I can't get to daboodas webbie
TrooperI want to try his engine out, but is website seems to not work or something. Its http://dabooda.servegame.com/ eight?
messixyep - unfortuneatly Dabooda couldn't keep the server going. Sion's been nice enough to create another link which is here: http://www.icysoft.dk/DaBooda2dEngineTurbo.rar I grabbed the address from the message on this page: http://www.vbgamer.com/msgboard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=190&whichpage=4
SionThe rar-file only contains the tutorials, source code etc. but not the website itself. A forum user at VBGamer called Scorpion_Blood has created a new (and improved) website for the DaBooda engine. The engine's website can be found at http://www.dabooda-engine.tk.
messixoops. thanks Sion - I should really read the posts more carefully next time :)