Smoothing a pixelated image?
MarvinHi all, I am using DaBooda Engine 1.4. I would like to know how add a blending filtering effect to an image. For example I have a 512x512 bmp that load into a texture and display as a sprite at 1024x768. The image looks very pixelated. (as it should...) I would like to enable a filter like bi-linear filtering to 'smooth' out the image. If I create a this same image 512x512 into a simple vb directx prgram, I can display the same image at 1024x768 and it has a soft filtered look to it. How can I achieve the same effect with Dabooda? Marvin
Scorpion_Bloodtell me the code u did plz (the display code), isnt 512*512 a little(BIG) to be a sprite?
Eric ColemanIn the Texture class (DBTexture.cls) do a search for "D3DX_FILTER_POINT" and replace it with D3DX_FILTER_LINEAR. I noticed you have an interest in robots and microcontrollers. I've been looking into getting one of those BASIC stamp kits myself. Do you have any cool devices that can be controlled on the internet? Here is a really cool website I found on slashdot a few weeks ago, It's pretty cool stuff.