Game Testing
ponyboyI am looking for some people to help me test a new game that is being developed called Tales of Torrund. Right now, the download only lets you walk around on a map, but I want people to try it out and see what kind of FPS they are getting and if there are any issues with installation or running the game on the different type of Windows machines. This way I can tune the engine and sort out issues of different types of machines before development gets along any further. I have created a setup file which is available on the web site for easy installation. If you do decide to try it out, first of all, thanks for your help!! and second if you have any problems please post them on the web site forum. Here is the link to the web site. Thanks for the help!!
ponyboyThere is a new build of ToT available on the web site. This build displays NPC Interaction and Map interaction. Head over to and download the demo. Head over to the forums there and let us know what you think! Thanks!
ZarnethDeafult installation path to C:\program files\.... Now that deserves a slap but I'm just being obsessive there. Program files should only be used to collect program installed on your machien withought your permission. ;D Unable to register c:\windows\System\GDIPlus.dll: DllRegisterServer export not found. I clicked ignore to that. Ran it and it displayed the incide of the building. FPS was abou 130. Walking speed s agonisingly slow. No dialog boxes display. it just seems to freese till I press space. Cant' seem to exit the building. No uninstall option in the start menu. Though only a fool uses the programs part of the start menu, but again I'm being obsessive. Best to ignore me. ;) winxp pro, anthlon xp 2000+, Gforce2mx, 512mb ram, 2x 40gb 7200rpm HD's in raid 0 (ie, 1x 14400rpm 80gb drive) DirectX9.0b Sdk running in retail. Think I've only got .net framework 1.0 though. I honestly wonder sometimes why people still bother with completly 2d stuff. You need really good 2d artwork which is rather time consuming and hard to do. A simple 3d game in symilar overhead tile based would be much easier and better looking. (ok more complicated programming wise but insanly easier 2d graphics/texture wise) 'corse that's just my opinion. the game looks quite good for how early/new I'm guessing it is though. Did you make the 2d art yourself or just rip/borrow/etc it?
Lachlan87Those complaints are just a matter of taste. I only want my most frequently used programs on the main portion of the start menu. I want all other programs I use on the programs section. I preffer to have all my programs installed under programs files, and like to have folders for my programming on the C:\ directly. For the most part, I want as little as possible on the desktop. I put things I need to remember to take care of/delete there. Certainly your not the only one who thinks that way though. One of my older brothers hates the program files folder, and lots of people seem to love to crowd their desktops with as many icons as possible. Some people like to put all their icons on the quick launch bar, but I don't care for it. The important thing as far as programmers are concerned is to give the users a choice in what gets put were.
ZarnethMy desktop is void of anything and everything but the background picture. (the current picture of such strange taste that most of you would find it very disturbing. =^.^=) No icons, task bar, anything. Just evile litestep popup menus's attached to mouse hotspots in various corners. >:) I definitly aggree that giving the user choice is a major consideration when programming. Not that it has all that terribly much relevance to the origional topic in this thread. 'corse completly configureable controls is definitly somethign to go for in a game.
AutoAim80fps - Radeon 9800 256mb, 1024mb Ram, 80gb hdd, win xp pro, net 1.1, dx9c (on debug mode), - monitor is on 72mhz (yes it SUCKS! )
Scorpion_Bloodsure no problem ;) i will test it now cause im near to go to the bed :p ------------- finished testing it, it look good, i got an fps around 1800 but some times the fps drops to 1600 but no lower than that! and that happens sometimes when the mapview moves :) i tested it on a P4 1.8 with an Radeon 9800XT using DX 9.0c i think this is enought ;)
VBBRI thought the "Help Bin" section of the website was meant for things like that?
Eric ColemanThe Help Bin or the forum, whatever is the easiest.
VBBRHum, OK then. Sorry if I sounded a little mean.
Lachlan87I got a constant 85 FPS (which is my monitors refresh rate). No collision dectection, but I assume that is expected. I'm using: Windows XP Professional SP1 Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz Processor with HT 128MB Radeon 9800 PRO 1024 MB RAM DirectX 9.0b