RANT: Does anyone remember Chip's Challenge?
EACamI remember being totally engulfed... ...mezmorized ...tired ...annoyed ...frustrated ...angry ...furious Then i'd close the program Then i'd want to open it again and play the level cause i thot just maybe i'd be able to beat it. Anyone remember that good ol' game? I haven't seen many games like it since (RoX comes close).
VBBRI don't know it, what was it all about? Something like RoX?
Sr. GuapoIt sounds very vaguely familiar, but I have no idea about it... What kind of game was it?
EACamYou were this kid named Chip and you went around an interal-computer-like word trying to get all the chips (computer chips, that is). I think there were levels where you were timed. Obviously there were things to keep you from getting all the chips so you had to push buttons and things to get places. It was a top-view 2D game and there were at least 100 levels. It came with Windows 95 I think.
Eric ColemanI think that was part of a 16 bit windows game pack.
masterboodaYes it came with a game pack, that incuded genome, majohng, ski slope, and golf, and a few others... I remember first playing it and thinking how corny it was, because when chip moved he would move one whole tile, with no animation what so ever... but I didn't realize how much time went by and I was on level 30... It was truly an addictive game, and your right, nothing has come close to it since... even Rox which is a great game, has to get back seat to it... It shows that a game doesn't have to be graphically stunning to be fun... I lost it with my old laptop, and I have been looking for it since... Great game... but really became hard later on, I mean the levels where almost impassible... DaBooda out...
sdwDid you Google it? Here's what I found: http://www.freewebs.com/chipshome/chips.html Not sure whether that's the same game or not, I've never played it before.
masterboodaI'm a little paranoid about what and where I download, but this is something I might stick my judgement aside for... Thanks... DaBooda out...
Almar JolingSounds a bit like Supaplex too :)
EACamGood. I'm glad at least a few of you remember it. Definately a good game. Definately a good example of game quality without graphical or audio beautification. Thanks for the link. I, myself, haven't been searching for it...but it'd be nice to play it. [:)] P.S. Addictive? Yes. I especially remember some of my friends (years ago) telling me all about how they were on level 100 and their dad was helping them. (I don't know about you, but when a dad gets into a game, that immediately proclaims it as a REALLY good game...because they don't do that often: remember JetPack?...that was another.)
VBBRSo couldn't anyone create a remake of this game with nice graphics?
masterboodaYou read my mind, I was actually thinking of doing just that, kind of a Chips for the newer generation.... But I would still keep it general gdi... or directx7 maybe... any thoughts on that? DaBooda out...
masterboodaI thought about making a suite of all the classic windows games... with updated graphics, and sound.... thought it would be sort of a novelty project.. DaBooda out...
VBBRAnd I want to make them all with nice 3D graphics! So you make some 2D and I some 3D and... Maybe I'm just dreaming? [:D]
Sr. GuapoHey, don't laugh... I am working on a very simple 3D version of galaga/galaxian... That shoudn't be too difficult... I hope...[:)]
VBBRAnd it isn't. I was talking seriously, I like to do remakes of good old games but in 3D (don't completed at least one tough; but it isn't that hard)
2dcoder"I am working on a very simple 3D version of galaga/galaxian.." There are some REALLY cool remakes of Galaga/Galaxian in 3d. I think one of them is called "Bugatron" or something like that. I can't recall all the names, but I've played some excellent versions of this in 3D. Cool stuff. Wasn't Chips Challenge on the Atari Lynx as well?
masterbooda"Wasn't Chips Challenge on the Atari Lynx as well?" I do believe your right, I remember something similar to it anyways, that was probably the coolest handheld around... but it's cost, killed it in the market, that and the titles, where not that popular. As for the 3D remakes, I think that is a great idea, because all the 3d is doing is enhancing the look, for the game play is still 2D. I was tossing the idea around for doing a 3D zelda remake, but my artistic skills killed that idea...lol...couldn't get link modeled for nothing... but the 3D idea of remakes are a better idea, but I will stick to 2D, I enjoy programming it more, and that is truly what I program for, ... fun.. DaBooda out...
VBBROn the other hand, I prefer and enjoy more programming in 3D.
cjb0087i remember that game now... must of got to level 80 before the floppy that held the game died :( im currently having fun programming my 3d framework, which will most likely turn into an enginge sometime soon
SpodiI used to play Chip's Challenge all the time, used to be my favorite game, lol. Loved it.