Problem with comments on main page?
Lachlan87The news post ""DaBooda Turbo" game engine version 1.4 released" says it has 8 comments, but in both Opera 7.54 and FireFox 0.9, I only can see one! I can still read all the comments on the other posts. . . has anyone else had problems like this? IE 6 won't load up the rest either.
cjb0087the post there probably points to the comments being moved
SionYes, I guess that there has been posted 8 comments, but that an admin has moved the additional 7 to the DaBooda Turbo thread on the forums. Thread: EDIT: But there isn't 7 new posts in that thread, so I don't know where all the comments have gone. Prehabs it's just an ASP/XML/database-bug? Eric probably knows.
VBBRYeah, I have the same problem. Also gives a VBScript error when I try to post a comment. Firefox 0.9.2.
Eric ColemanYes, there is a bug when posting a comment. That inflated number you see on the main page is because of some testing I did yesterday to find the source of the problem. It was a mistake of mine that inflated the comment count for that post. The problem is that if you're not logged in and you try to post using your name or the name of someone else then the post count (for the news only) gets updated when no post ever gets made. VBBR, what kind of VBScript error are you getting when you try to post?
VBBR1 2 3 4 10 1 2 3 4 10 (each of these appear at a line with an HR between them) Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01c2' Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment: 'response.Write' /forum/post.asp, line 1 Oh, and I had forgotten, it gave that error but apparently the comment was submitted because the post count increased in the main page.
VBBRThat's funny, when in the testing phase everything was working right. When you use the thing for real, a lot of weird things start happening. [:P] I guess that's the destiny for all of us programmers.
Eric ColemanThe forum works fine, it's the integration with the news that has caused the problem.