Resolution RPG:Recruiting VB.NET/D3D9 Programmmers
The Pentium GuyHey, The RPG will be programmed with Direct3D 9 and Visual Basic.NET. I'm looking for programmers to help with this project. There is, however, one thing to bear in mind. It might sound weird, but I want to work with people who have just about the same D3D experience as me (beginner/intermediate experience) - this is beucase it will be easier to work with them. As of now, i have a basic rendering engine done. What I need to work on is animating meshes (i'm having trouble with this) and collision detection. If there are any experts willing to work on this team - please be willing to explain your code to others, becuase this project is for learning experience. The battle system for my project will be like this --- The basic idea of the battle system comes from Quest64. It's like a traditional RPG where you travel, and the game pauses and you fight a battle. You take turns like a traditional RPG but this game is range/orientation based. When it's your turn to fight you get to move around a small circle (your 'range'). You don't want to move too close to an enemy because he can easily attack you. When it's your turn, you choose your position in the circle carefully, face the enemy (it's not like a traditional RPG where you just attack, you have to get your direction set) and attack. Some attacks include ‘Avalanche’, a wide-range attack, where you can just face towards a GROUP of enemies and it'll hit them all. Certain attacks have a very far range, these attacks include (for example) lightning, where the thunderbolt hits the enemy from the sky; so when you 'choose' this attack (“lightning”) from the menu, you don't really have to worry about your orientation, you can be far away from the enemy and a cursor will pop up showing where you want to attack. Some attacks are directional attacks, where all you have to do is face the enemy and (for example) throw a firebolt at the enemy; of course, each directional attack has its range, it can’t go infinitely far. --- This sounds like a hybrid between Action and RPG,this is something I also had in mind but I was never able to envision it properly until I spoke with the concept designer. I never really liked traditional RPGs like FFX where each battle was the same as before, except the enemies are different ß this is why I opted to do a hybrid RPG rather than a traditional one. I have a couple people who joined this project(graphics designers) - but i'm looking for programmers right now. If you are intersted, please visit this url: and make a reply, Thanks, The Pentium Guy
SionIt sounds like a very ambitious project. Have you tried looking at the Artificial Heart Engine? It's a all-in-one game engine code for and in VB .NET. I've played a bit around with it, but the DirectX SDK combined with .NET framework and version 2002 of Visual Studio .NET has kept causing me problems. Anyways, the engine is free and can - along with tutorials on usage - be found here:
The Pentium Guyhey, ive tried artificial heart, eeeh somehow i didn't like it :s, i like TrueVision3D( better though but i want this project to be a challange - so i decided to make my own engine pent
cbxI would consider assisting except I will not be here for about the next 2 months. But perhaps afterwards I will look into it. So long as it is not too overly ambisious.
Sr. GuapoHi, I may be available to help... I am a relative beginner in DX9, though I am learning quickly. I have not mastered animation yet (what kind do you need? Skeletal is what I am currently working on...). I have done a little with CD, but nothing too advanced. If you are willing foir me to use this as a sort of "learning experience", I'm sure I could be of some use. I will probably not be able to work too much, maybe only a few hours a week once school begins again (mid-late august). If you want to talk, just email me (in my profile). If you could, be a little more specific in your email... Is it fully 3D? First person, 3rd person, isometric, etc. What features will it need (animation, terrains, Just some basic information to help me understand if it is above my skill level or not. PS - If applicable, my (personal) hardware is not great: P3 ~500MHz, 64 MB Radeon 9200 SE. I do have access to a slightly better system (Lappy - Centrino 1.6 GHZ, 64 MB NV Go5200), though this access could be limited at times (it is my mom's laptop [:p]). PSS - I understand you wanting to do this without an engine. I am the same way. It almost feels like cheating if you use an engine (no offense, reusable engines are very useful and speed up development time, I just like to do everything myself...). Edit: Just thought of something... If you are using VS.NET 2003, your solutons will not be compatible with mine (I have 2002)... It is not too big a deal though, just copy/paste the actual code into a 2002 solution. I heard somewhere that M$ will send you (let you download) vs2003 if you have 2002. Can anyone verify that, and what would the damage be (price)?