Where is Alpha 7?
IodiplinI've looked around a bit over that past year, but I have YET to play the much acclaimed game Alpha 7! The downloads don't work on the site. Could someone please provide this game for download? Thanks (I'm dying to see what game quality I'm competing against [;)]).
Eric ColemanEmail Peter and tell him to fix it [:)]
IodiplinOk...it's been a about a week. I've heard nothing from Peter and the links still don't work. Anyone willing to e-mail it?
Eric ColemanAll I have is the cinematic trailer from the 2003 christmas contest.
IodiplinThat's better than nothing. Perhaps you could add it to the site's file list, though a bit unaccompanied. If you don't mind, of course. [:)] Thanks.
PeterHey guys, sorry about not replying to your email, I read it but then forgot about it. Heh, things are just really crazy with school during the year, engineering physics is not something you breeze through lol. The problem is I would have to find the original file, since the x-mas contest I've had so many hard drive failures and reformats it isn't even funny. I think I have the x-mas version on a cd somewhere, but I restarted work on the game and we were planning to release it relatively soon, even made a news post about it. I was working on the 3rd and 4th missions, then boom, windows xp loses the disk volume or the partition table got corrupted, something along those lines, weeks of work is just lost. Anyways, I would need a place to host it. I think Eric will get mad if I put it up on his servers since the file is 11 mb and its a big drain on the bandwidth. Any suggestions?
VBBRP2P networks like BitTorrent and eDonkey maybe?
IodiplinAwesome to hear from you! I know where you're coming from. College isn't easy...a lot of the time. I have a free-bee site that I could host it at, and no one would care if I used up the band-width (considering I get like 2 hits a month, and they're both mine [;)]). I could merely hold the file and this site could link to it or something. Soon, I'm planning on getting a REAL server, from which I would most likely be able to host it easily.
PeterYeah, that would be cool. I'll see if I can dig it up this weekend.
Sr. GuapoI have 50 MB (none used) on the gamedev server, along with unlimited bandwidth if you want to stick it there...
Eric ColemanI don't care if you host the file on this server. What I don't like is websites that leech the file, or somehow make it appear that you're downloading the file from their server when you're really not, and then make no mention of the hosting website. Those websites have really bad manners, therefore I fart in their general direction.
ballistik... so that's what that smell is...
Scorpion_Bloodcreate a script to c who were the last guys that ownloaded the file... or rename the file to something that looks not a game name :p
Eric Coleman
Originally posted by Scorpion_Blood
create a script to c who were the last guys that ownloaded the file... or rename the file to something that looks not a game name :p
Actually I did create a script. [:D] If you look at the Files page you'll notice that there are no longer any direct links to the files. I've also changed it so that only vbgamer members can download the files. Here is an image of vbgamer's bandwidth for 2004. Notice the drop in bandwidth? :-) [img]http://www.vbgamer.com/msgboard/uploaded/Eric%20Coleman/2004102710529_Daily_Bandwidth.png[/img]
IodiplinNaw...that was just 'cause I was out of town those months. [:D]
Scorpion_Bloodwow!! around 200mb per 2/2 months, well isnt much but it is a suber big dif :p
Eric Colemanthe date at the bottom is in Month / Day / Year format. It was about 200 to 250 MB per day, not per month. [:D]
Scorpion_Bloodhooo lol now thats change a lot :)
Almar JolingCheck out YALG: [img]http://www.persistentrealities.com/temp/yalgtraffic.jpg[/img] Quite a change too :P
Eric ColemanCongratulations!
VBBRHey, looks like I'm part of this huge bar there. 1/100 of a pixel, probably. [:P] EDIT: Wow Eric, just 2 more to go! Go on, I'm sure you can do it... Be the first to get to 500... (altough everyone will only know the name of the new ranking when someone else (read: me [:D]) reaches 500 posts)
Almar JolingNow, if someone actually ordered YALG, that would be great too. RealArcade refused it too, since "logic games are not attractive" (in different wording). But my new game will hpoefully be a better one, it just takes 3 years to complete, and then DX won't exist anymore or so :)
IodiplinDon't worry, I plan on BUYING a copy as soon as my mom will let my borrow her PayPal account [:P]. Of course, that's me, one purchase, perhaps you should start putting out ads? Hehe...why not try the publisher that put out WordWars? They certainly don't mind logic games.
VBBRHum, I could place a link to YALG on my GDNet sig (as it's somewhat empty now), and of course you too, Almar (if you didn't do that already, also for the VBGamer one). And everyone else that wants to spread the word. If YALG becames quite famous, this is positive for all of us. Let's show the power of VB Game Development to the world!
IodiplinHey, now there's an idea. We should create some sort of community advertisement thing. We could all put small un-ad-like ads on our websites to promote each other's games. That'd be pretty cool. I certainly wouldn't mind having an ad for a VB game on my {future} site. Or perhaps we could have an ad for the BHGL. Whatever, just an idea.
Scorpion_Bloodhow many sites are there? well the design of the new dbt site is near finished but it takes more time to do the coding part... so... ppl think fast lol i mean if this is acepted i need to change the design to add a banner place for advert :)
Almar JolingI'd prefer to keep the stuff in my own sig's and everything, I think. :). Also, we used to have something for link exchange. The VBGame webring, which worked quite good, untill Sketch stopped doing it :(