Collision Detect Help---A Circle with a Rectangle.
EmilMatthewI can't think out a good method to solve this problem,who can help me?
SionTry looking at these pages:
  • GameDev forum thread, [url][/url]
  • Collision detection resources, [url][/url]
  • Lucky's VB Gaming Site - Collision tutorial, [url][/url]
  • When all else fails - Google, [url][/url]
The tutorial at Lucky's is probably the best one in your case. Hope you can use the links [:)]
EmilMatthewThank you ,I think I have found a way to solve this.
SionGlad to hear that you're nearing a solution. I found another link that may be of value to you (and I can't believe I didn't find this before!): [url][/url] EDIT: Yet another link: [url][/url] (the first application)