My computer can't load" Dx8VB.DLL"
EmilMatthewFrom the step by step lesson on directx 4 vb ,I learned that"DirectX 8 for visual basic type library"is sth like the API VIEW TOOL on VB ,because the name for the constants on DirectX is a little longer. But when I found Dx7VB.DLL&Dx8VB.DLL on my computer,my VB told me that it couldn't be loaded ,I don't know why?Who can help me?
Eric ColemanWhat version of Visual Basic are you using? Also, how did you try to load that file? Was this file already on your computer or did you download it from the Directx 4 VB website?
EmilMatthewI use VB6-(Chinese Edition) These files has already been on my computer ,in the dictority of c:\windows\system,but when I use "Project"->"Part" in VB enviroment to select these two files-Dx7VB.DLL&Dx8VB.DLL (Sorry about my translation) VB told me these TOOLs can't be loaded. Maybe it is because my VB version-Chinese,if it will not add too much difficult for me to trial Direct X,I will try to type the long constants name one by one.
Eric ColemanYou need a reference to the DirectX type library in order to use DirectX in a program. If you have a reference to both of the type libraries, then you need to specify the full name for constants. Example: DxVBLibA.CONST_D3DCAPSFLAGS