testing and documenting. PS. Please change your signature - it reminds me of a very dark time in the history of VB game development ;)
masterboodaThere that signature is a better one, and thank you for working on that... man that was a great idea you had, and thanks for putting in the time to implement it.... And Scorpion Blood, I love that web site, I keep looking at it, unfortunately, these library computers have there resolution set for the blind, so I cannot see the whole page, but What I did see rocks.... DaBooda out... for today, be back on in a couple... And thanks again guys...
Scorpion_Bloodnice ;) u r back ;) hehe hoo and another thing im thinking making a MapMaker for the engine but i need some info and right now i dont have time to explain :( another thing is that if i will do this is not this month cause i dont have time working on it :\ i just did a little of paper work, making and designing how wold be the gui...
SionScorpion_Blood, You've stolen my idea! I've also thought of making a map editor for generel use with the engine. But hey, this engine is a community efford (although it's mostly been DaBooda's efford) so whoever makes the editor I'll just share some of the things I thought for it. A few things: - Multi-layered map editing (much like in Starcrafts Campain Editor) where tile states (eg. block, water, damage, ...) is edited in the normal map. It should be able to turn the different states on/off. - The ability to texture maps isometric using retangular textures (texture maps). This would involve rotating the retangular texture by 90 degress (I think) and reducing the height of the rotated texture. - Being able to edit and change between several layers of different maps. Using this technique you could make a rich (RPG-like) map with eg. grass/water/lava as layer 1 (beneith main character), rocks/debris/roads/floors as layer 2 (also beneith), tree trunks/walls/fences as layer 3 (same level as character), tree crowns/roofs as layer 4 (possibly above character. Could also be alpha faded where character is positioned so the main character is visible inside a house but the surrounding houses still have roofs), clouds as layer 5 (above everything). Just an example. - Being able to add dynamic shadow maps. This would involve creating a copy of the map layer that should have shadow and then changing the color to darker and displacing the layer to cast shadows in the chosen direction and with the chosen strength. The shadow layer should then be z-positioned below the original map. For this approach to work much of the map should be "empty" or transparant so the lower layers are showing. The layer could hold eg. hold layer 4 in the previous example and the cowns of the trees would cast a soothing shadow that the player could rest in :) - The editor should also handle the movement, linking, transition etc. of the maps and save that infomation in the same file as the rest of the map data. Well, they're just thoughts and some of them may be a bit complicated to make. For instance, the ideas I've proposed is based on a top-down RPG scroller and may not work very well with a Mario-type game. I should really learn to divide my posts in to more, smaller posts. I'm never gonna reach 350 posts and get 5 stars posting at this pace. :P
SionScorpion_Blood speaking of editor GUI's - try and take a look at some of the considerations about editor design in this tread by VBBR: http://www.vbgamer.com/msgboard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=223
SionGoddamn, the network class is going to be great :)
Scorpion_Bloodtalk to us more info about the MP class to add a new in the page ;) anyway about the mapmaker, u r basing on the starcraft map editor, right? i never used it r played it so i cant see what u mean in some parts ;)
SionScorpion_Blood - how are work progressing on the new DaBooda website? And is it going to be dynamic so we'll be able to add new content? EDIT: I just looked at the graphical layout of the new site (http://clientes.netvisao.pt/sdesign/dbt.jpg) where there's a admin login form in the lower left part of the picture. Guess that answers my second question :)
Scorpion_Bloodi just need to change something in the layout (tiny fixes) then maybe in the middle of the week i will start code it cause i need to study tomorrow :\ and about the second question u already know :D
SionI hope to be releasing a BETA version of my network class later tonight. It still needs a bit of error handling and final pollishing, but by releasing it early you can take a look at it and give me feedback before releasing the final. I'll probably create a new forum thread for feedback/comments/requests/bug reports etc. on the class to avoid cluttering up this thread. EDIT: If you thought I was kidding then you better think again [;)]. The new thread can be found at http://www.vbgamer.com/msgboard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=234&whichpage=-1&REPLY_ID=2254.
sdwWas it really necessary to tell people you made a new thread?
SionNo, I guess not. I just thought the post was a bit uncomplete because I only said that I hoped that I'll be able to release the class that night, not that I actually made it. If it bothers you, I'll be happy to remove that comment.
masterbooda[:)]Good news: V1.4 is DONE!! except for the help file and a few more tutorials, which will be done by the end of this week, I have two more days off this week, so I can do some heavy duty typing to catch this thing up... [V]Bad News: V1.4 has lost compatibility with earlier versions, so a whole new DLL must be distributed, I apologize for this, but I made too many changes to this thing... and am thinking this is probably best, because v1.4 is a much better engine than earlier versions.. What this means for the developers is, if they wish to use v1.4 in a current project all they have to do is reference v1.4 and dereference v1.3 or earlier... Before releasing this version we need to incorporate the network class into this, so it will be complete... and again, I am working on the help file as well as more tutorials to be released with it... The map editor is a great Idea, but I would wait on working on it for v1.4... this way it will be complete, and from now one any other versions will only have small changes to keep compatibility... I hope and again apologize for this problem, I tried everything to get around this, with no luck.. DaBooda out... Next week definitely... I will work on nothing but this... oh and after v1.4 is out, I will dedicate more time to actually working on games...I hope...lol
masterboodaOh and one more thing, any contributors want an advance copy of v1.4 just reply to me with email, and I will send it to you... of course the help file and tutorials are still being worked upon... Also when we release this new version, we need some debuggers who will go through and find errors within the engines commands, I have found numerous ones on the lesser used commands... and have fixed them..... DaBooda out... And thanks again for keeping this thing alive... people have put to much work into this thing to let it die... thanks again... And I will make another trip over here tommorrow to post some more got to go to work now... peace out...
Scorpion_Bloodwaaa a little bit late hein ;) good news booda, another thing is if the engine can have png features, like using the alpha channel of it! i dont know if this can work with DX... im telling this is because the DDS file, creating an alpha channel for it is a bit dificult on PS... anyway hope u here tomorrow ;)
SionAs far as I remember, the engine already supports the use of PNG-files. You just have to use the custom file format when loading the picture.
Scorpion_Bloodi know that but the main png feature... alpha channel doesnt work... or i have to put the format of the texture?
Scorpion_Bloodok i got it working but with TGA files but tga files are big (in file size) and i dont want that anyway i think the prblem is that when i save in png format the alpha channel font get saved... i have to check this out
SionMaybe I've misunderstood your question, but I have no problem loading PNG-images as textures, and still preserving the alpha chanal. The following code works on my computer: [code] 'Intialize Textures With Engine.DBTexture .SetFolder App.Path + "/Texture/" .Add 256, "devil.png", , 4 End With [/code]
DaBooda are you still alive?! Get out version 1.4 already!
Scorpion_Bloodalready discovered what is the problem ;) Photoshop dont let save PNG images with the alphachannel... i have to use TGA...
SionThat sounds odd. I've used PhotoShop 7.0 to make all the graphics for my Meteor Impact game. And all that graphic was in PNG-format. Do you use an older version of PhotoShop, because version 7 is capable of saving in PNG-format?
Scorpion_BloodPS8 (CS) lol but its not that... i mean... u can create the PNG files but the alphachannel cant be saved... ;)
masterboodaOk, Ok, I know I promised the new version to be out by next week over two weeks ago, but I have been working non stop and haven't had any time. I am rewriting the Help file, which was a mistake, but now I am halfway through with it, so I can't stop now... Also I have been working some bugs out and a few other odds and ends.... Not to mention new tutorials, which this new version would be useless without. But I have this entire weekend off and this is my schedule... 1. Chase wife out of house so I can have peace and quiet... 2. Finish this god forsaken help file... 3. Finish tutorials 4. Wrap this all up and have Scorpion post it for me... As to if this will happen, It will, trust me, I have so many ideas rolling around in my head about new games its killing me... and I know I am putting alot of people on pause... and I will get this thing out there, for it will have to last, I am going to make some games if it kills me...lol...so no new versions from me for awhile after this one... (hence the taking so long thing) Also the png thing, I have tried also, and have had no luck... there is a way to do this, but it will most likely have to wait until v1.5... for now for alpha channels, unfortunately, .dds or .tga files will have to work (I didn't even think of .TGA)... Which I know they are huge but would you believe that the compression rate zipped on a .dds and .png file is the same, so therefore, export wise they take up the same amount of room. I will be releasing several new tutorials, one on making .dds files and some other little things, not engine specific persay, but a help to making games... Also I need someone to take all the old tutorials once I get v1.4 out there and rereference them with v1.4, this way, new people to the engine can run them... I would do this, but I have like a dummy used my copies as debugging programs, and have them all out of wack... and for some reason cannot download here at the library, they have some kind of lock..(sucks)... But by next week(I mean it even if it means staying up all weekend) v1.4 will be out... And again I apologize for the incompatibility, but I knew it would happen eventually, and from now on it will have to be this way, unless someone smarter than me can figure out how to make this thing compatible... but here is my plan, we will reach version 2 and streamline all the code, and just make a new engine... well maybe.. DaBooda out.... And I will have this thing done, promise.... Oh, and one more thing here are some of the new features... Added resource class that will allow you to put all your resources in one file with password encryption Added many mouse features, even hovering capabilitys as well as using sprites as pointers... Added a cool vertex system, that basically lets you handle a group of sprites as if they where a 3d object.. too cool... Added catches for fullscreen and windowed lost focus... no more errors.. Added a new render style option that uses the DX8 Sprite class instead of the strip style... looks alot better... Added two commands that allow you to choose how textures will be rendered to the screen... Added an actual viewport, so now you can set the screen to any size in fullscreen mode... Added A counter class that will allow you to use multiple 2 looped counters that you can apply to any property in the engine... this reduces game programming to nothing almost... Added 2 more sprite collision detections, rect and polygon.... Added a multiple sound buffer system, now more than one instance of a single sound can play... Added many fetures to the text, which now allows for up to 16 fonts on the screen as well as alignment methods with make formating way easier.. Added many more QM's to the overlays and sprites that now allow you to spread a color amongst multiple objects, as well as aligning many objects... Added... whew... there is more.. trust me... this is why this thing has taken so long...lol... I took every idea emailed to me and programmed it...and added some... This will be out by next week... bare with me a little bit here... then I will start releseasing games... first one being........ you guessed it Extreme Pong... why, because I want too.... lol...
SionSounds great! Good to hear from you again Dabooda! ...and those new features... ahhh! [:D]
Scorpion_Bloodexpect a release of the new site in 10 days starting counting today ;)
Almar JolingCompressed TGA is maybe an idea? [;)]
Scorpion_Bloodhow can i compress an TGA?
masterboodaNever Fear, v1.4 is here!!! I finally completed this thing, and as soon as Scorpion gets it uploaded and posted it will be ready to download.. I apologize for the time it took me to do this, and I do hope that you are satisfied with the changes, because this is going to be it for me for awhile, unless there is something major, but I am going to be making some games now... My mind is ready to explode from ideas...lol Please respond back to me with any opinions, ideas, or problems with the files... I will be back on here tommorrow, or hopefully sometime tonight... Sorry again for the wait, and I do hope it was worth it... As a reminder this is a new DLL, but all that has to be done with current projects, is you have to change the reference, that is it, for the commands are still the same, all I did was add new stuff, and worked some stuff out behind the commands... If you wish to email me and bash me in the head for making you wait so long, then that is ok too.... lol... but hopefully this will stand up to the expectation... DaBooda out...
Scorpion_BloodAwsome news master ;) OK EVERYONE, the file is upload and the news page updated... so GET IT!! :D Go here and click on the link to download >> http://www.dabooda-engine.tk/ next week i will be of so the new page will be paused ;) well enjoy it :D
SionFantastic!! It's been a long way comming, but I've just glanced at it, and it seems more than well worth the wait! [:D] The new features sounds simply mesmerizing [??] and the new helpfile is looking very neat. And the vertex class!... ahhh... All these features seem a bit overwhelming, and the tutorials isn't as extensive as the ones for the previous versions - but you imply that more tutorials are to come, so I guess they will provide more insight. Version 1.4 is great, however (there is always a "however") I've found a couble of minor bugs. When trying to run the app. included with "Tutorial C" I get a runtime error related to the .Render-method. The same happens from the IDE after a while. For some reason, a simple "DoEvents" after .Render seem to fix the problem on my computer. EDIT: That "DoEvents"-thingy does work after all... EDIT2: ARGH, I messed up my previous edit - it should have been dosn't instead of does. It does't work. (wow, almost made the same mistake again :( ) In "Tutorial D" the vertex-class (which looks great by the way) uses a texture called "Blank.png". If might be pure white intentionally (as the name implies), but the white surfaces makes it really hard to see the "poor man's 3D" in action. And by the way, thanks for the comment on the "Contributers"-page - I'm flattered [:I]. But it's SION, not SCION!![}:)] Now that version 1.4 is out, I'm going to complete the DBNetwork add-in when I get the time. Great job DaBooda, it's going to be a delight to make games using this engine (I already have a few games in the works. [:)])!
Ophidiangreat!!! thx again for this marvellous engine (all team)! anyway, can someone tell me how i do this: when you set on the DBAutoMove class, mapview follows the according sprite, but, it works fine when move step is 1 pixel by 1 pixel. I changed the `speed` of the sprite, (32 pixels) and now, mapview follow the sprite, but a bit late and slowly :\ any suggestion? like adding the ImmediateMove property ;) thx again
masterboodaGreat!! Fantastic, I am glad everything went through ok, I was worried for the last 3 days, that I might have messed something up with the files or something to that nature. I was hurried to release this thing at the end, all because of that monstor help file, my finger tips are still bruised...lol .. I am glad it is going over this well. That error in tutorial c, I had that happen one time, and it has to do with that stupid mouse... its a DirectX8 thing... it gives you exclusive control over it, but windows will pop in every now and then and take it over again, which causes that error... I am glad that that is all it takes to fix it, is that doevents after render, which is kind of strange, seeing how the .render command has a doevents built into it... but at least that is all for now... I hope...lol As for the tutorials, yes I am going to write some more, I just ran out of time.. and I tried to cover the essentials... but I need a favor, just when you can list something you wish me to explain and I will write a tutorial on it. The problem is, is I added too much to the engine, and it is hard to find a starting point to explain... And yes I should have used something besides that stupid white texture, but I was really trying to show the fogging effects, and if you scale it out, and change the z, it will really show up... sorry about that.. About the Automove problem, well how automove works is it tracks the sprite on each render pass... and how it tracks it is by moving the map towards it, by the maps speed... so in essence with your sprite moving 32pxs, and your map moving 1pxs... every sprite move, the engine has to do 32 render passes to catch up... so to fix this problem be sure to set up your map to the same increment as your sprite... I had to set it up this way for limits and such to work... but it is a great method, when everything is set up right... I am actually going to do another tutorial on this, to explain how I did the demo 1.3 part where the orb is bouncing off the walls, it covers a little more on auto move... just remember the sprite speed is independent of the auto move, all the sprite reference tells it is which one to track.. Thanks again for the interest so far, and thank you for accepting the new version... and I am sorry about that name sion, truly I am... you do know that I meant well...lol... sorry again... DaBooda out... P.S. Lets start making some games now, I know I am...
masterboodaOh, I wanted to add one thing about that immediate move property... there is a command in the math class that will do the same thing, and it is I believe updatemaptosprite... this will move the map to center on the sprite... very handy.. DaBooda out...
VBBRI was wondering, I am kindly willing to contribute something to this engine (code wise), but I simply don't know what kind of feature it lacks. So please, if someone wants a specific feature added I could consider it...
Ophidianyeah :)))) DBMath.SetMapToSprite.... i'm stupid.... now, another thing i didn't realize: take the (old) DBTutorial8, wich is fabulous, and do some changes: '//////////////////////////////////// Me.Width = 512 * Screen.TwipsPerPixelX Me.Height = 512 * Screen.TwipsPerPixelY Me.BorderStyle = 0 'Initialize display Engine.InitializeDisplay Main.hWnd, True, 512, 512 'Set up map view Engine.SetUpMapView 0, 0, 512, 512, 1 'set up frame rate Engine.DBFPS.SetFrameRate 600 '//////////////////////////////////////////////// then, remove all : .QMSetLimit 2, 1, 1, True, True, False, True .QMSetLimit 2, 2, 1, True, True, True, True .QMSetLimit 2, 3, 1, True, True, True, True .QMSetLimit 2, 1, 2, False, True, False, True .QMSetLimit 2, 2, 2, True, True, True, True .QMSetLimit 2, 3, 2, True, True, False, True .QMSetLimit 2, 1, 3, False, True, True, True .QMSetLimit 2, 2, 3, True, True, True, True .QMSetLimit 2, 3, 3, False, True, True, True and then, run wait somes secondes, and see what append to water.... can you tell me how to repair this bug ? (maybe it's not a bug, i have probably forgotten something....again....) thank you.
SionIf black rectangles appear where there should be water, the water-map is probably not sized right. You may have forgotten to change the size of the map(s) and submap(s). Be careful though - when I change only one of the map sizes (map or submap) VB crashes, so change both or none.
Ophidian..... but it's a looped map... and i can't change submap size up to 256, and in the example it's a 256 submap.
Originally posted by masterbooda
I am really concerned about these errors, and I really need to know specifics and machine specs, mainly video card and memory on card...
Hi there Here is the error message I receive: Run-time error "-2147220896 (80040260)": Automation error and my system specs are as follows: Intel PIII 550 192Mb RAM Nvidia GeForce2 MX400 64MB Windows XP DirectX 9 This error occurs regardless of whether you exit the app using Esc or by terminating the program, so I don't think the problem was caused by not including the shutdown sequence in the terminate routine. After a little bit of fiddling around, it seems that it may actually have something to do with the DBVertexGroup class. I altered the Tutorial D very slightly (just added Set VGroup = New DBVertexGroup in the Form_Load sub) and this made the problem worse. Anyway, I hope this helps a little [:)]
Do you actually do any enumeration to detect hardware capabilities? Or do you just let the program display an automation error?
Yes the important classes do this, but I am covering all bases, and this error that sneaky pete is having is not even related to the engine, for it is machine specific, mainly to XP... I am going to try to work around this error... What is happening is the DBVertex class is stand alone and is created seperate from the main core, which for some reason is causing the automation error.. anybody have any ideas on this, for this class is set up just the same as any other within this engine...(and this is all the info I could find on that error, if anybody can pinpoint what that error is specificaly, I would appreciate this)... Has there been any bugs, worse than this one? This is what I also need to know, for it works great on my machine, but of course I programmed it to work on that machine... see the dillema here...
Yes it is. The correct spelling is beaucoup.
Was it necessary to point this out and make me feel like an idiot... honestly...lol
No one wants to contribute anything, even though I've begged and begged.
I beg to differ with you on this one, yes tutorials are great, and so are articles, but these forums are better, and I see people all the time contributing in this fasion... there is alot to be gained from these, and yes I see a lot of the same question, but that is going to happen with new people just joining. This doesn't mean the wealth of knowledge to be gained from herin should be discarded as redundant information. Another point is, the veteran members have a tendency to be a little berating in critisicm, which doesn't effect me, because I simply don't care, I know I write garbage code and am completely illiterate, but this may put some newer programmers off.. and some may be scared to write turorials and articles are even share some code, for this reason alone... I have seen new people do something generous and the downright critisism can be harsh, and you never hear from them again... It is like there is some wierd contest amongst the vb'rs as to who is smartest... this project of dabooda has actually brought out the contributors who have good social and programming skills, for it takes both to really gain any knowledge.. competition defeats creativity, but this is my opinion...for this site is mainly for the hobbyists, but I could be wrong... I will give this site one thing though, compared to the other sites, it really does reign in the bad behavior, and is tolerable, but you always have the bad apples...lol Sorry to type so much on a really pointless subject, but sometimes it gets to me... thanks again guys for the help on these errors... DaBooda out...
VBBRI think we shouldn't bother with that post of Eric. He probably was a little tired or something when he posted that. (no offense Eric, I'm just pointing out that you're not usually rude [:)])
masterboodaHe did sound a little frustrated...lol... but I am too, but I did not take any offense to it...lol I will do him a favor and work on some gaming tutorials, people can always use those, right? Just simple physics and mapping methods, maybe even one on how to do some tight game loops... but first I will complete the game I am currently working on, which should be done within the month, time permitting, it is a goofy little game called adventures of lolo, which was originally on the nintendo console, and yes the copywrite on the game is no longer active, so I will be allowed to do this... also copywrites on games I have been doing some studying and it seems that they only apply truly if you make some sort of profit off of them or you prevent the company from making a profit(considering the game is no longer sold, this is no problem either)... cool heh, considering all my junk is freeware...yeah!! and this also helps because I seem to never have an original thought in my blocky head.... It will also have an editor, sorry if I seem excited, but I am finally getting to design some games again.... weeee.... DaBooda out...
VBBRHum, not to disappoint you, but I think [url="http://shadox.vze.com/"]Shadox Software[/url] (sdw) is working on something similar. Also you seem to have good ideas for tutorials. I would like to write one or two, but I'm completely out of ideas. So, if you could share some ideas with me, I would be glad...
BrykovianHowdy booda! Nice work on the engine ... keep it up! [:)] Glad to see this type of work being done. However, I have to point out that I think your ideas behind "copyrights" are faulty ...
Originally posted by masterbooda
... a goofy little game called adventures of lolo, which was originally on the nintendo console, and yes the copywrite on the game is no longer active, so I will be allowed to do this... also copywrites on games I have been doing some studying and it seems that they only apply truly if you make some sort of profit off of them or you prevent the company from making a profit(considering the game is no longer sold, this is no problem either)...
For example, copyrights usually last for 70 years after the death of the copyright holder ... so I doubt the copyright on *any* computer game have become "no longer active" ... Now, copyrights only apply to things that are "fixed in a tangible medium of expression" ... for a computer game, this is usually the code and the resources (graphics, sounds, music, etc.). The title and ideas behind the game *cannot* be copyrighted ... although they *can* be trademarked and patented, respectively. You might want to check out this site for an overview of US Copyright law: [url]http://www.bitlaw.com/copyright/[/url] With that said, if you plan to make a clone of an old game, using your own graphics, etc., and avoiding any trademark issues ... you should be fine. And, even then, all of this only matters if the original rights holder wishes to press legal action -- which is unlikely for a really old computer game. -Bryk
masterboodaYou are right, I did some more research, and all the law states, is you are allowed to own a copy of an old game without purchase, if said game is no longer sold or distributed, but I am going to go ahead and go through with it, for I doubt any serious consequences happen from it. For this game is really old, and I doubt much will be said for the simple fact, I am not selling this thing, and the code is essentially mine, for I am emulating it not copying it... this also goes for the graphics, which will be revamped for at least a 16bit look, and the music and sound I am having to sort of create out of the original... I do not see this being a problem, and if it is, oh well, this was to great of a game, and I wan't to intoduce it to a newer generation.... also I am giving full credit to the authors of the game... Shadox is working on the same thing, but they are calling if Frojo, or something of that nature, but I do not see anywhere that they are giving any credit to HAL for the original... maybe they are worried also, but I am not... The coding is the hardest thing, for I have been sitting hours in front of my nintendo, watching sprite behavior, it is very hard to emulate it exactly, so the version I am programming will be a little different... but who knows, copyright laws can be so cryptic, it is hard to follow them... but of course I am a moron...lol Thanks byrk for the words of support... I believe in another year this engine will be THE engine... well it is good to dream anyways...lol DaBooda out...
masterboodaOh and VBBR, I think a good Idea for a tutorial would be one on maybe mapping, I see so many questions about this, and there are some, but maybe some more in depth ones will be necessary... also this is one I am curious about, and that is how to make an entity react with a 3d environemnt... like jumping on ledges, walls, and such.. I am kind of curious about that one.. these are just few suggestions... more people seem to be interested in 3d anymore anyways.... DaBooda out...
VBBRThis may be interesting, as the game I plan on creating along with The VB Adventure Maker could use something like that. Then after developing the system I could write a tutorial. Maybe one about 3D mapping and how to program interaction with the map. Thanks for the idea.
yinxiaodanI'm Chinese ,I don't understand English. I like making game. I like "DaBooda Turbo" game engine I don't open "www.dabooda-engine.tk" I don't Know how to Using the daboodaengine So please, where down the example ? ,tell me. thank you with warm personal regards
yinxiaodancan I making Rpg game with use "DaBooda Turbo" game engine ?
VBBRYes, you can create an RPG. (sorry I don't know how to use the engine but Sion knows) It will be hard to explain many things if you don't understand english. Try to see the website using the link below: [url]http://clientes.netvisao.pt/dbturbo/Index.htm[/url]
masterboodaFirst congratulations sion for Meteor Impact, being downloaded that often, I still play it, to be honest for the music mostly and the workout on the clicking finger, I love that old school stuff.... For the AutoMove question about the Mapview and SubMaps and Maps, yes sion was right, you have to change your sub maps size to reflect the size of the mapview, this is only because you are using limits, if you chose to take the limits off, and looped it, you can keep them that size. I do not know if I am making sense or just making it more confusing. The reason it is showing black patches, is because the limit is keeping it from looping around, just keep your sizes kind of the same. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your total map is bigger than the mapview, and if using limits, make sure you are not limiting opposing sides within the same map view. I hope this clarifies it some. The reason for the error when changing the size of just one map, is because the maps are moving at the same rate, in that demo, and without the looping, the engine will try to read a sub map that isn't there. I do Hope I am making sense, all you need to do is to keep trying different things, until you feel it click, because trust me, once you get this mapping system down, it is very easy, just has a higher learning curve, which I apologize for, but I wanted to make it as versatile as possible... If you want to know what kind of games you can make with this engine, .... ANY!!! There is no specific type of game, this will make action, adventure, rpg, point and click, puzzle...etc... It is up to the programmer as to what kind of game you make... my inspiration behind this engine, was home console systems, this is truly what I was aiming for, so this really isn't a traditional type of gaming engine... but you can still make the traditional games... I hope... lol... And VBBR, thanks for the offer, the best thing I can tell you is to just try making a game with the engine, and if you feel it is lacking in something, feel free to dig into the code... This is really all I can think to do, but I am wanting to set up a request page or something... DaBooda out...
Originally posted by yinxiaodan
I'm Chinese ,I don't understand English. I like making game. I like "DaBooda Turbo" game engine I don't open "www.dabooda-engine.tk" I don't Know how to Using the daboodaengine So please, where down the example ? ,tell me. thank you with warm personal regards
Sorry if u r Chinese and live in china probably u cant reach my host, (it is a portuguese host), soon i will pay for a better host and the server will be in netherlands sooo i think it will work ;) HAHA ppl im back from my little vacation, i need to rest a little cause im very exaust :D in the way to the vacation i did some writing, and already got a little story for my first "PUBLIC" release of the game, well its more a Bomberman clone BUT it will be diferent than bombermen ;) i should start this project next week, :D
VBBRScorpion, maybe you could take a look at [url]http://members.freewebs.com/[/url], it is free, gives you around 40MB or space and I think 500MB of bandwidth/month. It just requires a (very) small text at the bottom of all the pages (but if you are using frames you can put it in just one frame). Take a look at [url]http://www.freewebs.com/hxs2/files.htm[/url] to see the text.
yinxiaodanVBBR . masterbooda . Scorpion_Blood , tank you. I maked a Arpg game with chinese VB & dx7 http://show.gameres.com/yxd/yxd.rar If you like,I'll show the code
yinxiaodanNobady? Sleeping....[8D] Now BeiJing 3:50 PM
Scorpion_Bloodnice i will test it soon, anyway u forgeted SION ;) another thing this is a forum for the engine but is good to show other games by other good ;)
SionIt looks like a very good game. But I get a lot of msgbox'es when starting up. After 5-10 seconds in the game I get a msgbox telling me that "Stop statement executed", and the game ends. I noticed that you use the GameAI-library for pathfinding. The path you are using can be optimized very much. Try looking at this article: http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20010314/pinter_01.htm Pseudo-code for optimizing the found path using the A*-algorithm. Taken from the article: "Pseudocode for the simple smoothing algorithm. The smoothing algorithm simply checks from waypoint to waypoint along the path, trying to eliminate intermediate waypoints when possible." [code] checkPoint = starting point of path currentPoint = next point in path while (currentPoint->next != NULL) if Walkable(checkPoint, currentPoint->next) // Make a straight path between those points: temp = currentPoint currentPoint = currentPoint->next delete temp from the path else checkPoint = currentPoint currentPoint = currentPoint->next [/code] I've implemented the above pseudo-code in real Visual Basic code for use in the game I'm currently working on. My code is as follows: [code] Public Sub OptimizeTurns() Dim OldPoints As New cWaypoint Do Until Me.PositionCount = 0 OldPoints.AddPosition Me.Xpos, Me.Ypos Me.NextPosition Loop Me.ClearPositions Dim FromPoint As COORD FromPoint.X = OldPoints.Xpos FromPoint.Y = OldPoints.Ypos 'Add the players current position as the first Me.AddPosition FromPoint.X, FromPoint.Y Dim ToPoint As COORD, LastValid As COORD LastValid = FromPoint 'Prevents (0,0) from beeing added if LOS to first waypoint is blocked Do Until OldPoints.PositionCount = 0 OldPoints.NextPosition ToPoint.X = OldPoints.Xpos ToPoint.Y = OldPoints.Ypos If DrawLine(RealX(FromPoint.X), RealY(FromPoint.Y), RealX(ToPoint.X), RealY(ToPoint.Y)) = False Then Me.AddPosition LastValid.X, LastValid.Y FromPoint = LastValid End If LastValid = ToPoint Loop Me.AddPosition OldPoints.EndXpos, OldPoints.EndYpos Set OldPoints = Nothing End Sub [/code] The code may not be completely clear because it's taken from a larger class. The class it's taken from "cWaypoint"-class that handles one single path to a waypoint. If you have understood anything at all, and have some questions then feel free to ask me [:)] EDIT: I should probably mention that the DrawLine()-function checks if there is a clear Line-Of-Sight from FromPoint to ToPoint. The first loop in the code just copies the position-set from the class to a temporary class. Still confused? Not to worry - read the article (which is great, by the way) or ask me. ScorpionBlood - who has forgotten me? Lol! [:p] EDIT2: Fixed an error in my optimization code where the unit would move to (0,0) if the first position isn't visible from the starting position. It's true what they say, that when the algorithm is written you're 90% done, but that the last 10% - actually getting it to work - often ends up taking 10 times as long [;)]
Scorpion_BloodVBBR . masterbooda . Scorpion_Blood , tank you. here is why i said "you forgeted SION" ;)
SionAhh, okay. But there is a perfectly good reason why he dosn't thank me. I didn't make any reply to his post, so him thanking me would be very wierd [:p]. On a completely different note; how is the website coming along Scorpion? I havn't had much time to dive into the new version of the DaBooda engine, with all my programming time going into my upcomming game (don't expect it any time soon though :P). But I have a plan of making the first version of the game very basic in terms of multi-media presentation, and make a second version using the DaBooda Turbo engine and all the graphics, sounds and music that I can leech! :D I've prepared the game to make such a transition smooth and easy... hopefully.
yinxiaodanSion,I thank you, too. you helped me,but I forgeted .I'm sorry. I'll learn the knowledge by heart . I know this is a forum for the engine.I hope to my Arpg game use the engine the Arpg game at first regsvr32 gameai.dll regsvr32 Hive.dll or "run #36816;#34892;#21069;#20808;#25191;#34892;.bat" I sorry,I hope to Write by chinese,I only can reading english . I can't give expression to my intention.
SneakyPeteWith regard to the "Automation Error" mentioned earlier... The first time you run one of the tutorial apps everything works OK, but after you have exited and try to run it (or any other one) again this error appears. Only a reboot seems to get rid of the problem. Could it be that the engine is not shutting itself down properly?
Ophidiangreat!! because we can't set submap size up to 256, il used .SetXCount(2) and .SetYCount(2), and blitted the tiles on these 3 other textures. And now it works perfectly :) what a powerfull engine :)) we can make anything we want thx again
alan0101Hi, A little question... Do Dabooda engine support to input method such as Chinese? we cant use ASCII to convert them to words... How can we involve our reserved input method on our machine into our program??(Ctrl + Shift)
Scorpion_Bloodi dont know what u mean by the chinese keys :\ anyway I think we need make a compability list, cause there are many guys that the engine dont work... and the site is coming along, slowly, no time for no shit... but i will start on it tursday and it will be finished in the next weekend... I PROMISSE
VBBRCurious, it looks like this site is starting to attract a lot of chinese people. ...it just came to me, wouldn't it be interesting if we had the articles and tutorials translated to other languages?
Scorpion_Bloodyea true lol i can translate to portuguese :D
Scorpion_Bloodyup portuguese from portugal.. the origin :D
masterboodaI am really concerned about these errors, and I really need to know specifics and machine specs, mainly video card and memory on card... I have noticed that these guys running these integrated video cards are having really bad problems, and that is something I knew would happen for those are really bad cards most of the time, and this engine requires a pretty nice video card to fully operate... this is to be expected and it really isn't anything to do with the programming, but DirectX8 and its requirements... This may make me sound like an uncaring person, but I will not lower the standards of this engine, just so people who won't fork out 30$ for a decent card, can play the games.... if you are serious about gaming then you should definetely get serious about your hardware... of course this is just my opinion... for anyone curious the engine was designed on and still is being designed on a nvidia card from 1999 with only 16mb of memory on it, and, I know that less will work... but that is enough of my ranting... for you should know that this is really a 2d Engine, built on a 3d class, made for cards that support some 3d architecture... basically this is 2d with an edge... As for the automation error, I need to know a little more about it, like the number it gives... because most likely it has to do with the mouse, and this is an issue that is hard for me to work on, for I cannot get it to emulate on my machine.... Also the new tutorials, and this is completely my fault, I forgot to put an engine shutdown sequence in the form terminate routine, for I only put one for when a person escapes... So if they just close it manually, yes there will be an error, and yes it will sometimes persist, because the devices where never destroyed... this is my fault, and I will fix these... trust me if you shut down the engine with this one command... Set Engine = Nothing It will shutdown properly in each instance, if you do this... and for the tutorials, just hit escape and it will do the same thing... sorry about that, I was rushed on these... but as for the engine, there is nothing wrong in this area... One last thing, (sorry trying to get it all out...lol), I was told that doing a loop while your program was minimized was the wrong thing to do for it ate up bookoo(not a word) resources, but I tried this, and it did nothing on my machine, but the guy was running xp, and it might be different... can anyone resolve this for me, just run one of the fullscreen tutorials, minimize it and check cpu usage... I would appreciate it... And yes we need to get specs from people, so we can get this engine truly benchmarked... maybe I will start working on a sprite test for people to run... I am sorry if I sound a little mad, but I recieved some emails, that kind of hurt, for all they did was tell me, I was doing it wrong, but I put too much time into this thing to be told this, for I know these people haven't even had the time to program with this version yet, some peoples children...lol... Looks like I am going to be working on v1.5 soon, damn it....lol... one day a game will appear...lol DaBooda out...
masterboodaI just wanted to add one thing, anything said, in know way reflects the courtesy I give to the contributors, these guys have been great and have truly worked with the errors, as well as improved this thing by millions... thanks again guys...
Eric Coleman
Originally posted by VBBR
...it just came to me, wouldn't it be interesting if we had the articles and tutorials translated to other languages?
What articles? What tutorials? No one wants to contribute anything, even though I've begged and begged. Unless there starts to be a steady stream of new content, then multilanguage tutorials are are a bit out the context of this website.
Originally posted by masterbooda
bookoo(not a word)
Yes it is. The correct spelling is beaucoup.
Originally posted by masterbooda
I am really concerned about these errors, and I really need to know specifics and machine specs, mainly video card and memory on card...
Do you actually do any enumeration to detect hardware capabilities? Or do you just let the program display an automation error?
VBBRI don't know which kind of tutorial would be very useful. Maybe sometime soon I could write one about setting up Python for use as a scripting language in VB(5 and 6).
Originally posted by VBBR
I don't know which kind of tutorial would be very useful. Maybe sometime soon I could write one about setting up Python for use as a scripting language in VB(5 and 6).
u have a tool to do VB to PY :D http://vb2py.sourceforge.net/index.html looks neat ;)
VBBRHum, I will take a look at that. Currently I'm using Python through WSH but I think that's worth a shot. edit: oh, that's not what I'm talking about. I was saying, about using Python inside a VB app, such as a game, to do the scripting. But vb2py seems interesting anyway.
Ophidianhi ! as i was working with dbd on my online rpg game (wich can be played soon), i saw the directx internal music and sound gestion was great but not really usefull... nowadays mp3, ogg are really important. (the pcm compression to use for directsound is too long to do) So i decided to write my class to use the most powerfull sound library... fmod. (free if your app is free...) And because i use it a lot i thought some of you guys could enjoy this class... It's a very simple class, with basic features (add a sound, play, pause, stop, remove, control volume, frequency..) There are 3 types of sound you can add (music, stream, and sound) for more informations please have a look at the readme file inside the zip this class because of the use of fmod, REQUIRES fmod.dll. So if you don't want to use it, don't compile your dbd engine with this class... (take a look at www.fmod.org, for files formats, ....) later i will add more usefull function (seek into the track...) but it is basic and anyone is able to understand how to use it and how to add new functions. for those who want...: http://ophidianlair.free.fr/DBTurboSourcev1.4.fmod.zip have fun! (for any question, .... ophidian@playhdk.com)
Scorpion_Bloodhi everyone :D long time no see :( thats because im working... i got a programming job, and im learning a new language... well kind so lol its a progy done by stupid IBM and its called Lotus Notes... its just to build DataBases, anyway this job take me alot of time and i cant do anything... aboout the fmod class it is really cool but there that problem the "free" thing :( but the first game i will do with dbt i will look at the fmod and c how it works ;) and thank you for contribuing and chosed dbt for ur games ;)
Ophidianthk you ;) where is the problem with the `free` word ? ;) i know the license for this .dll if you use it in commercial applications is very expensive (1000 -> 2000$) but for the user who just want to make his free game... it's powerfull and free.... well today i was using the tiny fmod class and i realized something was missing... (lot of things...) so i decided to add the FX effect capabilities of the fmod lib now it's better, you can simply use the class like this: Engine.DBFmod.Add_ "yourfile.mp3", FMOD_Stream, True ' << true because we use FX in this file Engine.DBFmod.FX_SetGargle 1, 1, 25000, 1 Engine.DBFmod.Play_ 1 this will stream your file (so no long preload), and use FX Gargle. remember you can stream mp3 that's on a web server, like Engine.DBFmod.Add_ "http://myserv/yourfile.mp3", FMOD_Stream, True Engine.DBFmod.FX_SetEffect Index, FXIndex, params..... Index is the index of the sound file loaded in the class FXIndex is the `slot` where to put the effect for each file you can use up to 16 slots (1 to 16) of effects you can have the params list to use with the according function, at www.fmod.org/docs/ you can use these effects: FX_SetChorus FX_SetCompressor FX_SetDistortion FX_SetEcho FX_SetFlanger FX_SetGargle FX_SetI3DL2Reverb FX_SetParamEQ FX_SetWavesReverb update is here: http://ophidianlair.free.fr/DBTurboSourcev1.4.fmod.fx.zip if anyone is interrested by this class i can make a litte tutorial or help file... appreciate NOW the new sound generation :)
SionFirst of all, thank you very much for sharing this class! I have a little experince using FMOD, and it has some really great features. To have the possibility of using FMOD's features in DaBooda's engine is great! Secondly,
Originally posted by Ophidian <br>i know the license for this .dll if you use it in commercial applications is very expensive (1000 -> 2000$) but for the user who just want to make his free game... it's powerfull and free....
It's not nearly that expensive unless you expect to sell thousands of copies. Quote from FMOD's licensing page ([url]http://www.fmod.org/ifmodlicense.html[/url]):
Shareware, hobbyist agreement Because some developers are single hobbyist programmers, or sell at an extreme low price-points with no distribution except through a website, and no expectations of high sales that could warrant or recoup the price of a normal product/site license, the 'shareware/budget' license option has been created. 1 product, PC* only. $100 * PC is classified as WinCE, Win32, Linux or Macintosh
Out of curiosity (although I know it killed the cat) - what kind of a game are you developing? EDIT: Note to self: Alway remember to read previous posts before asking questions that may already have been answered! [}:)] Of course you are developing an Online Roleplaying Game that will soon be available... Good luck with that! [:D]
Ophidianthks ;) i need some help on the automove system. If anyone can help me : http://ophidianlair.free.fr/hdk/bug/ thank you in advance !
SionOphidian, I'm not completely sure I've understood you problem correctly. Do you only want the map to scroll when you character is near the edge of the screen? If so, then try using something like the code below: [code] 'Set up auto move With Engine.DBAutoMove .SetOn True .SetMapReference [MAP_REF_INDEX] .SetSpriteReference [CHAR_INDEX] .SetWidth [CHAR_WIDTH] .SetHeight [CHAR_HEIGHT] .SetSWidth [GAME_WIDTH] - ([EDGE_WIDTH] * 2) .SetSHeight [GAME_HEIGHT] - ([EDGE_HEIGHT] * 2) End With [/code]
SionTry looking at this example, you might be able to resovle your problem using this automove-setup. PS. It uses version 1.3 of DaBooda's engine, but you should be able to change the reference to version 1.4 and have it running off that with no coding efford. You game looks neat, by the way. Let me know how it goes. Download Attachment: [url="http://www.vbgamer.com/msgboard/uploaded/Sion/200491593438_Scrolling game test.zip"][img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img]Scrolling game test.zip[/url]
540.78 KB
Ophidianthx you very much Sion for helping me... but in fact i'm killing my self to find this mistake ! i looked at your great automove sample (thank a lot !), but the problem is that you use a 2*2 submap size for the map, so each submap has a map limit, please try with 4*4 for example. You will have something like (M: map limit, O:no map limit) MMMM MOOM MOOM MMMM and i think now the system won't works anymore. i will try to make a sample for you, because my problem is maybe not a problem, and i can't explain it properly (i made a complex system to load map, events, .... and now i'm bugging on a small bug.... grrrrrrrrr) ;)
SionCould you post the map/automove part of your game. I'm pretty sure you have messed something up - I've not tested it fully, but the top row in a 4*4 map works perfectly... I can post the code once I've completed the map w/automove.
SionNo matter, here is the source (and source only - no resources, use the ones you've already downloaded) for the fully working 4*4 mapsystem with automove. Notice that I've set SWidth and SHeight to haft the game size, which makes the map scroll only when the character is closer than 1/4 of the game size to each of the edges. Download Attachment: [url="http://www.vbgamer.com/msgboard/uploaded/Sion/2004915142639_Scrolling game test.zip"][img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img]Scrolling game test.zip[/url]
12.54 KB
Ophidianwell thank you again & again ;) this works perfectly.... in your sample :( i think the real problem in my viewport system is that i have.... a different game_width and game_height for example try to add 256 to the game_width (and adjust the rest) i think you will have my bug... anyway i'm sorry to disturb you :\ i will try to make take the minimum of my game and send it to you.... (because the project is too big and too `bordelique` (it's french) to be understood in 5 minutes...) thks Sion
SionWhen I change the game width and game height to 256 along with the size of the maps and map-textures, then it dosn't look very good, but it works just the same. The viewport is unused in my example, so it's just set to the following: [code]Engine.SetUpMapView 0, 0, GAME_WIDTH, GAME_HEIGHT, 0[/code]
Ophidiani'm going mad :) i will send you part of my project if you want to have a quick look.... :( because this time i really don't understand why it fail.... :\ thks again Sion, you are a great helper ;)
Scorpion_Bloodim sorry ppl :( but i not having time for anything... im tired, sad, and such... i dont know what do do... i have so much work that i dont know what to do.... anyway lets go direct to the point... Dabooda New site is CANCELED!!! yeah i know u must call me stupid or idiot or anithing bad lol, while i was coding the site i finded a big problem in the design so i was starting to edit it on Photoshop then sudden i forgoted that i formated my pc and voila... i lost the damn .PSD file... now a good new I WILL MAKE A NEW SITE HAHAHA, it will be more bigger than the old one and will be pretty much coded with CSS (just code), so everyone can navigate on it without download many images :D and i already got a super idea for the site.. it will even be so much greater than the one i showed to u ppl ;) soo when i got anything i will post here :D and SION sorry if u really liked the "old" site i was coding, but i think u will be surprised with the one i got in mind ;)
SionBad news: Noooo! [:(] Good news: Oh yeah baby! [:D]
it even will be so much greater that the one i showed to u ;)
Uh, that's going to be a tough one!! [;)]
Scorpion_Bloodlol Sion well i edited mine post but i c u replyed really quick lol (se the final of mien last post), meanwhile if u ppl got HEAD to crack some codes here is a really nice site that i found http://www.thawte.com/ucgi/gothawte.cgi?a=w00810000817109007 u will have to register to enter the contest then u will have to "crack or decifrate" the encrypted code :D
Scorpion_BloodFinnaly i got some free time to work on my 3 game projects :D but of corse i will start with the easy one hehe, and yes i got time to for starting making the site... as i saw some development sites around engines they have something, "simplicity" and easy navigation, i will start like that :) so next week there will be for sure, something about the site :D -------------------- Edited -------------------- Im sorry lol i forgeted to tell or ask, ppl u can share ur ideas for the site too ;) anyway i think i will add something like "ADDONS" i say this cause there are ppl that want add more features to the engine like the FMOD sound system! of course with all the given credits and authorizations ;) but plz give ideas too ;) and ppl what forums i should add to the Official DaBood forum that will be created?
ggolemg10-11-04 1:53AM - can NOT download anything from the dabooda site, anyone else having the same problem?
Scorpion_Bloodsorry, were r u from? the host were the file is its from Portugal so if u r from china, russia, japan, or near those countries u will have problems downloading the file. plz try this direct link: http://clientes.netvisao.pt/dbturbo/Files/dbt-14.zip if it doesnt work send me an e-mail and provide me an e-mail with around 5mb to send u the files ;) this will be fixed soon until i get my host back! thanks
Originally posted by reindeer horns I'm not yet so familiar with DaBooda to learn too much from your code, but I will look at it again after I have become more familiar with the syntax.
Not familiar with the engine ehh? You should head over to [url]http://www.dabooda-engine.tk/[/url] and download the examples and tutorials from version 1.3 and 1.4 and experiment with them, and look at the help-files - that'll be sure to teach you a lot!
BTW I visited your site and it sure was fun over there! [:o)] AMIS sounds interesting. I am planning to implement A* in my future game as well. What's "synsfelt" in English? I don't speak Danish and my Swedish sucks! :)
"Synsfelt" is what you're able to see. I've called in "field of view" on the game's site ([url]http://www.icysoft.dk/upload/blandet/index.asp[/url]).
reindeer horns
Originally posted by Sion <br> Not familiar with the engine ehh? You should head over to [url]http://www.dabooda-engine.tk/[/url] and download the examples and tutorials from version 1.3 and 1.4 and experiment with them, and look at the help-files - that'll be sure to teach you a lot!
I just discovered DaBooda a couple of days ago! If I am not mistaken, I discovered it yesterday, downloaded the examples and tutorials and browsed thru them! [:D] I looked deeper into your Isometric Example and modified it to make a simple non-isometric tile thing. I learned a lot by doing this, so thanks again for your example. Currently I am trying to figure out how to use submaps. Each requires a texture of its own, into which I should paint the map with CopyRegion like in your example? How do I setup the submaps so that they are rendered? OK, now I am off to read the tutorials. [:D]
Originally posted by reindeer horns Currently I am trying to figure out how to use submaps. Each requires a texture of its own, into which I should paint the map with CopyRegion like in your example? How do I setup the submaps so that they are rendered?
Try looking at page 10 of this forum thread. I've posted an example of how to make a 4x4 submap scrolling game using automove and borders. Oh well, I'll post it here as well. [;)] Download Attachment: [url="http://www.vbgamer.com/msgboard/uploaded/Sion/200491593438_Scrolling game test.zip"][img]/msgboard/icon_paperclip.gif[/img]200491593438_Scrolling game test.zip[/url] (containes resources and the old source) Download Attachment: [url="http://www.vbgamer.com/msgboard/uploaded/Sion/2004915142639_Scrolling game test.zip"][img]/msgboard/icon_paperclip.gif[/img]2004915142639_Scrolling game test.zip[/url] (contains the updated source) Other than that I very much recommend that you look at the tutorials included with version 1.3 of the engine (they should also work in version 1.4). There are some great examples of how to setup and use the submaps and automove features. Check them out. [8D]
VBBRHey, maybe one of you has an idea for a VERY simple 2D game (preferably puzzle with simple graphics that can be created by a not-well-gifted-artistically programmer like me) that I can create just to test the features of DBT? I'm itching to use it but I'm completely out of ideas. (lots of ideas for 3D games, though [:D])
ballistikPong? [:D]
SionThink Nintendo, think Sega, think GameBoy and think Commondore 64. They have loads of fairly simple games with tons of gameplay! You could pick one of the types of game to those consoles.
IodiplinTetris? Mega Man? Mega Tetris Man!!! There you go...simple as that. [:D] P.S. DaBooda has never worked on my system. So you might want to take into accound that it doesn't work on everything. MY engine works just fine (uses DX8 as well); I'm not sure what's going on with DB.
VBBRGuess I'll dig on my old Genesis games (and try to remember some of the NES that I no longer have). Hey I just remebered of a great NES game...!!! Guess I could borrow the graphics using an emulator... (read: BORROW just for development...)
Scorpion_Bloodwhat is the nes game? i want to know :p tanks? contra? lol
ballistikRampart? [:D]
ballistikRiver City Ransom? [:D] edit - WOOHOO! 50 posts!! ... finally :)
reindeer hornsThanks again Sion. I read most of the tutorials and checked your example. While I still think DaBooda is very impressive, I am beginning to have doubts if it is a bit too complex for my game. There are so many features I don't really need. Of course I don't have to use all the features, but there's still this feel that perhaps I should go for a simple GDI based engine. There's something very attractive in simplicity for me. I tend to move back and forth with my plans, so perhaps I am in differend mood tomorrow. :) I will definately continue looking deeper into DaBooda, but I think that first I need to get frustrated with GDI for a while once again. I will report back once I have done what I must do. :) Thanks again!
Originally posted by Scorpion_Blood <br>what is the nes game? i want to know :p tanks? contra? lol
Road Fighter [:D] How I wish I could play that on my palm... but the NES emulator doesn't support it =/ edit: Hey, am I a programmer or what? If I'm to create a clone for Windows... Nothing stops me from programming it for PalmOS too... ...hum, maybe just my lack of enough knowledge on PalmOS programming [:D]
Scorpion_Bloodlook here at this remake :D looks great :p http://www.braingames.getput.com/roadf/default.asp
SionThat looks very much like the gameplay in Mad Driver .NET (it's made in VB .NET). Download it and see for yourselves: [url]http://www.3dlevel.com/maddrivervnet.php[/url]
VBBROh good then that means there is already a bunch of games like this one. Gotta think about some other thing... I'm particulary interested in puzzle games...
Scorpion_Bloodwhy not pengo?
VBBRHum... I don't know it [:D] But I will try to take a look...
masterboodaI want to send a special thanks out to all those that keep this engine supported and running... and yes I do now have internet(mind you is is dial up and out here in the boonies I am lucky to get above 19.3) so I will frequent more often. For I have moved to texas and am reinstating my family and I... I have been looking through all the posts and maybe I am blind but I haven't seen an actually error yet...cept for the usall video card won't substain it... I do not know if this is good news or bad? I am currently working on a game which should be out shortly... and my step brother whom I haven't talked to in over ten years found me through this engine, so he will be joining the team... we have been discussing creating a module for mod music to be incorporated into the engine... also if anyone has any ideas for the future release of v1.5... please post and let me know... Thanks again for the help....DaBooda out... P.S. Plans are in the works for creating a console type engine using DX7... its just an idea right now...
SionHey DaBooda, glad to hear that you've got internet again (even though it's dial up). And you're right, I don't think any errors or bugs have been reported yet. It's quite incredible about your step brother finding you via your engine, that just goes to show that your engine has gained a lot of popularity :)
Scorpion_Bloodhey booda :D how r u? glad to see u ;) u should check the all forums cause there are ppl requesting for some help! anyway soon as i got my host (better) back there will be a full dedicated Dabooda forum ;)
Eric Colemanand welcome to texas
masterboodaThanks for the welcome eric, even though it is more of a welcome back for I should have never left this state to begin with.... Yes SBlood we definitely need a dedicated forum for questions, I should have made the engine a little easier to use....lol.... I am even having problems programming with it... but now I am free to answer questions now... which makes me feel less of a bum... lol... I will answer what I can, but it seems that you guys really know the stuff, I see Sion answering questions better than I could in a lot of instances... so I am thankful for that... I am really working overtime to get this game out that I have been working on, hopefully it will spawn some more interest, but maybe I should have chose a better title to emulate than lolo... who knows.. DaBooda out...
Scorpion_Bloodim creating a game too but there not much time to work with :p anyway its an bomberman clone and i already created some grafics for it, u can c them here: http://web1.t43.greatnet.de/viewtopic.php?t=6758 there grafics are tottaly created from 0 so i think theres no problem with the ripping stuff :)
Eric Colemanthose bomberman graphics are really great!
SionI'm agreeing with Eric on that one - the graphics are looking great! Very retro. The bomberman looks pretty much like the do in the original games, but the powerups are much better that in the original. You should probably remove the metal-plating under the powerups, so they can be used on top of different material... that is, unless you want the metal to be part of the powerup graphic. I should also have started with bomberman or something simpler, I'm pretty stuck in my currenct project :(
Scorpion_Bloodthanks :D actually the metal plate is only to show the shadows of the powerup base, like i said :p anyway thanks :D
Originally posted by Scorpion_Blood
actually the metal plate is only to show the shadows of the powerup base, like i said :p anyway thanks :D
Oh sorry, I missed that part. It's really cool that you can click the pictures and enlarge/shrink them. Makes it much easier to see how they'll look ingame :)
masterboodaI concur that those graphics look spetacular... looking forward to seeing the completed version... or maybe even a demo... hint hint....lol.. Looking alot better than mine will...lol DaBooda out... P.S. I am finding alot of forum posts about dabooda, they weren't labeled... lol... I will keep digging, at least I can stay up to date now...
masterboodaSion, I have been trying to figure out your latest project, but your site is confounding this simple mono lingual hill billy.... is there an english version, and I am missing it...? DaBooda out....
Crysstaafurmasterbooda-> What's up bro! I have good news and bad news about the automation error(-2005530516)[as reported by win98, if this was not the same one we had for winxp earlier please post or holler at me to correct this...] Assume DirectX 9.0c for both circumstances... Good news: Folks if you are having a hard time with this, masterbooda and I may have a solution..(sort of) If you are running a multiboot system(in my case Win98,Win2k,WinXP), and have a reasonably posh video card(Radeon 7000 in this case, not new, not ancient). Make sure you install Dabooda into the exact operating system drive you are using. Ex: if you installed Winxp on drive I then install Dabooda's DLLs on drive I as well. I made the mistake of installing to C(default) that won't cut it unless you are acually using the OS there at the moment. Bad news:I did the same thing for the other machine, no luck with win98, but I remain the eternal optimist.. perhaps I may have better luck with Win2k or xp. For the record I am using an ATI RageIIc AGP. The only other solution I know of to avoid this error is to use a current copy of both DirectX and a current copy of your video drivers. I sincerely hope this post will save a lot of headaches... l8trz
Scorpion_Bloodso to fix that, the dll need to be in the same drive were is the SO installed?
Originally posted by masterbooda <br>Sion, I have been trying to figure out your latest project, but your site is confounding this simple mono lingual hill billy.... is there an english version, and I am missing it...?
There isn't an English version, and in hinsight that's a mistake, but there is an English version of the most recent update. The homepage of the game can be found here: [url]http://www.icysoft.dk/upload/blandet/index.asp[/url], but the project has just been gathering dust these past few weeks, because I have so many other things that needs to be taken care of. [V]
masterboodaYeah I meant to post that, we found out this the hard way.... if you are using an os thats system folder isn't default ex. c:/windows/system... then you have to manually type in the path within the installer.. this may seem silly now, but we where pounding are heads for an hour trying to figure it out... doh! As for the second problem, crysstaafur, could you list all the specs of that card i.e. memory..., and let me know if the driver is updated fully... these onboard cards are giving DaBooda fits... and I know you told me on the phone, but my memory sucks... It works on the Radeon on your wife's system, but not yours, so it has to be that video card... ( hate to ask, did you install the .dll right? just kidding bro...) Sion, that project sounds like its going to rock, can't wait to see some progress on it, hope you find the time... As for Lolo, I have the editor done, and the menu system, so all that is left is enemy AI and player stuff... so its zooming along now... DaBooda out... P.S. Nice to finally see a post from you bro... lol
CrysstaafurHere are my specs: Just a reminder:I am using DirectX 9.0c According to dxdiag, display tab: Name:Rage IIC AGP Manufac:ATI Tech Enhanced Chip Type:Mach64GT(like the mustang, not..) Digital to Analog Converter:Internal Onboard Graphics Memory:4 Megs Typical display settings:1024x768 16-bit color Driver Version:4.11.0001.2560 Driver Date:4/1/99 (familiar, lol) Directdraw and Direct3d test are available and work. Texture Acceleration is perm. disabled..(it's ancient..) Here is the dump from MSinfo: IO Range: Base=x03B0 End=x03BB Min=x03B0 Max=x03BB Alias=x04, Decode=x03 Base=x03C0 End=x03DF Min=x03C0 Max=x03DF Alias=x04, Decode=x03 Base=xD800 End=xD8FF Min=x0000 Max=xFFFF Alias=xFF, Decode=x00 Memory Address Range: Base= x000A0000 End= x000AFFFF Min= x000A0000 Max= x000AFFFF Base= x000B0000 End= x000BFFFF Min= x000B0000 Max= x000BFFFF Base= xFD000000 End= xFDFFFFFF Min= x00000000 Max= xFFFFFFFF Base= xFCAFF000 End= xFCAFFFFF Min= x00000000 Max= xFFFFFFFF Base= x000C0000 End= x000C7FFF Min= x000C0000 Max= x000C7FFF Base= xFCA00000 End= xFCA1FFFF Min= x00000000 Max= xFFFFFFFF Forced resources: None Boot resources: None Filtered resources: Logical Configuration 0 IO Range: Base=x03B0 End=x03BB Min=x03B0 Max=x03BB Alias=x04, Decode=x03 Base=x03C0 End=x03DF Min=x03C0 Max=x03DF Alias=x04, Decode=x03 Base=xD800 End=xD8FF Min=x0000 Max=xFFFF Alias=xFF, Decode=x00 Memory Address Range: Base= x000A0000 End= x000AFFFF Min= x000A0000 Max= x000AFFFF Base= x000B0000 End= x000BFFFF Min= x000B0000 Max= x000BFFFF Base= xFD000000 End= xFDFFFFFF Min= x00000000 Max= xFFFFFFFF Base= xFCAFF000 End= xFCAFFFFF Min= x00000000 Max= xFFFFFFFF Base= x000C0000 End= x000C7FFF Min= x000C0000 Max= x000C7FFF Base= xFCA00000 End= xFCA1FFFF Min= x00000000 Max= xFFFFFFFF Basic resources: Logical Configuration 0 IO Range: Base=x03B0 End=x03BB Min=x03B0 Max=x03BB Alias=x04, Decode=x03 Base=x03C0 End=x03DF Min=x03C0 Max=x03DF Alias=x04, Decode=x03 Base=xD800 End=xD8FF Min=x0000 Max=xFFFF Alias=xFF, Decode=x00 Memory Address Range: Base= x000A0000 End= x000AFFFF Min= x000A0000 Max= x000AFFFF Base= x000B0000 End= x000BFFFF Min= x000B0000 Max= x000BFFFF Base= xFD000000 End= xFDFFFFFF Min= x00000000 Max= xFFFFFFFF Base= xFCAFF000 End= xFCAFFFFF Min= x00000000 Max= xFFFFFFFF Base= x000C0000 End= x000C7FFF Min= x000C0000 Max= x000C7FFF Base= x00000000 End= x0001FFFF Min= x00000000 Max= xFFFFFFFF HW Revision: 122 Hope this helps... :)
CrysstaafurThe driver is the newest I could find that's officially supported, unless someone knows of a leaked/hacked RageIIc driver that is newer than April, 1999 Again, I haven't installed the newer os's, so I may get lucky with those.. time will tell...
ballistikDaBooda... welcome back! The engine is great.. except the problem with my onboard laptop graphics chip that can't run it. It's almost like Crysstaafur's. It's an ATI Rage Pro 8Mb 2x AGP chip. Anyway, runs great other than that. By the way... did you ever get those bullets flying straight? hehe I haven't touched that since I sent it to you. :D
Anyway, runs great other than that. By the way... did you ever get those bullets flying straight? hehe I haven't touched that since I sent it to you. :D
Man I looked at that snippet today, and I am working on it, I got the bullets to fly straight, but the bullet is always facing the same direction(so when the man is turned sideways, the bullet is still up and down), so I am looking into this.... I am sorry for the hold up, but I just went through a major move, and am just now settling down to do some programming... I will work on nothing else until I square that away for you... Crysstaafur, I am wondering, that 4 megs... is it shared? and can you increase the amount being shared, because that is really the only thing I see it being... and maybe the fact that the driver date being old... as for the tests that you run through DXDiag... I believe those use DX7 to run, no matter how high up of a dx version you have... (that is Micro$oft for you)... DaBooda out....
masterboodaI wanted to add one thing, if you do not know about this site yet, check it out, you can find drivers to anything... http://www.driverguide.com/ Is free to become a member and trust me this site was a life saver when I was working PC repair... you can find anything... Try that out, if you haven't yet bro and see what you can find... DaBooda out...
CrysstaafurFor now I am probably going to use the other machine for dev'ing (when the wife isn't Sims 2'ing out lol) Unfortionately the Video ram isn't shared it's separate. Are also implying that it is possible to share Ram inexchange for Video Ram? How? That may make the difference. Also, I wonder if changing the Aperture size in my bios settings may make a difference..
CrysstaafurIt is likely this might be the case... for those who want to know what it does have a look at this link: http://www.ocfaq.com/article.php/overclocking/vidcard/43
CrysstaafurNo luck. Even though Increasing the AGP aperature size will increase shared ram that didn't work. No worries.. I will use the wife's puter for dev'ing until I can afford a posh pci vid card. Any suggestions?
Eric ColemanI have a really crappy ATI Rage Pro Turbo card in my destop as well. It might be old, but it can handle 2D games really well. I'm not sure if the extra memory from setting the AGP arperture size is available to directx applications by default. A program can use system memory or video memory, and for the video memory it can be either local or non-local. The "local" memory is real video memory, the "non-local" is the remapped system memmory. Doesn't dabooda's engine uses a stencil buffer? That's probably the likely reason it won't work on either of our computers.
ballistikThanks Booda for working on that, no worries about the time frame, I've been working on other things lately. Thanks for the effort. [:D] About the low end video card issue... This may be pretty difficult, but maybe in a future release DaBooda could have a "low-end" type setting that you could switch the engine to if it could not initialize in normal mode. Maybe something like this... [code] With Engine 'Initialize the display... (last parameter: bLowEndMode = False) .InitializeDisplay hwndObject.hWnd, True, 640, 480, , D3DDEVTYPE_HAL, False 'Make sure display initialized correctly... If .GetDisplayOn = False Then '(last parameter: bLowEndMode = True) .InitializeDisplay hwndObject.hWnd, True, 640, 480, , D3DDEVTYPE_HAL, True If .GetDisplayOn = False Then MsgBox "Engine Could not Initialize.", vbCritical, "BOOM!" End End If End If End With [/code] Just .02$ [;)]
masterboodaI never messed with the stencil buffer, nor does the dabooda engine use it, unless by chance it is used automatically by DX8, which I doubt... this will warrant investigation... I will be digging into the code, I know there is a way to get this thing to run on these lower end video cards... maybe... now DaBooda is 2d, but DX8 is fully 3d... any ideas on turning off or bypassing anything that maybe these cards can't run... ballistiks idea is a good one... but I am going to have to do some digging... Oh ballistik, I did solve the dilemma in that program, and will be sending it to you... I had to bypass the Bullet array though, and used strictly the engine to manipulate the bullets... I commented the changes real well... hope you can go from there... DaBooda out...
masterboodaOr even better maybe one of you could point me to some code that does work on your cards with DX8 and I can maybe learn something from there... that would be the best bet... can you run any of jack hoxley's demo tutorials? DaBooda out...
ballistikAppreciate it Booda... I'll try to run some of his demo's on my laptop and see if they work...
ballistikI've found that all of his 2D tutorials work on my laptop wonderfully. I haven't tested any 3D ones yet. Hope that helps. Edit: His DirectX 8 tutorials... 1 - 4 all work.
reindeer hornsHi all! First of all, I want to thank masterbooda and others for making this great engine! I just discovered it a couple of days ago and it looks extremely impressive! [8D] While I am definately going to look deeper into the engine any day now when I have some time, I was wondering if any of you could comment about using Dabooda for a turn based strategy game (like Advance Wars). I plan on using a multilayered tilemap (one for terrain, other for units, third for command arrows and such, etc) and perhaps hex tiles (instead of rectangles). Will these cause problems for Dabooda? Will a multilayered map be too slow? Will hex tiles work (positioning them by hand too slow, what about mouse click detection on naturally overlapping hex tiles)? What about making the entire IDE in Dabooda, any problems (running out of video memory, getting too slow when IDE is drawn above the tiles every frame etc?)? As there is no need to redraw the entire map by every single frame, GDI API with a number of buffer bitmaps could do just fine. But Dabooda could offer some nice graphical effects, make a lot of things easier and offer all kinds of new possibilities. Any ideas, comments?
Originally posted by reindeer horns I plan on using a multilayered tilemap (one for terrain, other for units, third for command arrows and such, etc) and perhaps hex tiles (instead of rectangles). Will these cause problems for Dabooda?
Possibly yes. I have experimented a bit with using isometric tiles in maps with DaBooda's engine, and I've run into a minor problem with that. Isometric tiles, unlike normal retangular tiles, have to "overlap" in order for the tile-graphic to form a seemless map texture. Pretty complicated to explain, try looking at my fantastic ASCII drawing below for help in understanding. [code] Normal tile: Isometric tile: -------- -------------- |xxxxxx| | xx | |xxxxxx| | xxxxxxxx | |xxxxxx| |xxxxxxxxxxxx| -------- | xxxxxxxx | | xx | -------------- [/code] x is the tile's graphic The four corner of the isometric tiles most overlap to aviod having spaces between the tile graphic. Having the tiles overlapping in a texture map caused the tiles to be distorted in a very strange manner. Try downloading the isometric example program I made: Download Attachment: [url="http://www.vbgamer.com/msgboard/uploaded/Sion/20041019112012_Isometric test.zip"][img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img]Isometric test.zip[/url]
493.27 KB? In the program, the tiles are working like they should. That's because I'm using two different map layers to avoid the tiles from overlapping. To see the effects of the distortion try commenting out the line SetUpGrass 4, App.Path & "\map.txt" (roughly a page from the top) and un-commenting the two comments in the SetUpGrass-method. You might be able to learn something from this example as well :)
Will hex tiles work (positioning them by hand too slow, what about mouse click detection on naturally overlapping hex tiles)? What about making the entire IDE in Dabooda, any problems (running out of video memory, getting too slow when IDE is drawn above the tiles every frame etc?)?
Hex tiles will work... if you can figure out the coding behind them, that is [;)] You can find lots of informative articles here: [url]http://www.gamedev.net/reference/list.asp?categoryid=44[/url]. There's a few concerning hexagonal tile maps that should help you out. You are not likely to run out of video memory, so just go crazy with whatever you may what to do. Glad you're appreciating DaBooda's engine. Feel free to ask any questions you might have [:)]
reindeer hornsHi there Sion and thanks for your example! I guess the overlapping problem would be worse with hexes, as there would be more tiles overlapping each other. I tested your example, both with and without the fix, and it indeed did behave in a strange way. I'm not yet so familiar with DaBooda to learn too much from your code, but I will look at it again after I have become more familiar with the syntax. BTW I visited your site and it sure was fun over there! [:o)] AMIS sounds interesting. I am planning to implement A* in my future game as well. What's "synsfelt" in English? I don't speak Danish and my Swedish sucks! :)
reindeer hornsOK, now I am 100% frustrated with the GDI. [:D] Back to DaBooda time! I think the best thing to do first, is to read thru the tutorials again and this time write down some code while doing it. I think I will make a simple game project which will get finished when the tutorials are read (or soon after that).
Scorpion_Bloodthats great :) reading and meantime writing code, for me is the best way to learn something :) good u r back to dbt ;)
masterboodaWhoo hoo... I have an idea, let me run this past the DBT people here..(or anyone else too).. I am going to create this quick little proggy with all sorts of error traps in it... What I want to do is find out what part of dbt does not initialize for what hardware.. The problem is, if I do this where would be the best place to place it so everyone will try it... I am really trying to get a benchmark on this thing as well as fix the bugs for these older card holders... I want everyone to enjoy this free engine... Ideas on the program or where to post it, or etc... please let me know... DaBooda out... P.S. ADV of lolo(psuedo copywrite enfrigdement remake) about 65% done... (and yes Eric, I mispelled probably half that sentence....lol)
Scorpion_Bloodi never heared about Lolo lol is it a cool game? what is the style? rpg, action or something like that? i say this cause when i put Lolo in google it apears a bunch of naked chicks lol hey booda what u mean by this "where would be the best place to place it so everyone will try it"?
CrysstaafurIt sounds like he is talking about adding an error report function to Dabooda for debugging/sanity check purposes. Adventures of Lolo was a puzzle(?) series on NES. GradiusClone is about 15% done! Stay tuned 8P
IodiplinBasically, what you need is an extensive log file. My engine writes an HTML log file from which you could practically re-write the entire engine. It gives function timings, memory leak checks, performance reports, everything which took me more than 3 seconds to type is logged. All functions are indented appropriately within other subs, etc. All errors are counted and listed at the end of the file. This is EXTREMELY useful because if something goes wrong, not only do I know the error #, etc. but the EXACT location of the error within the subroutine usually within 3 lines of accuracy (but the log entry shows almost the line code itself, so I don't have trouble finding it.) Of course, this is going overboard (i'm a perfectionist when it comes to programming, and probably a completionist as well), but it is very useful. I could tell you without the slightest bit of pain in reaserching the number of errors that occurred during the opperation of the game (their error numbers, parent functions, and exact locations), the number of milliseoconds that EACH initialization/termination subroutine took to run and all combined, etc. I can't help but be a bit proud [^] of my log files, they can easily become 20+ KB. I've used the log file countless times because it provided more information than breaking during run-time could give me. An easy method of doing this is writing a simple AppendLog sub that accepts an error number and a note. If there's an error, it simply pops a notice in and gives the description. Simple stuff. However, it might be beneficial if you actually add this feature to your engine itself to allow users to send you the log file if something isn't working. [:)]
CrysstaafurJust wanted to with everyone a safe and fun samhain/halloween! :)
CrysstaafurMasterDabooda and I were talking on the phone yesterday and we have uncovered something that is not in the 1.4 help file. In order for .rendernewstyle to function correctly, the associated texture must be a power of 2 both vertically and horizontally (32x32) (64x64) (128x128) etc.. If you are using textures that aren't, then either nothing or .renderoldstyle should be considered if you are going nuts trying to debug something like a scaling/rotation problem with a sprite. Another useful tip:if you are going to use an animated sprite (for hero, badguys,etc) instead of alternating visiblity between 2 or more sprites for 1 animated sprite, just use the base number of sprites to render your sprite (i.e. an 80x40 pixel long ship could be 2 40x40 sprites), then animate it by simply using .DBsprite.settexturereference to generate the additional frames. As a side effect you will not need extra code to turn off stuff either as it happens the moment a texture is switched in this way. Q.E.D. :) Does anyone know of an alternative way to get a sprites Y position (in screen coordinates) other than .dbsprite.getdrawnY ?? Crysstaafur Intangible, Quantumly Entangled, and in both places at once.. ;)
Scorpion_Bloodwhat u mean by this? (i.e. an 80x40 pixel long ship could be 2 40x40 sprites)?? u mean cuting the sprite in half?
CrysstaafurOk, say your 80x40 ship has four frames of animation. You could make 4 _odd frames, which makes collisiondetection a tricky affair or You could make 8 sprites total. 2 40x40 for each frame. Too many sprites imho. *or* You could make 2 sprites total. 2 40x40, then load 8 textures instead and use texturereference to switch between the two sprites, instead of managing visiblity between 4 to 8 sprites.. Additionally, you could also make your 40x40 sprites resized to 64x64 and use newstyle ;) (if you need it smaller, like the former 40x40 size, then you could just .scale it down a bit.) nevermind the .getdrawnY question.. I found an alternate. it was shamefully simple. Just use an incremental counter that computes the Yposition and make sure the value is preserved until the frame loop is complete, so you could use it to both plot your sprite and track it. :)
Scorpion_Blooddo u think mine bomberman sprites dont work? u can see them here http://web1.t43.greatnet.de/viewtopic.php?t=6758 well they are 26x41 but i can change them do 32x40 and probably that is what i got in mind t do... but then u came to give us a suggestion and that confused me lol
CrysstaafurIf it works, then don't fix it, man. I use _odd for some of my maps since they are to be scrolled horizontally. The main thing I wanted to highlight was the *Texturereference* usage for animation. the .rendernewstyle command however, is a different thing though.. that will need sprites to have a height and width that are both a power of 2. I got my first enemy AI done. It just simply moves with the map and scrolls vertically to chase/lock on the player. Question:Should the first demo/alpha include the boss fight no matter how buggy, or just a clean fight from one side of the stage to the other.. comments are encouraged and welcome :) (Demo Should be ready in 8 weeks, but I don't want to jinx myself yet. lol)
CrysstaafurScorpion, an afterthought... you might be able to resize them to 64x64 (since one dimension is higher then 32), try to center the sprite and simply extend the canvas itself, then paint the canvas whatever transparency color you've decided on. Trans-Color is an individual thing that works with your coding style. They look really good though! Man, I could only wish I could draw like that! :) Any idea when a demo might be available? Although I haven't played bomberman, I have played an old clone of it, known as robowarrior for the NES. Cheesy by today's standards, but was a blast back in the day, and those few freaks like myself, who still run a grey box of some kind. Crysstaafur Intangible and Quantumly Entangled dumb/absent minded question:How do you assign a particular icon file for a vb made exe?
maxhamnerGetting off topic here, Crysstaafur, but the best way to set an icon for a vb exe is to add the icon to the resource file for the project with a name like AICON or AAAICON. You can also set the icon by adding an icon to a form in the project (properties of the form), then in the project properties select that form as the source for the program icon. The resource method is better - you get full support for the multi bit depth icons and automatic display of best quality at given resolution and bit depth in any windows setup.
Scorpion_Bloodthanks :D now i know what do do :D anyway to ur question: theres a property in the form that is called ICON, there u can choose the icon u want... dont forget is that it need to be an .ico image and it dont work if the icon have alphachannels... dont ask me why, u just know that i tested an icon with alpha channel and one w/o! --------------edit--------------- great max :D u solved mine problem about the icon alphachannel :D thanks about a demo, dont know yet... im getting really slow on the bman project :\ dont have time, im first doing the images (tiles map are near finished) then i start in the code, and well i already started at code but not much :\ and im still making the dabooda site and that is mine first priority
CrysstaafurOut of fleeting curiousity, what does everyone think about having a shared 'Made in Dabooda Turbo' screen/logo for anything made with it?
Scorpion_Bloodthe logo that booda showed in v14. the one with wavy T, that is what im using :)
masterboodaYou can use anything you want... to be honest you don't even have to mention the engine... and if you want to maybe put it in the lower left corner in a font with the size of 2.... lol For lolo, I have a splash at the begining, that says DaBooda 8bit, for the fact that it is a 8bit remake... then I have a screen that goes blah...blah... then at the end, says powered by DaBooda Turbo 1.4... Maybe a shared MAde with splash would be cool, but only for those that wan't to use it... I like the wavy T, thanks to Scorpion for that one, for it is his retro T with an added ripple...I like that one, and will most likely use it in originals I plan to make.. DaBooda out...
Scorpion_Bloodwoot :D i found a good webservice :) Disk space: 500mb unlimited transfer 2 free domains the rest is unlimited :p like DBs 60/year :D right now i dont have money but the end of the month is near hehe
ballistikAnyone know if there is a way to take a screen shot in DBT? I've searched the help but haven't seen anything... I guess there's always the ole-fashioned printscreen button way... [;)]
VBBRI'm not sure if it captures DirectX windows right though.
masterboodaThanks for the heads up on that one devilnSE... that is cool, never thought of that one...guess its a good fix until peoples cards catch up with my sloppy programming...lol.. The problem is that some cards will not support the vertex creation process that dabooda uses, so switching works but it is still real slow.. I am looking for the exact parameter that cards have a problem with. When this is found in v1.5, I can install debug routines into it that will go to the next method automatically.. Sometimes I am tempted to go back to DX7 for the simple fact everyone runs DX7 the same... You would think video cards would be universal or something.... stupid real stupid...lol Crystafur found another problem with the render new style and setting a viewport... for some reason his card automatically calculates the difference from screen edge to viewport edge. So when DaBooda does it also, it causes the sprites to be offset by the viewport twice. I hope this makes sense, but we are working on a fix. This seems to only happen when the viewport is set to something besides 0,0... and only on his card so far... Its real frustrating..lol.. Anyone else have this problem let me know, trying to sort it down to certain cards, his is a ati radeon 9600... As for printing a screen shot of the screen....I use paint shop pro's screen capture, usually set the hot key to f9 and run the app... I just click that to take a screen shot... it is best to set up multiple captures this way the app won't lose focus, makes it kind of a pain when that happens.... DaBooda out...
masterboodaJust wanted anyone interested to know, that Lolo is now 99% complete, just finishing up the help file and waiting on my brother Crysstaafur to finish testing it...I should have it out hopefully by thanksgiving... hopefully...time permitting, to bad the world doesn't stop long enough to finish a game project...lol DaBooda out... P.s. Not looking forward to the legality argument even though what I did was 100% Legal, there will still be comments...sigh...if people would just play instead of argue...lol
Crysstaafurhey Scorpion, I hear that you are the setup guy for the Dabooda page, would this include projects written by the Dabooda team as well? Would they have to host the files on their own server and toss ya the link? The GC alpha release is about a week and half away from release.. would've been sooner, but I took a sabatical and had 2 days of goofing instead.. gotta let the hair down sometimes lol Booda -> I just wanted to thank you for making the Joystick class a completely painless transition from the keyboard. I was floored when I was able to implement it completely in 5 to 10 minutes.. Only 1 question remains that hasn't been addressed. Can the class technically handle 2 or more Joysticks? Having the 2 player cooperative thing going on would nift... Crysstaafur Quantumly Entangled..... *Pocky* sorry, just had to say it lol
Scorpion_Bloodcry yes im the guy who is making the site... it will include projects of anyone not only team ;) and about the host... im still searching/thinking on a good webserver that have a good space to host te projects :\ untill then u have to w8 :p btw, booda did u recived mine e-mail with the ftp account? or u got a better one?
ballistikoh... Booda, any ideas on what's causing the engine to not run on lower end cards? havent heard anything, just wondering if you've found anything out.
Originally posted by ballistik
oh... Booda, any ideas on what's causing the engine to not run on lower end cards? havent heard anything, just wondering if you've found anything out.
For me changing D3DCREATE_HARDWARE_VERTEXPROCESSING to D3DCREATE_SOFTWARE_VERTEXPROCESSING in DBTurbo2DEngine.cls>>InitializeDisplay() made it run. I guess my card doesn't have support for vertex processing...my card suxx...[^]
ballistikahhh!!! yes that worked for me too! nice job! I added a parameter to the InitializeDisplay function to toggle whether to use software or hardware. Similar to what I mentioned in my earlier post. So now, after initially calling the function, if the function fails I call it again with bLowEnd = True and try again... then if that fails then I give "Engine Failure" message and end the app. Now it works beautifully! Thanks Devlin [8D]
ballistikQuick question.. I'm not at a place to look at my code at the moment but was wondering about the DBMAP and SubMap classes... I was trying to create a map of hex tiles but for some reason could not get the transparency to work. Since Hex tiles need to overlap each other to line up, this would not do. I've tried dds, bmps, pngs... none would display properly... is this a known issue with the map classes or did I forget something? The reason I ask is because I resorted to just using sprites for the map tiles and that has worked fine, but using the map classes would make it a lot easier to manage.
ballistik...*BUMP*... Anyone have any thoughts on this?
CrysstaafurSorry about the late reply.. I am working on something simular. Except instead of hex tiles it's pseudo-3d blocks. The inspiration was NES's Solstice. Anyhow, I know that with the mapdata module(correct me if I am wrong) but it should allow you to arrange textures as if they are sprite-tiles. In order for them to overlap, that's a tricky one. What you might try to do is fill the square texture out so that it has a hex, and partial hexes on the edges. Something like this... (using * to represent pixels) (8x5 tile) ^x*^x*^x *^x**x^* ^x*^x*^x *^x**x^* ^x*^x*^x Ignore the ^'s and x's.. treat them as you would with blank space... Thata way, when it is lined up with another texture like it, it will complete anouther hex, with yet anouther in the middle. Finally you'll probably want some tiles that terminate the edges of the hexes (unless you want things to clip the edge of the screen) For the sprites that will move on it, you don't want to use map coordinates on purpose, that way they can move in terms of pixels instead of map blocks. I hope that helps... [:)] I am curious though, how are you calculating and displaying your coordinate projections?(what formulas do you use to calc. isometric stuff)
Scorpion_Bloodhey ppl :D last day finally i got time to make a new from the old new website that was never released... it was plain CSS but it was looking empty so i decided to start creating one :D here is what i got so far: [url]http://clientes.netvisao.pt/sdesign/test.jpg[/url]
SionSorry ballistik, I didn't notice your question. Try going [url="http://www.vbgamer.com/msgboard/topic.asp?whichpage=13&TOPIC_ID=190#2958"]here[/url] for a way to render isometric/hexogonal tiles. Scorpion: Looking really slick... but we have seen pictures of great-looking websites from you before, but not any new websites... [:p]
Scorpion_BloodSion, soon :D the best is always the last ;) btw what u mean with "but not any new websites"... u want c a working website?