Free Graphics collection
Eric ColemanDoes anyone know what happend to the free graphics collection? I don't have any bookmarks for the site that hosted it. Is the website still up? I should probably post this at Lucky's since that's where the idea started, but I'm lazy, so I'll post it here for now. [;)]
messixDo you mean the one that is on vb explorer?
Almar JolingI try to download every good site .. just in case (with Teleport Pro). Some files have been lost forever in the past... So.. what's the name? I might have it..
Eric ColemanMessix, VB Explorer is not the one I'm talking about. But now that you mention it, I'll see if I can find that graphics collection on vbexplorer as well. Almar, I probably have it downloaded as well, but I have so much stuff on my computer there is no way I'll ever be able to find it. I don't remember the file name at all, otherwise I would try to search for it myself. I don't need the actuall graphics, I just want to find the page where the site was hosted so I can add it to the Links page. And if I can't find it, I suppose we could always start a new free art collection.
Eric ColemanI found it, sort of, The 3rd link finally mentions the website, which is now gone. Fortunately I recognized the PeachySoft name and looked at some old news posts here at vbgamer and found the new website, which is missing the graphics collection. I'll email Joshua and see if he still has it.