Who here is actually using vb.net and or directX9?
cbxJust thought I would provide a place for you early adopters to give fourm readers a sense of the number of people who are actually using vb.net and or directx 9. If you are, or if you are not, post your reasons here!
Eric ColemanFor starters, not many people actually visit this message board. You could possibly try one of the larger, more general forums such as [url]http://www.vbforums.com/[/url] or [url]http://www.dotnetforums.net/[/url].
cbxTell me about it! I posted a msg on the gamedev directx fourm this morning and in about 2 hours there were like 7 new posting after me as well as 30+ responces to those postings. It has been close to a week since anyone posted here on the vbgamer fourms besides myself.
ExcaliberWell, this forum isnt really meant as a programming discussion forum. Its more of a discussion about game dev and such, not the actual coding (IMHO). I hange out at www.visualbasicforum.com mostly
Almar JolingRight now about 4 who are *trying* to do something in DX9+VB.NET that I know off (most come at voodoovb/lucky's)
KriscI am working with VB.NET and DirectX9, I am making a follow up to Galactic Wars which I entered into the Xmas 2002 contest, it sucked, hehe, but this one, Galactic Wars 2 is coming along nicely...the interface in VB.NET has allowed me to bring my C++ knowledge from school into my home programming practices...with Galactic Wars 2 there will be actual menus, more than one ship, more than one weapon, more than one level, more than one enemy and will be a lot better due to VB.NET and Dx9...those are my thoughts anyway... :)
LynxofCPYeah, I use VB.NET and Dx9 I must admit, I do like the platform so far, but I get very frustrated with the documents... Having said that, I managed to make myself a screensaver dedicated to my girlfriend using D3D9. Now, I'm trying to write a couple of tutorials to explain how it all works, because if you ask me, thats the only thing really holding it all back... Jack's tutorials are good, but I didn't like the layout... If you ask me, there is always room for competition when it comes to tutorials.
Almar Joling
Originally posted by LynxofCP
If you ask me, there is always room for competition when it comes to tutorials.
For DX9.. for DX8 and 7 there are LOTS of tutorials on sites you probably never have visited [:)].. not many people are using DX9. And the ones that do, do not write tutorials for it.. so more people will wait to move to DX9, and then no tutorials will be written [vicious circle] [:)]
LynxofCP<SING>The wheels on the bus go round and round...</SING> hehe Well... If there's one thing that's really starting to annoy me, it's the lack of tutorials not just about Dx9, but on the really advanced features. Not even Jack's Dx8 tutorials touch on vertex shaders or pixel shaders. I'm going to make it my mission to figure them out and bring them down to lamens terms. If you ask me, Vertex Shaders could be particularly handy and I intend to introduce them very early on in my tutorials if I can.
sheppeI use VB.NET, and I've just picked up on DX9. I do wish there were more tutorials, though.
Almar JolingWell, the people that manage to get it working (like you) have to write those... See my "vicious example" above :) .. VB Gaming would never got "this far" if people like Patrice Scribe, Jack, Peter, Eric, and Lucky + a bunch of other (less publicly known?) guys wouldn't have written the tutorials for DX6, DX7 and8
kriegerdI was wondering if anyone did find a tutorial on .Net. If so please notify me. Thanx in advance