Hi all
blakeyezHey everyone Not sure if many of you will remember me, as I see quite a few new names around here after a quick 5-minute perusal of the site, but I used to be around the vbgaming scene a couple of years ago, hosting a few of the major websites of the time. It's a long story about my 'disappearance' but I'm just back to say 'hi' :) Eric Coleman e-mailed me this afternoon inquiring about the old data, etc, from my server, and after booting it up again (yes, it still boots after over 2 years of being completely shutdown!) and poking around, I decided to check out what's been going on lately! So, if any of the 'oldschool' guys from back in 99-2002 era are still around, drop me a line on here, or via email at dgoodlad@gmail.com if you'd like... It'd be nice to catch up a bit.
sdwGreetings blackeyez. So what happens to [url="http://www.projectxonline.net/blackhole/"]The Blackhole[/url] now?
blakeyezWhoa, ripoff! :) I dunno, I'm not too concerned about it, only problem is that it doesn't work! hehe I have been digging into my old server this evening, and all the old sites work like a charm if I setup entries in my hosts file appropriately. So, I am debating setting up archive sites to hold all the old sites and their information. This could then be collected and amalgamated into one larger site consisting of the majority of all the vbgaming knowledge of that era... wow...! We'll see what happens in the next couple of days - I have so many other projects on top of work that I may or may not have the time to set this up properly. Dave
PeterHey, nice to see you back =)
Almar JolingHey! Nice to see you around here :). Lots of the old guys are still around :)