Problems with KeyAscii & KeyCode
the_rofflera) where can i get a converter or a chart telling me what key is represented by what b) how do i make a turn based strat game running off 1 computer? I'm doing this for school, and I got everything done, except my moves are not being accepted when I tap the designated keys. Either I a) screwed up my KeyAscii b) really screwed up my coding c) some other error too advanced for me to know (I'm betting this one)
cbxhere is the ascii table you seek .... [url][/url] As for KeyCode ... [url][/url] As for keyascii ... [url][/url] You could also run windows "Character Map" application. The name of the exe is this "charmap.exe". It is a windows acsessory "Start->Programs->Accesories" If you are using the schools computer you may need to ask you teacher to make it availible. Is this what you are refering to?