Art Bin
Eric ColemanThe "Art Bin" will be a collection of copyright and royalty free graphics. I'll probably create some tiles when I get time, but if anyone has anything to submit, then send me an email [url=""][/url]. Please only submit stuff that you've created. I know there are "free" graphics and "royalty free graphics collections" elsewhere on the internet, but that doesn't mean the graphics are free from copyright. The only way to know for sure is if you're the author. So open Paint or Photoshop and start creating some graphics! Just so everyone knows, I will provide author information for the graphics. If you want an email, website, or a certain name associted with the content that you submit, then just let me know. If you're a good artist people might want to contact you for more artwork. [:D] And if you copy someone else's artwork everyone will know who to blame! [:D]
SionArgh, this means that I won't be able to share my 40+ MB collection of high quality royalty-free graphics?! Verdamnt! [:(]