Calculating Isometry
XaosIIThis isn't really directly related to VB so much as it is a math question. I was wondering how would you go about calculating isometry? typically, this isn't a problem for "traditional" isometric games. You just kinda rotate the square tile to the angle of your desire to achieve that effect, and it is typically in the 30 - 35 degree range. However, i would like to find a way to be able to to truly calculate it, so that'll even work for non squared tiles! Its been bugging me a bit and i havent found too many answers since every topic of isometry deals with squares and doesnt usually contain much math and I've been wanting to do a hex-based isometric game. Anyone got any pointers? EDIT> this is for a 2d game, i'd imagine in 3D camera perspective would handle the illusion of it for you [:p]
Eric Colemandoes this help? If you want arbitrary angles you can either use a 3D video card to perform the transformations in real time, or you can precalculate the tiles for a 2D game. For the first method, you simply use square or rectangular tiles and use an orthoganal projection matrix. The second option is more difficult because you'll have to know a bit about 3D matrix transformations, and also texture mapping . The idea is map your tile onto a quad, and then using a rotation matrix you can position the quad however you wish, and then simply render the quad.