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IodiplinI'm not sure how often people check out the Help Bin, so just to speed up the process a little (forgive me for being so impatient), I'll post a quick description here. I need help: Someone familiar with C++ to make this tutorial into something more like an engine. [url=""]Here's my request[/url] [url=""]Here's the forum thread relating to my post[/url] THANKS!
Eric ColemanI wish I wasn't so busy, this looks like a really fun project. [:)] However, have you looked at the tutorials on voodoovb? Read the tutorial that's titled "Collision Detection between Irregularly Shaped Objects." Also, you may want to look at the physics demo by Andy Owen that is in the files section here at vbgamer. The collision detection is circular, but it does demonstrate quite a few other concepts as well, such as keeping yourobjects from interlocking with each other and how to a run a simulation of moving objects.
SionI think you are going to have to find another solution. The one of those Eric posted, for example.
IodiplinI've been "using" [url=""]VoodooVB's Irregular Collision Detection tutorial[/url]. The problem is, it tells me WHEN something collides, but not how to handle it. I've got some pretty advanced situations in my game (long objects that tilt when going over an edge, etc.) and I thought if I could get someone to make that into engine, it would be infinately better, faster, and easier. I'll wasn't sure there'd by anyone interested, I was just hoping [:)]. Of course, it's only been a day, so there's still hope someone will come along. Thanks for your interest! P.S. I haven't tried [url=""]Andy Owen's physics stuff[/url] yet, I'll look into that. Also, I do have SOME knowledge of C++, so I might even be able to do it myself via the help of the [url=""]Nitro for VB[/url] tutorial on this site.
Eric ColemanAn excellent tutorial about VB and C DLL's can be found at [url=""][/url] The first part of the tutorial about activex dlls in VB you can just skip over. The rest of the article talks about other stuff, and the cool stuff is near the bottom for creating call back functions. If you need help in creating a C DLL just post your questions here on the forum. I'll be glad to help out in any way I can.
IodiplinAwesome! Thanks a ton! I'll get to work on this right away. If and when I finish, I'll be sure to make it available to the community. [:D]
IodiplinShoowee...I just took a good look at that C++ code. Um...I'm gonna have to do some learning before I'll be able to do much with that. Still open to takers! Of course, I'll keep working on it, but it's going to be slow. [V] P.S. If you take a look at some of those examples, you'll realize why it's so important I (anybody) use this instead of plain old collision detection.