Hot Swedish girls playing counterstrike!
Eric ColemanYeah, it sounds like a porno adversitement, but this is for real, When did video games turn into sports?
Almar JolingI think it happens more than you think, but they don't get mentioned. A nice idea would e to get the male/female ratio at something huge as :)
IodiplinJust goes to show how bad girls are at compies...took 'em 20 years to get with the game (pun [;)])
IodiplinOh...and you're games were never sports! I look at them more like a drug, they're something that make you forget life and stay up all night. When you "awaken" you feel like you're jumping into cold water. There're sport video games, but not video game sports...i'm gonna have to think about this one for a while. ]:/
SionOnly one of the girls got photographed, and you really can't determine whether she's hot or hidious. We also have a few all-girl CS clans in Denmark (one of which recently won a large tournament), but most of them ain't what I would call "hot" [;)]
ballistikWell... she doesn't appear to be hideous... of course, pictures on the net are usually doctored up nicely so she may very well be! [;)]
TeknoJuce[url][/url] Full team pix... with less makeup.. [:p]
Iodiplin{Looks at pics}...{sighs}..."Oh well, not ALL girls are hot. I always knew geeks never got the girls; that given, girly geeks just don't get the guys." [:P]
Eric ColemanThose counterstrike girls look a lot better than those everquest girls, [:D]
TeknoJuce*slash* dont like guys, haa..
Eric ColemanThat nVidia article calls it an "e-Sport" as well. I guess carpal tunnel syndrome is now a sporting injury? [B)]
TeknoJuceBAHAHAHA... guess so..
TeknoJuceI think it might be a race for the news companies to coin a new term "e-sports" etc.. blah
Eric Colemanthe domain name "" is owned by someone in sweden, lol.
Scorpion_Bloodfunny lol, my clan( Underworld Preachers ), will change names to Virtual Underworld Preachers, cause it will join to an e-sport company. lol
timbo152kThose girls look fine to me... and better then that, they love computer games!
maxhamnerWouldn't it suck to have the table swapped and have a hot girlfriend that won't spend any time with you becaus she's always in the middle of something on the computer?
Eric Colemanit would be worse if you had to share a computer. isn't that really scary to think about?
VBBRAnd to think that I had to share my PC during 3 years... man, this could give me a nightmare...
ballistikI bought my wife her own computer... [8D]
maxhamnergotta be a joke in there about the perfect woman having her own PC - it's on the tip of my brain....