Anyone have any broken images?
Eric ColemanA day or two ago I added a leech blocker because there are some websites that are leeching files from vbgamer and they won't stop, accounting for 93% of the bandwidth usage of this website. I was wondering if anyone experienced any problems where images wouldn't load when visiting the website. If so, then what browser are you using, how are you getting to the vbgamer website? Is it from a link from some other website? a bookmark?
Sr. GuapoI think have noticed that in the forums, but I always thought it was due to my intensive Pop-Up/Ad blocker in Norton Internet Security... I use IE, though...
masterboodaThey always load eventually for me, but the site sometimes hangs on me, and I have to refresh to get in... One time something wierd happened to me, I closed my explorer while the site was loading and a blank window started popping up repeatedly, I couldn't stop it and they kept popping up on me... I had to hit the power to shut down... but that was one time.. But here lately the site seems to load for me pretty good with the exception of the menu bar, seems to go real slow to update when I move over it, and I know it wasn't a virus or spyware, because I scan for those with updates, twice a week... I use IE 6... on Cable... and come here by bookmark.. DaBooda out...
VBBRFortunately here everything is right; except that the left side panel takes half the screen width randomly. I'm using the latest version of FireFox (0.8)
ballistikI have never come across any problems with this site. I use IE and come from a bookmark, from both home and work.
ballistikOk.. now that I said that.. the links section buttons on the right are not there anymore. hmmm
Lachlan87I use Opera 7.51 and the site always loads great.
Eric ColemanIf you're using IE, then you're either using IE 5, which sucks, or you're having IE download images everytime you visit a page. You may want to switch it to check automatically instead of every visit.
Eric ColemanAs for Opera, I guess I should probably download a free version if they still have it to make sure the site doesn't screw up too badly in that browser. Does the rollover effect for forum posts work for you on the main page?
Lachlan87They work great. Like I said, the whole site does. I haven't had any compatability problems with Opera ever since Opera 7.5 came out, and Opera load everything a lot faster.
Eric ColemanOk, so I download the latest Opera. It still doesn't support any sort of transparency, so that sucks, but at least the web page works, wich is good. And, the [url=""]complex spiral[/url] page works perfectly in opera, which is pretty cool. Overall the website seems to be working OK for me. Those leeching websites stole over 55 GB of bandwidth, which sucks because they design their websites to make it look like you're downloading the file from their server. Those bastards! [:(!]
masterboodaLeechers should die!!! With that said, I checked that in my Ie6 and that was the deal with the menu... thanks for the info on that. The window thingy was just that, a one time deal, I must of had some spyware at the time... who knows... works good for me now... DaBooda Out..
messixWell, mine works great both here and work, even loads up nice and quick :) I'm using IE6 at both.
cjb0087the site works great, except for the thing with the buttons on the left hand side, but thats just firefox loading the page. The site always displays correctly in firefox, unlike luckys which sometimes the body takes uparound 100 pixels and the rest of the screen is blank