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Iodiplin2005 is right around the corner, and VB 5 and 6 are still heavily used, along with Win32 API functions. As many of you know the KPD-Team gave up the project in early April of 2002. They stated that "By then [late 2005], Visual Basic 5/6 and Win32 API functions are probably ancient technology." Unfortunately/Fortunately, as things are going, this presumption (perhaps "hope") doesn't seem to be coming true. They also stated that the site would only be up till late 2005. If you're still using VB5/6, you know what I'm thinking. WE CAN'T LET ALL THAT INFORMATION DISAPPEAR! As of now, I have no site nor server (soon in the future, I hope to, however). What I'm wondering is if anyone who DOES have free space on their server or is even willing to save the site on their computer to later place on a server would be willing to ask the KPD-Team if they could preserve the existing site. I'm sure the KPD-Team would be honored and willing to give the site to someone, as long as we made sure to continue giving them credit for it. Anyone for the idea? Anyone willing to help? I'm definately willing to download the site onto my computer to later place on a server. Any takers?
IodiplinI e-mailed the KPD-Team and received a very quick response. I hope they don't mind me posting it here: "Thank you for your interest in keeping our information online, but let me assure you: the site isn't going down within the next few years. I agree with your assessment that the usage of VB5/6 is decreasing much slower than originally anticipated. As a result, the site will remain accessible as long as there are people visiting it. If current trends continue, we may still be online by 2010 ;-) I've updated the goodbye-page to reflect this. Kind regards," The update on the Goodbye-Page is: "So, what's going to happen to the site? Well, we're going to keep it online for the foreseeable future. By the time this site goes offline, Visual Basic 5/6 and the Win32 API functions will probably be ancient technology. And when it does, we'll definitely give an advance warning." -- THANK YOU KPD-TEAM! My fears have subsided; long live VB! [:P]
ballistikGreat news! I've used ALLAPI many times and it has been an invaluable resource. Thanks for the update.
Almar JolingThanks for telling :).