Animation in DX9
Sr. GuapoHello again... Okay, I have just started (yesterday) to learn managed DX9 in VB .net... It is actually very easy to use, but I have run into a problem. I want to do some VERY simple keframe animations (like an arm/box that waves up and down, 3 keyframes), and I think there is a class in DX9 that will take care of that, but I can't figure out how to use it. MSDN, as usual, only got me so far. Does anybody know how to do this and/or point me to some tutorials that do? Thx... PS - I know there are ways to do it manualy, but I am lazy, and I think it may be faster to use the DX9 classes... [:)]
Eric ColemanYou might actually have to do the research yourself to figure out how to use those classes.
Sr. GuapoI have been trying, but is extremely complicated. There are multiple classes that must be called and implemented correctly in a precise order to do everything. I will play around with it though, see if something happens... PS - I know when I export my X files from Milkshape, there is a check box asking to export animations as well. I assume that means DX can use that info, but I don't know how...