New forum about space sims
MutosHi all, After some discussions on forums, I just dropped another phpBB on my site to make a forum about space simulations. Elite-like, Homeworld-like, if they are set in space and contain sim elements, you can come and discuss them on ! The forum has 3 main parts : comments on actual games, theory and engines behind the sims, and a place where you can showcase your spac sims projects...
cjb0087maybe you should post it in the news?
MutosOK, I'll try to find ^-^ EDIT : that's it, found the link and posted the news... Thanks
MutosHi all, Looked at the forum, it's begun to live, it's still hard but I think it'll thrive ^-^ Thanks for the advice !
Eric ColemanA forum is nice, but I think you need more than a forum. Look at RPG websites and you'll find all kinds of information about role playing games. Try to duplicate that, but for space simulation games instead.
MutosThanks Eric, Wasn't u who wrote the article about the rules of game programming ?
Eric ColemanI don't think that was me. Probably someone else :-)
MutosHi all, Don't know where I got that, it was a mistake, it's Andy Owen, my apologies to both of you ^-^