Creating a qwix game
LupinI think i asked that on luck's Forums a while ago but i forgot to check back for it =.= Well, i found this game... and basically i want to do the same thing... i am looking for a simple way to do it... anyone knows how? [8D] Some opinions pls. My guess would be to use something like a flood fill but that sounds very slow [xx(]
Eric ColemanActually, flood fill would work perfectly. Simply create an off screen surface that has the rectangles on it. You don't have to draw them every frame because they're not moving. [code] Do ... If RectCompleted Then Draw New Rect on RectDC Bitblt RectDC On BackBufferDC Draw CurrentShipPath On BackBufferDC BitBlt Sprites On BackBufferDC BitBlt BackBuffer On FrontBuffer ... Loop [/code]
maxhamnerI used to love to play QIX... this one was fun for a few plays, but (1) it lacks the great fun of carefully 'seperating' the qix giving bonus points (most of the time completing a space such that ONE of the qix/birds has to be inside a square - it just draws the line and doesn't claim the area) and (2) it got confused over which area to claim several times (it apparently doesn't very accurately track where the birds are... Hope you get a closer version to the original, let me know so I can play! :D