some help ..
Darbyi am new to making games and dont know where to start looking. if anyone could lend some advice or, more importantly some good tutorial sites or things like that itd be appreciated. also, if anyone knows where i can find an engine that supports 3d stuff, just for battle maps. i was hoping to try and make a strategy game, and only needed the 3d for the 'board'. the characters would be sprites and everything else would be menus... any help is appreciated, thanks in advance
Eric ColemanCreating a game with any type of 3D environment is not going to be easy. First, you need to learn DirectX. If you're using VB 5 or 6, then I suggest using DirectX 8. If you're using VB.NET, then you'll have to use Managed DirectX. Look at the icons on buttons on the right side of the page. Go to Directx 4 VB to learn all about using DirectX. Once you know that, then you'll need more information on how to use that knowledge to create a game, then go to VoodooVB and Lucky's VB Gaming Site for more information and tutorials on game programming. Finally, you then need to visit this website again to post some news about your game so that people and download and play it [:)] Another possibility is to use either BlitzBasic [[url][/url]] or DarkBasic [[url][/url]] for game programming. They both wrap DirectX into the programming language, but you'll still need to learn how to manipulate graphics, sounds, music, and user input.
sdwI highly recommend [url=""]Planet Source Code[/url] for getting started into game programming. For general DirectX help I recommend [url=""][/url]. For anything else use [url=""]Lucky's tutorial collection[/url]. And I suppose there's always [url=""]Google[/url], but that's sometimes too much searching but it gets my answer 99% of the time. If you have any specific questions then I'd suggest posting them either on this forum or on [url=""]Lucky's forum[/url]. May the force be with you. :)